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If anyone needs assistance getting the Google map on the contact page functioning like in the live preview example I’m happy to help since the author has gone awol. Just get me at joelifer7 at gmail.

hi, i want to buy this theme but i would like to know first if its possible to add disqus plugin to portofolio detail pages?


You can change the color orange?

Hi, we have a problem with upgrade Wordpress 3.5 at “Portfolio admin area”, it’s completely disappeared after upgrade. You have a solutions?


to everybody who need REALLY support: we use this theme from the beginning and there is nothing which can’t be fixed. For example the security vulnerability: can be updated/fixed. Or strange problems after updates: can be fixed Also layout issues…

Okay, this theme is old, but nevertheless it is working and one of the cleanest templates we ever bought here at themeforest.

Therefore, if you need PAID support (english and german native speaking), write us an email at contact at opensource-company dot com.

Describe what exactly is your problem, and we will answer you as soon as possible with an estimated time to fix.

How i fix my problem with the contact form 7? i update.


try to send a email, but don’t put nothing… show de error in two local.

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Hi there, just read that the author is gone for good, sad to hear, perhaps you can help however: I’m using the latest version of the theme and wanna place my logo in the center as well as placing the navigation below it (centered). It’s probably pretty simple CSS but I just can’t do it on my own, any help appreciated :)

Kind regards


Hi I just buy this complete template, i just want to know if is possible to remove the top menu in the home page ? Thank you

My slider is misbehaving; I tried using the “raw” tags but it didn’t work.

It’s cutting off the last part of the slider (or putting it onto the front part). The sliders are set for the right size…


will there be a version for wordpress 4.0?

Hi, I just have some problems with the portfolioslider – it gaves me following error code:

Warning: array_count_values() [function.array-count-values]: Can only count STRING and INTEGER values! in /hp/bu/ab/dq/www/wordpress/wp-content/themes/smartstart/functions/custom-functions.php on line 640

...please advice… Thanks a lot. Matthias

Can someone tell me how i do an update for this template? I installed a old version. How do i update it?


the mobile navigation main menu will not be shown if cookies are disabled on the phone. How can we fix that?

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Has anyone figured out how to change the fonts of Portfolio posts? Once I selected my portfolio page from the Theme Options, I started to have 2 lines of bold titles beneath my nav.

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How i fix my problem with the Price List?

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anyone get this contact page map to work – it doesnt’ work how it says/does in the demo – looks a bit buggy to me – I press insert map and the map config data disappears but nothing changes on the contact page and no map is saved?

any advice greatly received.



I’ve updated wordpress to v4.1 and now, I have bug with Pricing tables. Tooltip doesn’t work…

thanks for your help.