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I had to revert back to 3.4.2 and the problems went away. Awaiting theme update I suppose.

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I would like to update WP to 3.5 but after reading all errors the theme is causing I will wait for an update, but it seems this is not supported anymore? Nobody is responding to the comments. ;-(

2 updates since the release seems very poor support for an item that is sold 3867 times….....

I’ve been trying to change the color of the two outside columns, leaving the middle white. I’ve tried to white to the middle container while changing the background: #7EC9E5 – But the style behind other elements are white. Is there an easier way to achieve this? Love them theme. Thanks.

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Hi, I’ve recently been getting an error after a few months of the site being up: Warning: curl_exec() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/<website>/public_html/wp-content/themes/smartstart/functions/update-notifier.php on line 110

Are you releasing 3.5 version?

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There is a serious bug with this theme’s slider, which I notified the author about, and he responded that he would “look into it.” It has been many months now, and he has neither followed up with me, nor has he made any bug fixes to the slider. He has not even updated the broken Twitter feed.

My clients cannot depend on broken themes by unreliable authors. I absolutely will not buy from this author again.

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Just bought your theme, BUT, most of my images as a professional photographer are in standard format (i.e. 2×3) which is nowhere near your slider size. How can I change the size of the slider images?

Thanks for your help.

My wife was working with this theme and had the same problem many of you have reported after updating to WP 3.5.

A quick fix that dropped the error and apparently left the slideshows in healthy, working order…

Open smartstart/functions/custom-functions.php. Find line 640 and change …

$slide_types    = array_count_values( $project_slider[0][0] );

... to …

//$slide_types    = array_count_values( $project_slider[0][0] );
$slide_types = 0;

Don’t forget to save your file!

What you’re doing here is commenting out a line that’s not getting what it thinks it is and therefore throws an error. By commenting out instead of replacing, you can switch back if this doesn’t happen to work for you.

Hope this helps!

I just upgraded to WP 3.5 and now see that it has broke the site as others mentioned here. Is there a fix coming quickly? I had to restore my database to a previous version to get the site working but each time I log into the wordpress admin interface it wont let me through as it is forcing a “Database Upgrade”.

Thanks workingconcept, worked great.


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Hi there Smuli…. I wrote you 4 times since last month and a half…... asking help to solve this things….but im still waiting for response….

1) Explorer. It dosent works well at Explorer 9, neither formers versions…. how to solve it please??? Slider dosent runs, footer docent adjust correctly………

2) Carousell: images dosnt adjust its lenght: whats its exactly the images sizes (see please our carousel at edicionesandante.es home page….)

Waiting for instructions Many thanks in advance….

Hi Smuliii, I am glad that you are back. It was nothing to hear from you the last time.

Hello! I just have bought your theme. Works fantastic! But I’m wondering: Which would be the best way in order to translate buttons and texts like “showing” or “All”, or “posted”... in the portfolio and the blog? I’m quite used in translations, but sometimes is better to use WPML, or sometimes I have to change the .php… What sould I do in your theme? Thanks and congratulations for your job!

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Hi Smuliii!

Nice to see the theme is back again.

Just uploaded the new version and it screwed up my menu. It seems to be the logo that causes it to misplace itself. I have tried to remove it and place a much smaller logo (240×66 px), but it doesn’t help. Removing the logo fixes the menu again.

What can I do to place my own logo again, without it screwing up the menu on top?

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Viewing the theme on mobile devices seems to make it impossible to tap to zoom or pinch to zoom like you can do in most websites.

I know this theme is responsive but the text is very small on mobile. even on ipad.

Is there a way to allow to zoom?

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I would recommend bumping up the font-size in style.css for whatever text you think is too small. You might as well make use of the responsive code so that people don’t need to zoom.

Nathron Purchased

Has anybody had problems with password-protecting pages with this theme? When I enter a password, the page basically just refreshes to the exact same password prompt.

Quick question before I buy: the frontpage slider is updated with all the latest posts?

Hi there,

First off thanks so much for this amazing theme. I just updated the theme to your latest version and updated WordPress to 3.5 and everything is great – unfortunately I lost a few settings / tweaks:

1. How do prevent the featured image form showing up in single posts (but have it so that they will still display in carousels on the home page)?

PS: I’m sorry if this is a repeat discussion – I’ve scoured the comments for this answer but without being able to search them I cannot seem to find anything relating to this question.


Thanks so much for this tip! That is all I needed. You rock and thanks again.

Can someone outline the update process please.