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Forgive me if this has been addressed, but how do I set up multi image selections in the Portfolio section? For example, the lightbox opens and instead of just one image, there are multiple. Thanks!


Also, when on iOS Safari and Chrome, I select an image in the portfolio and the light boxed full image appears super small instead of filling the frame. How can I fix that so the big image is big?


Not going to answer the question?


Hi Matthew,

I’m so sorry for the delay to reply, and thanks for you purchase. can you send me your files to zoomarts.com@gmail.com to make the gallery lightbox working.

Thanks alot!

Very nice template! A friend of mine bought the template and i saw de code, but i don’t know how can i do the mail.php how can i do it? Thanks and congrats again for the template!


Hi zapeo,

I’m so sorry for the delay,
This file comes with the mail files that you downloaded from Themeforest and you have not to create it. Just take a look the docs. If you still need a help please contact me via a contact form in my profile.


lbolden Purchased

How can I add a Pintrest Icon at the bottom? Where are the icons images located in the file?


Hi lbolden,

Thanks for your purchase, You will find all icons here Font-Awesome.
Feel free to ask.
You are welcome brother :)

Just purchase the item. hopefully everything work fine. Thank for this awesome template.



I am very happy with the template, but I don’t get how to make the detail-pages in the portfolio section like the slider-project work. I just want every project by klicking on it to open a slider project.

Could you help me?

Cheers, Alina


I just would like to know, how can i disable the animation, in the home page. i use only one slide in a “hero header style”

Thanks a lot !!!