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Nice love the orange

Thanks, glad you like it :)

Hi have you got examples of the documentation I can view? Does it cover a lot about Concrete5 or does it just replicate the plain html version?

If you drop us an email (info[at] I’ll drop you over a screenshot of the documentation. They are Concrete5-specific though, it covers all of the Concrete5 elements we’ve added!

It also, naturally, covers installation of the theme.

Its a nice looking theme but I think the fluid side needs a bit of refinement. Responsive styling certainly does not look like the preview on the overview page. You have a max width of 48% on the social pull right which makes them short wrap to 2 lines. And there is a big white margin both sides on the whole page. I think the full width containers need a negative margin -20px and then padding of 20px. The callout does not collapse gracefully either, leaving the buy button sitting oddly to floated right under centred text. The recent news divs need space between them when collapsed to 1 column as they sit right on top of the following block. The slider buttons are huge on the phone, that 50px either side eats into a fair bit of your slider width. Not sure what the answer on that one. The form fields in the footer have a set width of 135px which makes them too short on the phone. And the footer nav and copyright just look wrong left and right justified on such short line lengths. Perhaps they need centering? I’d love to see the C5 documentation too. Will shoot you an email.

Hi, I emailed for support a couple of days ago and I haven’t had a response yet. I can’t get the menu working like your demo, and the featured boxes on the homepage are staying in one column, not two. Please get back to me soon

Sorry, your email seems to have got lost amongst the sea of emails! I’ll reply to you shortly :)


Just bought the theme and having an fatal error message within the installation on my localhost/mamp. I received the following error message: Fatal error: Call to a member function getInstance() on a non-object in /Users/Thomas/Desktop/Websites/summitwebdesign/concrete/core/controllers/blocks/core_scrapbook_display.php on line 32

Used the latest release of concrete5 version Followed the instructions in the html document for fresh installation.

Thanks for your help! Thomas

Just found the solution. Edited the core_scrapbook_display.php into:

public function getSearchableContent() {
  $b = Block::getByID($this->bOriginalID);
  $bc = ($b) ? $b->getInstance() : false;
if ($bc && method_exists($bc, 'getSearchableContent')) {
  return $bc->getSearchableContent();

The installation process finished successfully. Thomas

Is that a custom block you’ve installed? As scrapbook isn’t one of our custom blocks!

Hello, you have many error on your demo .. in blog, and portfolio 4 col.. perhaps, it will be a good thing to fix this.

Could you be a bit more specific please when you say there are errors?

HI, like thomaswitt I’m getting a fatal error during installation:
Fatal error: Call to a member function getInstance() on a non-object in concrete5.6.2.1/core/controllers/blocks/core_scrapbook_display.php on line 32
I would not edit core files

Thank you for help

I am not sure to be honest, have you tried Googling the error?

That’s not our block, nor one we have modified or changed. It may be an idea to try an older version of Concrete5 as we haven’t tested the theme on the latest version.

ok I’ll test it with previous version

Fixed previous error with thomaswitt fix.
now, in concrete get error during install (fresh installation) Fatal error: Call to a member function getController() on a non-object …\concrete\libraries\content\importer.php on line 143
in concrete and content demo import seems incomplete, slideshow has no image and blog spots at the bottom of page are not showed, admin top bar is not showed in homepage

Hi, I just purchased this great theme, but I have a error on the blog pages:

Fatal error: Call to a member function getAttributeType() on a non-object in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 64

You can visit the following link to see the error:

This error is the same in my new Concrete5 installation (v. and I followed the instructions in the html document for fresh installation.

Hello I have also just purchased your theme and am also getting a similar error to the post above

Fatal error: Call to a member function getAttributeType() on a non-object in /home/user/public_html/ttypld/concrete/core/controllers/blocks/tags.php on line 68

Also it seems the demo has a similar error here

Any fix for it?

Unfortunately at this time there isn’t a fix.