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I think that this html would make a great Wordpress theme.. Great job@|@



We’ll be considering a WordPress theme for this, maybe with some image uploading/sharing functionality built in.

rgraner Purchased

great theme, just what i was looking for.

would you be able to add styling for a contact form so we have proper looking form elements etc.



Well we do have the comment form but that probably wouldn’t be appropriate for a dedicated contact page.

We won’t be updating this for at least a couple of weeks (swamped at the moment) but we will definitely take this into account!

rgraner Purchased

Contact form? I don’t see one in your template, please advise. I’m currently going to extent the text boxes you’re using for comments in the blog detail page.

Nice work, would also be interested in a wordpress version with some voting functionality.

i am also interested in a version with voting functionality

Great work :)

I’m interested in a WP version with voting uploading/sharing/opengraph functionality

Purchased :)

ps: have you an email address where i can contact you?


Yes just send an email to sales [at] squidix.com

Thanks for your purchase!

Let me ask you. I want to use this for videos from embeded selections and RSS feeds. Does this have what it takes? I have been using WordPress and have totally forgotten everything.


This is just an HTML design, not WordPress, so it will work however you program it.

Do the administrators have to upload the images manually, or who ever creates an account uploads it?

a little question..how to add link to add a link to sort_according < option >?

any news for the wordpress version?

I don’t get it.

It’s more of a blog or classifieds than a gallery…

Can you explain exactly how it works?


The theme is just HTML /CSS. There is no functionality, so it’s not really a “classifieds” per say.


Oh…. So then what is the point of all these scripts that are just layout?

Why don’t they incorporate basic JS / CSS and PHP functionality to achieve the basic functionality that now seems to be missing??


This would no longer be just a XHTML /CSS template if we included the functionality.


this is a great theme, and quite singular in themeforest, congratulations for having thought abour this unique presentation.

Have you think of creating something similar to your template, but integrating an advanced a ajax landing page like this ? http://demo2.designerthemes.com/adapt/

We are looking for bying 5 similar templates regarfding 5 similar portals we will launch with the same principle as your template (number of hits and listing by order of arrival) but with an Ajax landing page instead of switching from page to page.

The Homepage of what we expect will display “studies” (Posts with no images, only titles, see the template above, for more info).

If you expect to create something new combining your template and the Ajax or another plugin for improving the display of the elements, would you please contact or email us via Themeforest.

The Ajax advanced plugin for landing page is really usefull and quite pretty, it allow to display all the contents in one page without using the “next page” button as in your template.

Great job anyway.