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Hi, I have a pre-sale question. Is your theme compatible with Visual Composer? I noticed that you have a full page template and I was hoping ot be able to use the plugin to build landing pages.


Soapbox was not built specifically for use with Visual Composer but Visual Composer is designed to work with just about any WordPress theme so I can’t think of a reason why the plugin itself wouldn’t work. You probably would need to do some CSS tweaks to get the VC elements to match the theme styling better.

Awesome. I just purchased it and it looks like I’m having the same problem that ericzentner had. Letters instead of icons are showing up in the menu. Suddenly instead of the menu icon, or arrow icons, it’s just showing me letters. I’ve tried reinstalling the theme twice now and it’s coming up the same. Any suggestions?

Post a link to your site please. The icon fonts aren’t loading and the only way to see why is by viewing your site’s code.

I think that if the images of left gallery will be shifting/displacing automatic, would have a good look. Sorry for my english.

Version 1.1.1 – 17 February 2016

  • Removed some unnecessary h1 tags
  • Updated plugin activation class
  • Updated language translation file
  • Updated theme options framework
  • Removed share buttons from posts and portfolio items (there are lots of plugins that can do the job better)

Thanks for the great update! love the h1 fix

One think I cant figure out at all is making my blog post show up like full page templates that you have already beautifully designed!

I like the blog roll page as shown here –

But I want the actual post to not be split screen-

Would rather have it be a page design like this one

Is there a simple solution to just allowing that template to be used for the blog post individual posts? Any help is much appreciated! T

To change the blog posts to a full page layout would require modifying the single.php template file in a child theme. You would mostly be using single-portfolio.php or page.php as a template. The problem comes when deciding what to do about the feature content that is normally output in the left half of the screen on posts. On posts and portfolio items the content is filtered to separate out the feature content (gallery, video, audio). The feature content is then added to the page separately using the funky_embed_feature_content() function.

Short answer: It’s possible but would require some tricky customization to merge template files.


Can you please help me out on this? I would like to permanently display the portfolio title instead of the mouse-over option which is default enabled.

This also counts for the mobile version.

Is this possible?


This should do it.
#post-grid .post-excerpt,
#post-grid .hentry:hover .post-excerpt {
opacity: 1;

Hi, EugeneO

It does not show portfolio title in the portfolio page in Ipad Safari and other browsers.

How to fix it?

Do you mean the portfolio item title on portfolio grid pages such as this one?

Touch devices do not have hover events in the same way as a desktop browser with a mouse does. This means when you tap a portfolio item in the grid there is no real hover state so the portfolio item title is shown briefly before the browser navigates to the new page. I have spent a few hours trying to get touch devices to interpret the portfolio item grid links as double tap event (show the title on first tap, navigate to the new page on the second tab) but so far I have not been able to get that to happen.

Hi, I noticed that I don’t have the latest version of this theme. I purchased it more than a year ago. How can I update?

Go to the downloads page of your themeforest account and download the latest version. Then just delete the existing version from your WordPress site and install the new version.

Ok Thanks, I did it. But, I think there is an error with the child theme. When I use the child theme, the logo in the sidebar is anchored in the upper left angle. If I use the original theme is centered. I really don’t understand how can it be possible.

I solved it by deleting history :)


I just bought the template and I cannot install it on Wordpress as there is “style.css” file missing. Can you help? Urgent. Thank you!

You are installing the wrong files. Refer to the documentation included in the complete download for installation instructions and you can also find help on this page:

Great! Yes, that was the issue.

How can I change the amount of Portfolio Items displayed on one page? There are 10 being displayer on each page, I would like to have at least 30 on one page. Please help, thanks.

I solved it, thanks! :)

Why photos are not being displayed on mobile’s portfolio single page? Please help, thanks.

Post a link to your site.