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should be very cool in OpenCart fantastic theme

Hi @adablio,

sorry but no plans for opencart, if we got some good sales we can consider woocommerce.

hope for the best

What e-commerce cart would you recommend using with this them? I am thinking I like the layout but I want to have some ease of integration. Did you design this with a particular e-Com cart in mind. Thanks.

Hi @rollsroyce,

thanks for appriciation, you can use woo commerce or wp-commerce for this template.

Have a great day

So this is a wordpress theme?


this is not exactly optimized for wordpress but still you can use it with that.

Eeey Chimpstudio,

That was a long time ago! Nice to have you back with templates!

Greetz, Dean

Hi @lifeCatch,

thanks for welcoming back us :) hope we will get your purchase soon.


Is this really working as a shopping site? Everything i clicked on couldn’t work?

hi @rayee,

sorry but this is just an HTML template, its not functional.


Amazing theme, I will definitely buy it. Can you help with installation of a shopping cart?

its a super theme, I have never installed a shopping cart :-) so I would need some support


Hi @sanlucasmedical,

sorry its just an HTML template so you cant just install it at any system, it needs proper development to make that done.


can you help with this development on some sort of service contract?


please drop me an email by using contact form at our profile.


i would love this if already developed for platform like wp, opencart, wooCommerce, etc

what exactly needs to be done to work with wordpress or woo??

Hi @thetrogers,

you need to get this developed in order to use it in wp or opencart.


does this come with installation documentation to use with woocommerce or WP eCommerce?


sorry as you cannot install it at woocommerce or ecommerce so no documentation available regarding this.


Hello I just got it but i dont know if it actually works with word press. I use WordPress 3.3.1 Do I have to get an older version? Every time I try to install it is like:

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet”

Thanks, amazing theme

Hi @gdiazdelavega,

I am sorry but this is not a wordpress version, its just an HTML version. so you cant install it at wordpress.


Nice theme. I checked the demo… where the new products are… can the items scroll off screen? (To explain what I mean on the liquid demo you have 5 main items… can I have say 10 or 13… where you can scroll right (hover mouse) to access?

Hi @danhum, yes this is possible. you need to do customization for this. regards

Thanks for the fast response. I just noticed the price so I think I will take a gamble and see if I can achieve what I wanted.

Are you available for custom work if I happen to fail?