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Any date for HTML version?

When this comes out to wp, i predict 1000+ sales :), so for your sakes, hurry up! :)

think i am going to have to go the external route. getting 8-10 pages done in html 5 with all the bells and whistles (sliders, jquery, rollovers, etc etc) has been quoted at around $400 or so by a few decent companies. The average turnaround time quoted to me is 5-8 days. For Wordpress it was roughly 400-500 more. which is pretty reasonable. I was really hopeful and patient that this would be out by now, but as they say… time is money. Anyway, just wanted to share for those of you who are on the fence about waiting longer.

we are patiently waiting since one and half month…please don’t disappoint us..please release html soon.

Moving away from the html version discussion for a moment…

just wanted to say congrats ThemeCatalyst for the 200 sales and 5 star ratings.

Look forward to seeing more work come from your team once you sort everything out.

@fullypixels : For the fonts, when you open the PSD , don’t “UPDATE” it. When you click on the text to change it, Photoshop will tell you what is the font.

Anyway, here’s the font I see in the PSD : OpenSans Extrabold OpenSans Lights OpenSans Bold OpenSans Semibold OpenSans Italic DroidSerif Italic

I downloaded the OpenSans fonts here : http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/open-sans

Yes congrats on 200!

To long wait…

+1 GhostMaster

I want to purchange the HTML version!

LOL … still no HTML ..

I would not put my money with ThemeCatalyst because I wouldn’t trust the customer support. 2 months ago they claimed:

“HTML version should be available for download in 1-2 weeks”

Don’t be so hasty, they could have some trouble that we don’t know about it, but an explanation would be nice to ease the crowds :)

^ Not an excuse, and yes at least should’ve give us an explanation what’s happening. How many months does this item been stuck as a PSD template? I feel bad for the author because they are letting that thousand sales opportunity go.

They dont owe you anything! you bought a PSD file and thats what you got. Stop being a bunch of crybabies and give them a break.

AFX Purchased

Awesome file by the way!

Great design! Do I get the images in the preview included in the PSD ?

geedmo Purchased

Awesome work ThemeCatalyst !

HTML /CSS version of this file is available here! (PSD included)

Is this suitable for a responsive site?