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Does changing colour of the theme require editing PSD ’s? Can you provide a screenshot of a version in red?

No it doesn’t. All you have to do is change the colors in the admin panel.

Perfect! Good Works!

Hi, one quick question: Is there an option to set the sidebar to the left in this theme?

Thank you!

No, sorry.

Great Theme.

However, everytime I make changes to the home page Intro Box One that includes special characters like an apostrophe, or a tm ™ symbol I get greek characters if I edit the section, preview it and go back into the admin control editor for the section?

Any suggestions?

Ah, I guess I never put a special character in there when checking the template for bugs. I will fix this and put it in the next update in a day or two.


I’m interested in buying this theme but I ran the w3c validators, and these are the results :

XHTML : 17 Errors / 8 Warnings
CSS : 7 Errors / 76 Warnings

Do you plan to fix these errors ?



Thanks for pointing this out. I will certainly fix these bugs and resubmit it.

I cannot get the twitter feed to work on the website. Any ideas? Have installed the plugin but now it says no public twitter messages.

It could be that twitter is messed up right now. That happens quite often.

But just in case will you send me your login and pass?

None of the colors change when I enter the HEX number within the admin panel. Any ideas? Also, how do I add text to the area beside the images at the top?

Actually I did get the colors to show but I still am at a loss to get text in the area beside the images.

Go to the home page option in the admin panel. You will see the text field below the place where you put the header images.

Hi SEO _Scholar

Just want to check before purchasing if I can incorporate a search in the side bar on the front page.



That isn’t currently built in but it wouldn’t take much work if you have any coding knowledge.

Any chance this is going to be an HTML /CSS template?

This is a Wordpress template and I don’t plan to make it just an html, css template, sorry.

Great work, but in admin panel homepage option page ,in Intro Box Two – Type where i have to give discription

What? Can you show me the problem? I didn’t understand what you said.

Is this theme WP 3 .0 Compatible? Specifically for the menu options? Thanks

It is WP3 compatible. What do you mean by the menu options though?

Custom Menu Structure. I want to be able to add categories as well as actual pages to the top navigation.

Error in IE7

I have notice error in drop down menu in IE 7 .

Do you plan to fix these errors ?



hi! didn´t understand how to - put articles and (Services, Opportunity, Welcome) on first page - put different sidebar widgets on every page (as in widgets there is only one general sidebar aviable) - put google maps into the contacts sidebar thx for help cris

Hi again!

Found first page topics. But important, special characters are distorted (Ä -> Ã?) in the boxes.

Ah, thanks for letting me know. I’ll fix that as soon as possible.


Can you tell me how you managed to get the quote block on the main page under the welcome section as I have tried it with the code but just the code text appears.

Nice, clean theme BTW !


I put the quote in a blockquote and p tag.


Can you please tell me how to put ‘Home page’ template on the main page of the site? I can only see and edit pages I’ve created e.g., but can’t do anything to

And second question is: is there any chance I can use cyrillic fonts for the buttons? Because when I write something in Russian on the buttons they just appear to be empty.



I already fixed the first problem, sorry about that, just wasn’t reading the manual attentivelly! >.<

I’d appreciate if you help me with fonts!

Yes, you can change the font but you will have to do it manually. You will just have to upload it to your server and link to it, rather than the current font, in the header.php file.

Great looking theme, thanks. My use of the theme is shaping up but my attorney says that I need to put the copyright YEAR in the notice at bottom. How do I adjust that text to copyright comply with US Copyright law and include “© 2010” or similar? I use sensitive celebrity images that need the correct protective wording exactly as prescribed in the U.S. law. thanks.

Also should not be limited to the actual name of the website in the copyright wording if their is another corporate entity, etc. (as in my case)... I really need to specify the exact copyright text myself… could it be done in Admin or by modifying a file… what to do? thanks.

You are right. I will add this functionality to the theme and release an update as soon as I can but until then you can just edit it in the footer.php file.