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mvalles Purchased

hi, nice job with this awesome theme! congrats!. Pre-sale question: Can I exclude some categories from the blog page?


No. The blog is the standard WordPress blog page. Excluding categories would require you to edit the WordPress query in the template files.


mvalles Purchased

Hi again, Another question before buy your theme, In the portfolio item description, can I add for example soundcloud content or multimedia content or just text?


The excerpts can only contain text.


mvalles Purchased

Hi, first af all, nice job with Soapbox, it is a really nice theme. I have a question about the portfolio grid. The thumbnails or tiles that are generated automatically are 4 rows and 3 columns, but in the last row, i have only 1 thumbnail, the other ones go to next page. It is weird because there is a black area at the bottom-right of the page ( 2 thumbnails area). Can you explain me how i can fix this and put all the thumbnails (11 in total) in the same page? Can I have all the thumbnails, dont mind how many in the same page?

If you need to have a look tell me. The website is in maintenance mode.




mvalles Purchased

Sorry man! i found it! was stupid question! i was linking to the portfolio category, and now, i did a page with the right portfolio template and i have de posts (thumbs) that i want. Thx.

Hi great theme, but i can’t seem to get the blog page to look like do i select archive in template ?

What ever page you have set as your latest posts page will look like the page you linked to as that is the template automatically used for the latest posts page and post archives (post categories and post tags).

Awesome. Thank you :)


Kbung Purchased

is it possible to link a featured image (one of the picture boxes) from the main page to an external website.

I’ve been reading for hours, and I believe it can be done. I’m pretty unfamiliar when it comes to coding though. I tried to edit the functions.php file for example, and then I ended up crashing the site, and having to restore the functions.php from my host website’s backup.

There is no built in option to do that. You would have to save the URL as a custom field on the portfolio item’s edit scree and then output that custom field value as instead of the page permalink in the box link so when you click the box it links to your custom URL instead of the actual page URL.


Kbung Purchased

thanks for the response! Would you be able to clarify a few things for me. As you can see, I’m a 100% beginner at wordpress, and I’m not sure where all of these things are.

So, on the portfolio item’s edit screen, what would I write exactly for “name” and “Value” in the custom fields?

And then how do I output that field value to the external URL? I don’t understand how or where to replace the actual URL permalink to the external URL.

The custom field name can be whatever you want it to be. In the example below I have use “custom_portfolio_link”. The custom field value would be the full URL you want to link to.

You then have to customize portfolio-grid.php and page-portfolio.php to check if there is a custom field and if there is use that instead of the default page link.

<a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"><?php funky_the_title(); ?></a>

Become this:

<?php if ( get_post_meta( $post->ID, 'custom_portfolio_link', true ) != "" ) { ?>
    <a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"><?php funky_the_title(); ?></a>
<?php } else { ?>
    <a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"><?php funky_the_title(); ?></a>
<?php } ?>

The above code is completely untested so I can’t guarantee it works but gives you the idea of what you need to do and how you can go about doing it.

Please update the changes (version details) from 1.0.8 to 1.0.9 on this page.

Thanks :)

The update was only just approved.

Hi EugeneO, I just purchased your theme and it’s great! I got a question about the post page.

I altready have a blog page, with the option “post page” in the customize menu. Now I would like to add another page, with the default “blog template” style, showing just some categories of posts and not all of them.

For example:

Blog: Post page with all categories.

Another page: A page with just some post categories.

Is it possible?

I think I found it. Just add the post categories in the Menu.

Hi EugeneO. I have to change the font of the page list in the navigation menu. I was able to install a different font with @font-face, but I don’t find the code block for the page list. Where (in the style.css editor) can I change the font size, just for the page list, in the navigation menu?

You need to identify the navigation menu item element’s CSS classes and existing CSS styles using your browser’s developer tools so that you can modify the CSS manually in your child themes style.css.

Open your browsers developer tools by right clicking on the navigation link. The links CSS properties and classes should be visible beside the page’s source code.

I did it! Thanks!


ntfw Purchased

Hey EugeneO, still loving the theme – has been my site standard since we started! I have just been getting more feedback from guests about our homepage, is there any way to place text on the bottom portion of the screen or the far right? I’ve tried doing some CSS/in-line CSS just on the homepage but the text constantly is limited to roughly the middle/lower-mid area of the screen only. I’ve created a footer class that sets the position to 0 at the bottom of the screen and is set to static.. but it seems to ignore that and still places the text in roughly the middle of the screen (not centered, just middle of the screen).

Appreciate any ideas if possible – thanks!

I would place the code in footer.php so that it is at the end of the content. I would add a padding to the page wrapper that is the same height as your footer content and then absolute position the footer content to the bottom of the screen. The footer content would have to be a child of the body element to that it is not limited to the content height which might not always fill the screen.


ntfw Purchased

Ok, great – will give it a try. Thanks again!

for some reason my website was working great then started acting up in the menu…. works great but then if you click outside of the homepage the menu stops working…. it opens up but its empty black or white – no menu buttons.

Any thoughts as to why ?? Thanks! T

You’ll notice that the problem does not occur on the home page whee you don’t have the sumonme and share buttons plugins so my best assumption is that the problem is caused by either of those plugins which adjust the content area positioning.

I would recommend disabling the plugins one at at time to identify which is the cause of the problem.

i tried turning off and on EVERY plugin on my website and still cant get the menu to show up again… it shows up always on the home screen but never on any other page…. any help?! i almost have to remove the theme since my site is kinda funked out like this

I’m fairly confident it is a plugin issue because the problem does not occur on the theme demo or my local test setup and only occurs on pages on your site where those particular plugins are present.

To further demonstrate this here is a link to the search results page which, like the home page, also does not have the sumome plugins present:

On the pages with the sumome plugins there is additional JavaScript being applied to both the menu toggle button and the menu itself which are preventing both from moving when the navigation menu is opened. This JS was either added by a plugin or through customizing the theme files. I have highlighted this in the image below.

My guess is that it’s the sumome smartbar as that seems to reposition the elements with absolute positioning on the screen to account for the bar that is added at the top after the page has loaded.

If you wanted to keep the plugin you could try adding this CSS which should overwrite the CSS added by the plugin. It’s untested but is simple enough.

.active-menu .menu-toggle {
left: 320px !important;

.active-menu #menu {
left: 0 !important;

Hello. I’m very interested in you theme. Can the Home Grid include text boxes or video boxes that would behave exactly like the other image boxes (when scrolling or resizing)? Thank you!

No the home grid can only contain images as shown in the demo.

Would you consider making that modification? How much would you charge for that?

I do not take on any customization work as my time is taken up with theme development.

For some reason the ‘funky-icons’ aren’t loading. I assumed the font would be packaged with the theme, but the menu icon is appearing as an ‘F’.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve tried reinstalling the theme and child theme twice with no luck. I might try reinstalling WP from scratch.

Your site is returning a 404 error when trying to load the font files which means the files cannot be found. This problem isn’t replicated on the theme demo so I’m confident it’s not a problem with the font CSS.

First we need to check the fonts are where they are supposed to be. Look in the theme .zip file on your computer that the 4 versions of the funky-icons font file are in soapbox/fonts/. If the files are missing the theme package is incomplete and you’ll need to redownload it from your ThemeForest account.

If the files are there make the same check with the theme files installed on your server. If the files are missing it means there was a problem uploading the theme to your site so you’d need to reinstall it. You said you already did this so I doubt that’s the problem.

My best guess is that it’s an issue caused by your server’s configuration. I’m not an expert with server configuration so I can’t even guess at the exact cause. I would recommend contacting your server host and asking them if they know of anything server side that would cause a problem loading font files on your site.

Okay – thanks Eugene. I’ll take a look later and let you know if I need further help. Thanks.


I’m using your Soapbox theme on my website For some reason the website got really slow on initial load and when browsing through the site. I checked different files on my webhost outside the wordpress install and they load very fast, therefore I expect something within the theme or wordpress to be slowing down the website. Do you have an idea how to solve this problem?

Thanks and best regrds, Bo

That’s odd. I tried from two different locations and different PC / MACs, and the initial load takes about 5 seconds on a 120k internet line. The “Who?” section takes 10 seconds and “showreel” another 7s. What CSS compressor plugin are you recommending?

The “Who” page is loading in 3.71s and “Showreel” is loading in 4.57s. The first 2 seconds of both page loads are the time for the page request to be returned from the server.

I don’t have any CSS compressor plugin in particular to recommend. I think the most popular caching plugins include CSS and JS compressing options.

Sure, the loadtimes don’t sound like much, it just seems alot slower than when I first installed the theme. But thanks for your help anyways. I will try to find a css compressor plugin.

Thank you! I’m still loving the theme.