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I cannot change the dak style to all my website.


Hi habilweb,

Many thanks for your purchase.

All the support for our themes is conduced to our support page. Please post your question on our Support and our support team will be happy help you.

Best Regards

Smartbox still doesn’t work in IE 11…

I checked the Designare Smartbox support forum today. It seems that it is still full of users that are disappointed with the fact that Smartbox does not support IE 11. Per your suggestion I have updated to your most recent version of Smartbox and the problems are still there. I noticed that one user brought this to your attention over 6 weeks ago and there has still not been a solution.

Can you please give a firm estimate of when your theme will support Internet Explorer 11? My project is on indefinite hold until you resolve your theme’s issues.

For the themeforest.net community… if you are considering using Smartbox for a project be sure to test it in IE 11 prior to purchasing.

I have given you a link to my site multiple times for multiple issues with the Smartbox theme. I added it to the support forum again today. I will continue to communicate with you on themeforest and in your support forum until these issues are resolved.

I have included screenshots below so you can see that the theme DOES NOT work in Internet Explorer 11.

http://brainstormwebgroup.com/smartbox/ie11-1.jpg http://brainstormwebgroup.com/smartbox/ie11-2.jpg

We can’t see that issues on our theme or in your site! Both are working well! We use windows 8.1 with ie11 (11.0.9600.16384).

You have chance to see the site in another windows PC? Just to test, because in our windows machines these problems are not happening!

This is really a strange situation here..

This is happening using Windows 7 with IE11.

IE 11 SUPPORT or Lack of…

Smartbox theme still doesn’t work in IE 11. My last post in your support forum has gone unanswered so I am posting here to see if I can get a little help resolving these issues. Here are the screenshots so you can see how Smartbox displays in IE 11.

http://brainstormwebgroup.com/smartbox/ie11-2.jpg http://brainstormwebgroup.com/smartbox/ie11-2.jpg

For anyone considering purchasing this theme… there are currently 1499 support post in their support forum. Obviously this theme is not without major issues.

Dear friend,

Again, the theme is working well on all browsers, including internet explorer 11 on window 7.


We will report this situation to themeforest and ask them to make some test too. But like you can see in the video, there aren’t any problem in the theme and as you can understand, we can’t fix the issue, because there are nothing to fix.

Thanks for posting the video. Unfortunately I have tested the site on 3 different computers and I get the same results in the images above on all 3. Can you tell me what information I need to provide to help troubleshoot this issue?

Problem solved.

IE 11 is still having issues….

Here is a video of how Smartbox theme is responding on all 3 PCs I have tested with.


Please help resolve the IE 11 issue. Let me know if you need more information.


We managed to install exactly the same version of you, window 7 and internet explorer. We add some tricks in the custom css of your theme, to fix the issues that are really happening on your site.

Please take a look at your site and see if the issues are gone.

Sorry for this situation, but like you have seeing in our video, we don’t find any issue, so we could not resolve something that was not a problem. But now that we find the issue, he was fixed.


Hi There, I bought your theme and installed & I liked very much.Im using header layout 3 as I would happy to take out Blue background when selected menu and hovering while happy have just blue color on menus selected and when hovering. I tried to do that by editing css file still I couldn’t figure it out. If you could help me with this that would be great. If you could tell me where I need to change on css then I will able to do it. Thanks

A little of patience possumus, our support team will answer your questions asap.

thanks i’m waiting for it

Hi There, thanks for your reply. I have submit another thread regarding same issue. Please reply for that as well. your help much appreciated. Thanks

Hi there,

i have purchased smartbox before about two months. The site we have made seems much slower than other wordpress sites with different themes we have ever made in the past. It really takes a lot of time to load. And i ‘m wondering what goes wrong. What i have to do? Make update to Smartbox to the new version? Use a caching plugin to solve the issue? Or something else?

I will really appreciate your help! Thanks in advance

Hi evipanagiotou,

Many thanks for your purchase.

In our theme we use a trick to initially hide all content, for a best and smooth page loading. If you want you can disable that. If you need help with this, send me a email to designarethemes@gmail.com and i will disable that for you.

Also you can try use the w3 total cache plugin.

Best Regards

Hi there, I’ve imported the ‘revslider-corp-small-home’ slide but when I go to update it, I get an error message. I have turned off ‘JQuery No Conflict Mode’. When I click on update plugin, I choose the same file (revslider-corp-small-home). I get the following message: Update in progress…Update Error: The update folder is not extracted. Please update the plugin manually via the ftp. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Keith

Hi mcginty312,

Many thanks for your purchase.

All the support for our themes is conduced to our support page. Please post your question on our Support Forum and our support team will be happy to help you.

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I have a problem installing the sample data.

You have a video (http://designarethemes.com/docs/smartbox/#demo 4:02 ) with the steps to install Smart-box but i can’t find in the ‘themeforest-6086949-smartbox-clean-elegant-multipurpose-wp-theme.zip file’ the ‘Demo Content’ folder, where can i find it?


Thank you, could you search if I have any problem to sign in http://support.designarethemes.com ?

because with my user and pass I can’t log in!

DESIGNARE: This file that you suggets don’t make any changes.

I want to do all the steps that you suggest to know where is my problem to upload the sampledata, please help me.


If you follow the steps in the video, you should not have any trouble installing the demo xml. If you want, we can setup all the demo contents for you, no problem. For that please send us a email to designarethemes@gmail.com with your site link and the wp login.

Regarding the support forum, have you managed to post your questions there? Because we test the “sign in” feature and she seems to work well.

Anyway, If you are not able to log in or recover the password, please send us a email (same email above) with your desired login for the forum, and we will setup will check what’s happening with your account.

Best Regards

Hi, I have tried using Font awesome icons in my pages but it will always break the text into a new line (I.e it doesn’t stay on same line as the text). It works well on your sample pages, but doesn’t on my new pages. What i’m I not doing right.

I will like to add custom content to the footer and i cant seem to have a way around it. Please, I need your guidance ASAP.

Thank you

Hi designocart,

Many thanks for your purchase.

All the support for our themes is conduced to our support page. Please post your question on our support page http://support.designarethemes.com and our support team will be happy to help you.

Best Regards


Great theme! But I Have one problem. When I delete an element in the visual composer and then preview the page I see this message

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/56/12224056/html/wp-content/themes/smartbox-installable/functions/admin-shortcodes.php on line 561

in the place of the item I deleted. in some sections I have 5 of these messages in a row.

Please tell me how I can fix this.


Hi RevoltAd,

Many thanks for your purchase.

This seems to be a simple notice error, if you disable the wp_debug these notice will not appear. Please post your question on our support page http://support.designarethemes.com and our support team will be happy to help you.

Best Regards

I don’t have anything called “wp_debug” though. There’s “WPBakery Visual Composer”, “WP Super Edit” that I have activated. Then I have 3 different “WP Super Edit” plugins deactivated.

Maybe one of those has something to do with it?

Hmm ok this is a strange issue. Please post your question on our support page and our support team (on monday) will try to see what’s happening.


We should definitely be able to enter whatever we want in the secondary footer! It’s the first time that a theme has this kind of limitation! Mainly what we want is a copyrighted notice with the current year on the right side and a “developed by” with an image in the left side!

The only way to do it right know is to use a chiled theme and edit the footer.php file.

You should consider this, which is also really easy to implement.

Regards, George

meant child theme ;)

Hi SerialPixels,

Many thanks for your purchase, much appreciated.

We already have a lot of good options there :) but we will try in the next update to add more fields in that section to give more freedom to the user. Thanks for your suggestion ;)


Hi, i have the site running on my computer without problems, but when i transfered the files to another computer to continue work, the pages are blank.

I installed both wordpress and the database, every other thing is intact except that it displays nothing on the pages.

Please advice

Hi designocart,

Many thanks for your purchase.

You need to import your contents to the new installation. After that, if the issue persist, maybe you need to “publish” they again, but i think that you don’t need to do that.

All the support for our themes is conduced to our support page and it’s closed at the weekends. Please post your question there http://support.designarethemes.com and our support team (on monday) will be happy to help you ;)

Best Regards

The site doesn’t work in IE11 correct. Can you support me?



Hi partnersatz,

Many thanks for your purchase.

We see that you send us a email too, we already answer to that email. We requested the wp login details.



your theme main menu shows double line in chrome while it shows ok in other browsers.

for example the About Us will show as below ABOUT on the top and US beneath that.

how do you fix this?

Hi erroloz,

Many thanks for your purchase.

Yes there are a little issue there. To fix that go to SmartBox Options -> Custom CSS and add the following code.

header #menulava > li > a {letter-spacing: normal;}

Best Regards ;)

your sidebars are not working either! your theme got many issues!!!

Sorry friend but the theme don’t have these “many issues”. What is the problem with the sidebars? They are working well. You can add them in two different ways, using the columns layouts and the shortcode insert sidebar, or simply you can use the page layouts. Not a big deal here.

If you need help or if you have bugs to report (we test everything but can always pop some we have not seen) please post your question here http://support.designarethemes.com and our support team will try to help you.

Best Regards

Are you guys planning an update soon? Their are a lot of bugs with the theme that I am noticing.

1) Main Menu – Words now show on 2 lines. About Us shows up as About and then Us underneath it.

2) When that happens it conflicts with the drop down menu and anyone thats not on 2 lines doesn’t work properly you can’t click any of the drop down links.

3) Mobile/Responsive – If a main navigation item has a dropdown menu you can’t click through to the top level items on mobile? When will this be fixed?

There are quite a few problems with this theme.

4) The content doesn’t line up properly. Say I use the page composer and I want to use Rows. I use 1 row 0 columns and 1 row 3 columns. The content just doesn’t line up. One has a slight margin the other does not. (See: ) h2 is indented while locations is not.

Hi ,

Thanks for your purchase.

Regarding your questions.

1) Please paste the following code in the smartbox option, custom css
header #menulava > li > a{letter-spacing: normal;}

2) We don’t understand that question, could you be more especific, maybe some screenshots?

3) This is already fixed on previous updates :)

4) There are really an strange behaviours there with the h2 tag. We will take a look at it.

Please post your question here http://support.designarethemes.com and provide us the link to your site and wp login details, we will be happy to help you.

Best Regards

3) I have the current version and I’m having an issue with the mobile menu. What do I have to do to address this?

I click about us on mobile and it just shows me the other pages.

Hi ebsportsart,

Your version is a little different of ours, we use the the latest version on our demo http://designarethemes.com/themes/smartboxwp

If you check the menu, the item “Shop”, have a link, and you can access to him in the responsive menu as well. For access the sub items of the main li you need to hit the right arrow.


You said my version is a little different…

Where do I get the latest version. (Sorry I wrote a message from another user name of mine). I downloaded the files that are supplied to me. I downloaded the latest installable wordpress file.

Where can I get the version you guys are using for the DEMO? I tried pretty much all the latest download files that are available after my purchase.

Hi tcpreliable,

We see that you already have the latest version of the theme installed (v1.2.1) but your mobile menu is a little different of ours. See the screenshot http://designarethemes.com/img/arrows-missing.png

Have you changed something in the code? Please try find were is the issue in your installation, because like you can see in the screenshot, our demo works fine.

If you don’t find any solution for your problem, please post your question here http://support.designarethemes.com and our support team will try to help you.


Hi, I’m interested in purchasing this theme, but the demo is not coming up. Any word on when that will be back up?


Hi coopcdebaca, Sorry, the demo is ok now. Regards ;)

Hello. I have an issue where my menu labels that have multiple words break into a second line. For example “About Us” will show “About” on top, then “Us” on second line… There is plenty of horizontal space. How do we fix this?

Seems like its only Chrome..IE and Firefox show OK.


Yes there was a little issue there, we already fix it in the latest version of the theme (v1.3). To fix that quickly go to SmartBox Options -> Custom CSS and add the following code.

header #menulava > li > a {letter-spacing: normal;}

Best Regards ;)

I like almost all your theme, great job! An html version would be great and I definitely would buy it.

I don’t like the responsiveness of your pricing tables, they look so tight that I would say they’re not responsive.

HI misaelcadena,

Thanks for your comment, the html version is on our plans ;)

Regarding the pricing tables, we use a external plugin for that, we will try to improve their behavior in responsive mode.