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I purchased and installed the SmoothBiz theme on my site, then migrated the site to a new server. I had some permissions issues initially, but have since fixed those. However, when I try to use the theme admin plugin, it doesn’t save the options I submit.

Where are the theme plugin settings normally saved? Thanks.

Those options save in your database. You would have to migrate that database to your new server.

how can I change the colors that are over pictures slider in the header ? and how can I change the color of the top of the page and end of the page blue lines ?


I am interested in purchasing this theme. Can you show me some screenshots of the admin panel?

Thank you very much!

Can you change the photos of this theme? And what side do the photos need to be so there aren’t any issues with placement of fit.

Yes, you can change the photos. The sizes are in the admin of the theme.

I’d like to be able to either reduce the header image and description size so that it allows more room for other stuff on the front page or remove it altogether.. can you let me know how to do that?

Sure, it’s in style.css under the heading “CODA SLIDER ”

I upgraded to WordPress 3.3 and my drop down menus stopped working. Any ideas?

Weird. Please send a link and your login please.

It’s a conflict with a new version of Nextgen gallery. When I deactivate Nextgen, the menu re-appears.

I desperately need to use Nextgen gallery so I need to find an answer to this problem if you can help.

Again, please email me a link and your login. I have an idea on how to fix it.


Here’s my problem: With Nextgen gallery working properly, my drop down menus (sub-menus) no longer work (as of wordpress update 3.03 or 3.02 – not sure which).

When I de-activate Nextgen, my menus start working again.

I need Nextgen gallery so removing it is not an option.

The drop down menus (sub menus) stopped working with one of the recent updates to wordpress (3.02 or 3.03 – not sure which). Nextgen and this theme had been working perfectly together for 6 months.

Can anyone suggest a fix for this problem? I’m thinking that with Nextgen Gallery’s installed base of over 2.5 million users someone might have an answer.

Again, email me a link and login and I can get working on this.

Hi i love the theme.

i’ve one problem i want to add menus down the side. i’m using the Page with sidebar

for example

Page 1 – is my main parent page

Page 1a – is a child of the parent page

Page 1b – is another child of the parent page

Page 2 – parent

Page 2a – child


how do i create a menu for on the sidebar for each page so that when i’m on page 1 only the child pages appear in the sidebar?

hope this makes sense, i assume menus like this are pretty standard features .

any help?

I don’t know off hand. You would need to look that up in the wordpress codex somewhere.

I’ve been trying to add Wordpress 3.+ automatice menu system and it just isnt’ taking – is there something unique that needs addressing ?

I’m using the tutorial and it’s not working. Tried 2 others—still not working.

Stumped – appreciate your help

Hoping to get a response to my question—

I sent you a reply via email.

Very poor response rate on support questions both here on this board and by email.

Would not recommend this template/developer.

I sent you a reply via email.

I am having trouble making ti so my blog previews show pictures…the pictures only show when you clik through to the blog post.

Read the documentation. It says how to get an image there.

Read the documentation. It says how to get an image there.

Are you there SEO scholar?

Yes, I responded to your email

SEO Scholar yet again proves his unwillingness to go out of his way or help his consumer (even worse, fails to ensure possible furture business by establishing good customer relations), by using one-word cryptic, indifferent, and quite insulting responses that place blame on the consumer not his template.

SEO scholar – please note your documentation is dated and refers to Wordpress 2.9 lingo. There is no Post Thumbnail areas but rather the Featured Image area AND IT DOES NOT WORK . After following your directions, there is no post thumbnail or featured image that shows on the blog preview. Only when I attach a photo to the post, does that photo show upon clicking through the post.

Please advise with some meaningful response or actual work to the template (an update possibly) and NOT your curt, two day old, one word replies.

Here is what it says in the documentation:

How to add preview post images:

Click on the post tab and select the post in which you would like to add a preview post image to. In the add new custom field area, select “enter new” and type in “post-img” and in the “value” area enter the link to your preview post image and hit the “add custom field” button. Or, if you have wordpress 2.9 or greater you can use the “post thumbnail” attribute box on the right side instead.

... So doing the first method noted above doesn’t work for you? And it says WordPress 2.9 or greater, not WordPress 2.9, for the second method. This doesn’t work for you either?

Try it again and if neither of these work email me a link to your site with your user/pass and I’ll do it for you.

And just to be clear, I’m sorry you take my responses as an insult as they are not intended to be, but I do have a full time job and other life priorities as I’m sure you do so responding to these support tickets (which is deemed voluntary by ThemeForest) every single day isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world.

Now that we are over our tiff. Let me know how if both methods fail to add an image.

I have not tried the first method and frankly should not have to.

And if you claim the second method works (except in 3.0 its the featured image not post humbnail) then the second method should also work.

I’ll provide you my login password via email.

I just tried the first way and it works. It also revealed a bug because once I employed the post-img way, my featured image appeared as well. In effect, the preview of the post had two images stacked on one another. When I removed the featrued image to the right, then the post-img became the only image that showed.

there’s clearly a bug and in order for you to propoerly serve your paying customer, you need to update/fix your template. Period.

You’re right, that is a bug. I just fixed your theme so it should be good to go now.

Another bug in this theme….

My home page and contact pages seem to fit the my computer screen width-wise in mozilla. however no other page seems to fit width-wise. Basically, my About, Blog, and Services pages become scrollable to the left and right whereas the Home and Contact page remain unscrollable tot he left and right.

Can you please advise on this bug?

This doesn’t happen for me. What version of firefox do you have? Is it a really old version? Are you on mac or pc?

Hello more bugs…..the slider is not showing properly in IE 8 . my text in the slider is running into each picture….also the the sublinks on the navbar menu are translucent and therefore the text from my slider shows through on each. please advise.

please advise.

Once again, I don’t see either of these problems in IE8 .

the width-wise problem was my fault…i tried to add facebook code and other code from another website into the same text widget in the side bar. i didn’t realize that i have to keep adding text widgets as i want to keep adding html into my sidebar. for some reason, the two plugins in one text widget was causing a sizing issue

as to the second problem, my pics were to big or something. i downsized according to you instructions and things are showing fine across most browers ( and i am on IE 7 at work).

and what do you mean by fixed ‘my’ template….do you mean you updated your template so that when we download there are new files?