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Great Work.

Will you make a Joomla version? If, when will it be available? Thank you.


Joomla Version is already in development and it should be available in the next week.


Hey there.. Great template, very good job. Tooltip with image doesn’t work on mobile? Best regards

Hi mpro1970,

Thank you for the nice words. Also thank you for pointing that issue out. We fixed the issue and submitted the update. It should be available in couple hours :).


This may just be the most unrelated question you will ever get….but i cannot be bothered.

The video in slider. What video is it? (youtube link) Where is it recorded…i want to go there now!

Cheers, Nice theme! I think i’ll go with Joomla theme :)

Hi Jeffer,

I have no idea where is filmed. :). It’s just a mix that i like to listen when i work :). Here is the full video: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFR9eGefTgE). What i can tell you from the full video the place at the min 42 is Kazantip, Ukraine. Hope it helps.


Awesome, cheers!

Hi there im a beginner in html and I was thinking about purchase this template, but i was looking at the preview and I see you have a login/password box but I don’t know what sistem do you use to set users and passwords, could you tell me something about this?


Hi amabenza

The login/password box are only for styling purpose. There is no engine behind it. We add it so everyone can have the style ready in case they add any engine that will have Login box (username/password).


hi, Great theme, but when i go for smarton in my iPad 2, page displays the bad is black loading screen that does not go away and google maps do not show. I prepare to buy this template

Hi redaudia6,

Thank you for pointing that out. The Slider Revolution was stuck trying to load a video that it was not longer available. We removed it and everything is working like it should now. Unfortunately the iOS 8 made a number on iPad 2 and ruin the experience of the new websites (i own a iPad 2). Anyway.. you can check the website now on iPhone or iPad…it should work with no problem.


Hello, I really love this theme. I’ve added a sidebar on the left and I’d like to collapse the menu. Is there a way to do it?

Thank u Tamara

Hi WbaAgency,

Can you open a ticket on our support forum and explain a bit in more details what you are trying to achieve :) so i can understand better. Support: http://4grafx.ticksy.com/


Hi I have a few questions: 1/ How can I set the header (background row logo) transparant? 2/ How can I edit the main background? The background from the content (not body).

Thanks in advance!

Hi Waxi,

The background for the header ( logo ) it is not present so you will consider it transparent. IF you want to change it simply open the smarton.css file and go to line 398 and add css for the background

.header-middle {background-color: #your-color-code;}

To edit the main background color open smarton.css file and go to line 289 and change the color code for the background on ”.page-wrapper”.

Hope this helps. Cheers

Hello, was thinking of purchasing this theme but just wanted to confirm that there is a contact.php file written for it? I can then set up my hosting for the backend. Thank you very much!

Hi sonicdiscovery,

Yes the theme comes with a fully working form and a twitter app. If you have any issue with the configuration just make a support ticket and we will be more that happy to assist you.


I published a ticket two weeks ago and no one replay to me, why? Tamara

Hi Tamara…sorry for that. We have been in a winter holiday and we are still trying to catch up with everything :). You ticket is not answered :). Let us know if we can help you with anything else :).


Thank u!

Hi, I bought the template few months ago, but I just use it a few weeks now. I currently use the Shop index for the landing page. I noticed that the slider images has an overlay mesh, which I wanna remove since my slider images are enhance using Photoshop. How can I remove the MESH Overlay on the slider images? I tried to open up the related files like the ThemPunchRevolution Java Script and the main script for the index file, but didn’t find anything. Where and How can I remove the Mesh Overlay on the slider??? Thanks in advance

Hi shockwave29,

Thank you for the purchase. Please open “application.js” file located in “js/themejs” folder. At the line 422 where the callout for the Revolution slider is change the dottedOverlay:”twoxtwo” with dottedOverlay:”none” . This should remove the overlay over the images in the slider. Hope that helps.


Thanks for the great info! Works Great!

Hello, I would like to get the effect navigate a single page with smooth-scroll in the current block and the corresponding menu is activated.

I have purchased the Theme (HTML) – Can you advise how on the home page the “Projects” section the images can autoplay and set the speed (ie. remove left and right arrows) ? Thanks

Hi, Any update please ?

how do i change the map to show another address on this theme? please reply.

Hi, I just purchased your theme and I am wondering how do I change the index.html to boxed version and change the color to blue?

Thank you very much,


Thank you for your purchase. To use the theme in boxed version you need to add the class “boxed ” to the “page-wrapper” div. Be careful to add it to all the pages that you use. To change the color and use one of the premade colors change the css file that you use. In the head of every page change this: <!-- Color CSS --> <link href="css/colors/color-default.css" rel="stylesheet"> With any other css color file that you have in your “css/colors/”

Hope this is clear. Please for future support questions use our support forum: https://4grafx.ticksy.com/


Thank you very much!!. I fixed it.

Could you please tell me how to get rid of the spinning circle that appears before the page loads? http://postimg.org/image/ag4duvrgt/

Thank you very much

Hi, Can you let me know how I can remove the word “SmartOn” from the Google Maps image with Contact Us? Thanks

Is it possible to show the slider-wrapper in the index file fullscreen ?

Is it possible to have the website in a boxed layout ?

HI, could you please tell me why in google webmaster tools I get the message: not detect any structured data on your site?

Thank you very much,