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Very, very nice :-) Good luck!


thank you :)

wow nice work! and price :) well done!


thank you kanka :)

Great template, good luck with sales.


Thank you so much for your comment :)

Is this compatible with the latest Drupal 7? If not do you have plans to add support for it?


Drupal 7 is not a good choice for the moment, lot of modules are currently in the testing phase and stable version will be published within a few months…

I see your point, a whole community of contributors has to catch up :)

Thanks for reply, this is a really nice design.

I would like to make a suggestion in regards to your jQuery animations: use the stop() function when possible, it helps avoid the animations going all the way trough on mouse in / mouse out. Just move your mouse over pictures in the picture gallery and you’ll see what I meant. Otherwise, the theme looks great.

On another note: how did you implement Fancybox? Is it the Drupal Fancybox module, or did you do it directly through jQuery.

Thank you. I’m just asking all these questions because I’m considering buying your theme.


Hello toratek, Thank you very much for your suggestion. I’ll add Hover.delay and Hover.distance function for the fix this issue. “Smooth” comes with Fancybox 1.3.1 / Fancybox module and jQuery 1.3.2 / jQuery Update module

If this were a Wordpress theme I think it would have sold 600 – 700 times by now, it is easily one of the best “designs” on themeforest.

is there any chance whatsoever of converting it to Wordpress?


Hello, Urgent We’re aware that a very low rate of sales. Unfortunately, not sold too many Drupal themes so That is to say not related to the quality of the design.

After that, we do not intend to make the Drupal theme, We have begun the process of transition to Wordpress.

Very soon, “Smooth” will be on sale in Wordpress :)

Awesome! I can’t wait :) I wish you all the best, this really is a great design and it deserves a lot of sales.


Thank you so much for your comment :)

Best regards jack

Enjoying the Theme!

Question – Is there a way to add Alt text to the Homepage Slideshow photos?



Hello the_web_guys, Thank you for purchasing the theme, Please contact me via contact form available at my user profile page, I’ll be your guide.

This theme is a shameless steal at $40. It would be a bargain at $400.

Couple a gorgeous layout with an ridiculously responsive author who seems to really care about his work. I just hope we can throw more business jackncoke’s way to make up for the fact that we got this theme so cheap!

Grats on winning Themeforest jackncoke!


Hello jhartwick88,

Thank you for purchasing my theme and many thanks for your kind comments.

hi jackncoke

very nice theme. however i have one question. since i am running drupal 7, if you alter this theme for drupal 7 assuming it wont run as is (my knowledge on drupal is low sorry), would you charge again for the udpate?



Hello Srik,

The Drupal 7 version is under heavy development. It is not stable, functional right now. We are working hard on getting it ready for use.

I just started learning how to use Drupal after many years of using Dreamweaver, and this theme (smooth) has made the transition to Drupal a dream. I love the look of this theme and the support that is available before and after the installation. I switched from Drupal 7 to Drupal 6 just so that I could use this theme!!

Please keep making more themes like this!

Only thing I will need to figure out is why the contact form, when email is sent, it shows up as sent by the author’s email address (jackncoke). I have checked the settings for this but it has not changed, unsure of what I might be doing wrong here.

Thanks again for making this awesome theme :)


Hello sandolfatto1,

Thank you for purchasing my theme and many thanks for your kind comments :) the default e-mail address loaded with Demo installation but You can change it easily by updating your site information ( admin/settings/site-information ).

Hello Jackncoke,

I tried emailing you directly through this site, but have not gotten a response – figured might be good to send you a message here.

I purchased a theme, and would like to know if you are interested in getting commissioned to fully customize it for my current website. It’s installed, just needs more customization.

Please let me know how to contact you.

Thanks, K


Hello drupalkat, Thank you for purchasing my theme.

I’m sorry for my late replay. Please contact me via contact form available at my user profile page


Hi! is Your theme coming with all PSD files like phones ect ??


Hello hobbuy,

Yes, All PSD files are including.

Great theme. I’ve purchased Drupal themes from many places and this is one of the best. Extremely responsive support, excellent documentation and tons of extras. In addition it’s built on one of the most flexible base themes available, allowing endless configuration.

I for one am anxiously awaiting the next theme from this great designer!


Hello Thjorhart, Thank you so much for your comment :)

jimofaos Purchased

I purchased this theme a few weeks ago, and I must say it is fantastic! Very flexible, and easy to update and restyle. Everything is included, which is great. Installation is a breeze.

I had a question about the menus, contacted the author; and got an almost immediate reply with a solution. Fantastic support! I just can’t say enough good things about both the theme, and the author.


Hello jimofaos,

Thank you so much for your comment :)

When do you think you will be releasing a D7 version?


Hi Defigo,

Thank you for your interest. The Drupal 7 version is under heavy development It is not stable, functional, or supported right now for some modules. Just a little more patience…

Hi there, I am thinking of applying this theme to an existing site (part of a multisite). In the Quick-Start Video Tutorial you use an installation profile which is not applicable in this case.

Does the documentation include steps for application to existing sites?

(Feel free to flame me if this info is available and I have not seen it).



Please check the Smooth Documentation > B.1.Install Theme

If you have trouble with installation, please contact me via contact form available at my user profile page. thanks, jack

You have very nice Drupal themes that i would like to purchase. Any plans on updating to Drupal 7 ??


Hello themeuser, The Drupal 7 version is under heavy development It is not stable, functional, or supported right now for some modules. Just a little more patience…

stunning theme and jack responded right away when i emailed him for help. brilliant – absolutely brilliant!!! :)