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This theme is great man! I’ve joined themeforest just to buy this one. Thanks a bunch!

Hazomg Purchased

Does anyone know how to change the footer colour? I am also trying to embed a vimeo link on the front homepage just like Yimbo has done could anyone recommend a good way of doing this?


Is there anything that can be done about spam in the contact form? I keep getting emails from the contact form and it’s spam 90 percent of the time..is there any way I can remove the contact form and replace it with the contact 7 plugin I had before? It’s too bad because it’s a nice form. Thanks


You don’t have to use the contact page template included with the template, you can create a normal page and then use any 3rd party contact form plugin if need be.

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Great theme! I’m using it at my site PicEnhance.comĀ» – I’m having a little difficulty though trying to implement something along with the contact form. I want a file upload button/form incorporated with the contact form – How do I go about doing this? Thanks!

-Newbie to WordPress


Hello – looks like you’ve done a nice job! As for an upload button with the form, that would probably go beyond free support, please contact me via my profile page if you’re interested. Thanks!

Hi Curt,

not sure if you have got/read my email which I have sent to you last week.

anyway, just wanted to inform you that I’ve got all issues sorted out (except one, which I’m working on)

this theme is one of the cleanest and well documented I had since a long time; no “labyrinth code” or other chaos… a charm to work with (and easy to customize)




Thank you! :)

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Just want to say this Theme is great and pretty easy to customize and the support from cudazi is awesome.

I have a little question. I’m trying to make my portfolio my main page but when I change the reading setting in the back end to show mi portfolio page as homepage, although it does it, the page navigation gets all screwed up. When i click next page it send me to the original homepage. I also tried to copy/paste the code of the portfolio page to the index but ir screws the page and send my content to the left.

Hope you can help me.


Thanks yimbo – please re-download the file if you downloaded over a month or so ago, I think there is an update that may resolve this.

Hi, I already had a WP theme set up with blog posts. I installed your theme and set up the blog page but for some reason it can’t find the blog. The only way I can link to the blog is to pick a specific category and link to the archive of the category.

The portfolio page is working though.

Any thoughts?

Everything else is working great!


Dear cudazi,

Yesterday i bought your perfect theme and upload it to appropriate WP folder on my server, but by unknown reason it not seems in Appearence>Themes folder. I tryed to install this theme through Add New Themes option but response is “Destination folder already exists. /home/mydesign/public_html/wp-content/themes/Smart Portfolio Update 2/Theme Install Failed.” Whats wrong?

I’m using WP version 2.8.5

Thank you in advance


I’ve never seen that result but you may just want to try manually deleting the Smart Portfolio theme folder and re-upload to give it a fresh start.


do you have a changelog for the fix?

Thanks VT


Paging was fixed by altering the code around query_posts that now looks for a current page number in the querystring.

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A fair warning to potential buyers—this item doesn’t work with 2.8.5, the portfolio code is broken, and new posts stop appearing on the front page after post number ten (for reasons I have been unable to determine).

Additionally, the thumbnail and image placement for posts is broken (no option to select thumbnail size, theme does not appear to recognize settings as entered to the media tab).

I’ve had to install NexGen Gallery to manage my images in the meantime, as, unfortunately, I did not seem able to get support from the developer beyond a reiteration of the initial instructions, so I’m left to try and find (buy) another theme.

Finally, the custom icon field refuses to recognize anything but the original files placed in the /headers/ directory, so I’ve been unsuccessful at getting it to use additional icons.

Caveat emptor. It’s beautiful, but what good is pretty if it doesn’t work?


Are you sure it’s not your install? This theme live preview has been on 2.8.6 for a few weeks and developed on 2.8.5. I’ve had no other complaints like this.

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Wanted to ask.. for some reason I can not scroll on any of my pages! Some browsers will let me, but I usually can not. I haven’t modified anything other than the options given in wordpress. Any help you could give would be great!




Hey TJunkers, You seem to have modified the theme to run in a frameset which is probably causing this issue.

THis is a very nice theme, but there is something odd about using bullets in a post or page. No matter how I adjust the css for #post li, the bullets are outdented and do not line up with the rest of the text text.

I would expect any list item anywhere to be indented or flush with the left margin.


The UL / OL lists use the browser defaults, you do not need to define it for every specific use unless an exact padding/margin is needed, thanks!

I went back and looked at the original css file and there is no #post ul which is odd because I didn’t add it. I might have added a #post li, but in any case I have commented out both the #post ul and post li, but there is still a problem with outdented bullets in a page. Anyway, your live demo shows properly indented bullets in a post. I can get them to work in a post, too, but on a page they are outdented.

The problem disappears when I align the image right. I think this is not your template, but something having to do with the image alignment.

This is a terrific theme! I’m setting up my website, creating my logo. Question: what colors did you use for the “Smart Portfolio” logo? I’d like to use the same color scheme for my logo. Thanks!

Let me amend my last comment. Really, all I want to do is replace “Smart” with my first name and “Portfolio” with my last name. I want the same font, color scheme, everything. Is there an easy way to do this without having to create a new logo? Thanks!


Unfortunately, I do not have Photoshop. All I want the logo to say is “Nathan Babcock”. Thank you so much!


Please email me via my profile page and I’ll send it on over – thanks, Curt


Great! I just sent you a message through your website’s contact page. I really appreciate your help!

The colors are: Green – #51767c // Brown – #514829 with a slight gradiant overlay, the PSD is included – thanks!

Curt, where would I insert the code for a favicon?


In header.php right before the closing head tag, as for the code, I’d use google: http://www.google.com/search?q=favicon+html Thanks!


Thanks, Curt!

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it’s exactly that i want! portfolio, simple, clean, WP based…


Thank you!!