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I should add more detail: How do I update the theme without loosing any theme changes? I’ve changed the styling, among other settings under theme settings. Do I still copy and paste all the content from the zip file to the smartstart folder? Or do I have to only replace a select few files?

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Thank you for the theme update! The $ 45 is worth it!

Please visit my site – www.martijnrijk.nl – and see what I have built with your theme. If you have any suggestions feel free to mail me @ sales@martijnrijk.nl

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Just bought this theme and I’m absolutely loving it. I just have one doubt: Can you populate a slider with a specific post category? What I want to do is, after adding a new entry to “portfolio”, have it automatically update the frontpage slider so that it displays the “featured image” of that new entry instead of being something static. Thanks in advance.

In the “LATEST Projects Carousel” (shortcodes.php) <li class=”jcarousel-item <a … <img … <h5 … </a>

How I can delete the following code it generates? <p> <a … title … </a> </p> ” />

Hello Smuliii,

I have a problem that is shared with a friend also using SmartStart. Problem affects SS 1.07 and 1.08 on WP 3.5.

Error is: Warning: array_count_values() [function.array-count-values]: Can only count STRING and INTEGER values! in G:\knepfler\sites\haveabyte3.com\wp-content\themes\smartstart\functions\custom-functions.php on line 640

Appears when viewing specific portfolio item pages.

I believe the problem is caused by Portfolio items being placed into Portfolio categories, but then those categories are later deleted, new categories created, and the orphaned items placed into those categories.

Commenting out line 640 in custom-functions.php makes the error go away and doesn’t have any noticable impact, but I’m not sure what other repercussions there are.


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How do you change the thumbnail images in the Photo Slider so they are the same as the main slider image?


Hi guys! Just a simple cuestion. Is it possible to have 2 portfolios pages with diferents categories on each? I`d like two menu items with portfolios on them. Something like:
  1. Home
  2. Projects (first portfolio with some categories)
  3. Products (second portfolio with some other categories)
Thanks, the theme looks really great.

Hi, does anyone know, the images included in the slider (the paper birds, the hand on the audio mixer), are they included in the package?


Hi, i have a digital content agency. Is it possible to put social media icons on the top of the site? Thanks.

Is there a separate support forum or is it all done through the comments here?

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something wrong with chrome http://www.bigpackshot.com/ please take a look at LOGO? with IE and SAFARI?the page is ok.


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In the portfolio gallery, on rollover/hover, the images make a small little pixel jump to the left. Any quick fix for this?

Hi everybody, WP smartstart disappeared from my download list. How is it possible to upgrade to Smartstart v1.08 – 18.1.2013 plz ?

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@Tubalcain, nice try!

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Having issues with 1.08 since the upgrade. My portfolio slider shows up ok for a while but then poof disappears.

Also the font/size on class date (for the blog shortcode) appear to be too large and are now overlapping.

Have a look at www.dasilvamotorsport.com


thanks for the update and really thanks for the “changelog” (very usefull and well done). thanks.

Hi I got problem with this:

1. If I change the fonts, all slogans becomes darker. 2. Social icons are displaying like a superscript.

Check my home page, and see the slogan (its darker than before), the go to footer and see twitter icon. (same happens with the other icons youtube, dropbox,etc)

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Which Googlefonts did you use in the demoversion?

Quick question: what do you mean exactly by “Localization Support (Easy to translate)”. I need the template for a multilingual-site. Thanks & best regards.

Hi there,

I have an error (the same as @haveabyte). The portfolio page shows this error: Warning: array_count_values() [function.array-count-values]: Can only count STRING and INTEGER values! in /home/.../smartstart/functions/custom-functions.php on line 640

How do I fix this? Thanks.