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Hi, My pseudo on forum is Jerome but i can’t post or comment anymore. Don’t know what happens. Could you please check my homepage, there is a problem with the “last post” shortcode. Best regards, Jerome

PS : rated 5*

Hi Jerome,

Thanks for your rating ;)

We see that you already manage to post in our support forum, sounds great! Our support team will answer your question asap.

Best Regards

Hello, awesome theme!! I have installed successfully but i cannot import Revolution Sliders. When i click on the left menu item “Revolution Sliders”, i DO NOT have a “Import Slider” option. The only button i have is “Create new Slider”. I am running RS Version 2.1.7. How can i upload sliders??

Hi prodigydesigns,

Please deactivate and delete your revolution slider and install the version that comes in our theme.



I have succesfully installed and translated the theme with wpml, multilingual. But I should translate the top menu bar, where the adress, telephon etc can found, and I sholud translate the secondary footer. Can you help me which strings should I use in wpml string translation?

thank you Attila

Hi Attila,

Many thanks for your purchase.

All the support for our themes is conduced to our support page. Please post your question on our Support and our support team will be happy to help you ;)

Best Regards

done, but no response. can you help me urged them?

Hi Attila,

We are working on a update for launch late today. This strings will be included on it. Thanks for your patience.

Best Regards

Hello there,

Great theme, I am loving it.

I am experiencing some issues with the revolution slider. I am sure they are an easy fix but for the life of me, I haven’t been able to find it.

I am using the same sliders that come with the demo, but just customizing them with a photo background, and captions of different styles. The result looks perfect on the preview of the revolution slider interface, but when I switch to live mode, the captions loose all styling and appear as small times new roman font.

Any ideas on how to solve this issue?

Thank you in advance!

Hi ximereds,

Many thanks for your purchase.

Are you using the version of the revolution slider that comes in our theme? Or are you using a older version that you have installed in your wordpress installation?

Please post your question on our Support and our support team will see what’s happening.

Best Regards

Where do I rate your theme? I couldn’t find the link on Themeforest – could you send me the link I should go to?

Hi ssiruguri,

Many thanks for your purchase, truly appreciated ;)

You can rate the theme in your themeforest account, menu downloads. http://themeforest.net/downloads

Best Regards

Do you have unlimited color options for the theme?

Can you turn off the responsive feature?

Yop, it’s possible. You can find that option on SmartBox Options -> General -> Disable Responsive Layout

Best Regards

Hi there, since the latest update, we have lost some of the responsive layout on mobiles, seems like the page width has doubled on mobile which now allows you zoom out which looks messy compared to previous version.

www.smartplustv.com is the URL if you can assist….


Hi, the sideways scrolling on mobile is now fixed (great) however the text does not line wrap so some of the text if the sentences are longer gets cut off the screen…

Also, I love your Paralax page however could you post the HTML code for this page as since I have already imported the demo data when I started my project I dont want to import again and duplicate the content…?

One other thing, the menus on mobile device work great however if you have a drop down you cannot select the link for the menu item at the top of the drop down, it just opens the menu and doesnt allow you to select the first option?

Hi treefroginternational,

Please post your questions on our Support and our support team will be happy to help you, regarding your two first questions.

Regarding the menu question, we will try to find a fix for it.

Best Regards

Hi There,

the Menu doesn’t slide down correctly in IE 10. http://www.alligate.de

Any idea?

Thank you!

Hi besserdich,

Many thanks for your purchase.

Let’s us take a look at it. We will keep you in touch.

Best Regards

Hi Designare, thank you for your quick answer. how long will it take? Our customer is getting a bit nervous.

Best Regards

Hi, so we had the test and the menu works as expected. can you be more specific? Or maybe send us some screenshots? You can send them to support@designarethemes.com

yeah i’m having issues with the rev slider as well. When you shrink the screen and try to go back to regular max out view it gets messed up.

Hi rafferjr,

Many thanks for your purchase.

We make some tests on our preview and the revolution slider works as expected.

Please post your question on our Support and our support team will see what’s happening in your site.

Best Regards

Where is the documentation to create a homepage like the live demo?

Hi, for this, maybe is the best for you use the predefined layouts. Simply copy and paste the code that is inside each file that you need.

Yes, that is what we’re doing. Thank you for your quick replies!

Sounds great! If you need anything else from us don’t hesitate to ask ;)

Do yo have Hostbill integration, or some tips on how I could integrate just the header and menu to hostbill? Thanks really need it badly thanks.

Hi cristtiah,

Many thanks for your purchase.

We think that the theme is not compatible with it but, please post your question on our Support and our support team will try to help you.

Best Regards

Hi there,

We’re having trouble editing the default blog post template. How do we get the social sharing buttons across the bottom of each post? Normally in Wordpress, you go to Settings > Sharing. This option is not available in this theme?

Also how do we edit the ‘recent posts’ that feature underneath each post?

Much thanks.

Hi enfinium,

All the support for our themes is conduced to our support page. Please post your question on our Support and our support team will see what’s happening.

Best Regards

Can we see a boxed demo?

Hi inje,

Thanks for your interest on our work.

We have set up a fully boxed demo, you can see it here http://designarethemes.com/themes/smartbox-boxed/

Best Regards ;)


great theme … is it possible to change the fonts ? thank you

Hi innersmile73,

Yes of course! ;)

Best Regards

Hello there…we have small issue.

We tried modifying the home page “Home v1 – Wide Slider” by deleting two of the bottom sections. We did this via the Visual Composer. Now, after the update, there is no body, no content, only header and footer. How do we fix this?


Hi prodigydesigns,

Many thanks for your purchase.

We noticed that you have v1.0.5 installed. Please download latest version of the theme (v1.1.2) and update your site. The issue on your site seems to be related to the twitter scroller and this issues has been solved in previous versions.

Best Regards

Where are the icons? I need to replace those standard “laptop” or “bolt” icons

Ok This is strange because we test the captcha and even other users, and it seems to work well.

Let´s try to do something here. Please send us a email to designarethemes@gmail.com with your desired login details and we will setup a account for you.

ok will do

I tried but there is no option to do so. Why can’t someone just email me?

How can upldate to latest version? Do you have any tutorial or something?

Thanks..could update it via FTP

Ok ravinkapadia sounds great ;) Thanks for your purchase!

Hi There,

I bought this theme and install on my site but Language section is not enabled as demo version. Now I need to add multiple languages to my site. Please help me to enable multiple languages to my site.


Hi possumus,

Many thanks for your purchase.

The language section is avaiable only if you have the WPML plugin installed. In our preview, we run a free license of the plugin, just for themeforest elite author. As you can understand, we can’t include it on the download package.

Best Regards

Hi There Thanks for your reply. I bought WPML plugin and installed to the site but it still not looks like demo site. I would love to have this option as like in demo. I haven’t created language files yet. But it doesn’t looks like demo site. I’m seeking your help as it highly appreciated. Here is link to the my site.

http://www.daparchitects.co.uk/ http://www.daparchitects.co.uk//es Language switches link doesn’t come up when site is in English ( Default language )


Ok it seems that your wpml is adding a different id to the lang menu div. Please post your question on our Support and our support team will try to help you.

Best Regards

Test thoroughly before buying…

This theme does not work as advertised in Internet Explorer. I would suggest testing it in IE prior to purchasing it. The developer has not been able to come up with a fix for Internet Explorer. I have been told a fix is on it’s way but no luck yet. It seems to be a great theme if all your visitors only use Chrome. I have had to apply many fixes for Firefox and am waiting for IE issues to be resolved. My current project has taken longer than any other project due to all the bugs in this theme. There are currently 1325 support request from people with issues in their support forum…

Please download the newest version of the theme (v1.2.1) and see if the issues persist. Regards

Just updated to the latest version… The navigation is still messed up in IE 11. Not sure about other versions.

Please update your internet explorer to the latest version.

I have problem with “Projects” link “Invalid record type” message in Admin PC (/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=)

Why it happened?

Hi allmoneyws,

All the support for our themes is conduced to our support page. Please post your question on our Support and our support team will see what’s happening.

Best Regards