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Greetings! A while back I was interested in this theme but the gallery function required some heavy workarounds, such as deleting an image out of the media folder in order to remove it from a page. Has that aspect been updated?

Hi, we are sorry for the delay. Please, use the support forum for help. Thanks.


I purchased your theme a long time ago but haven’t started to build my page until now. I recently also updated to the lates version. My question is about testimonials and the fact that you can’t click to get linked to another page/blog post. I have gone through the comments and you have said that you would include this option in later updates (2 years ago) but I still can’t see that option.

this was also an answer at one point:

Hi, by dafault this function is not included, but in source file it’s easy to make. We are working on a new update and in next version we will include this option.

Have a good day.

1: Have you added the feature? If yes, Where can I find it?

2: If not, can you please let me know/explain how I can change this in the source file and what code to use?

Thank you!!

Hi, please use the support forum. Publish your issues on our support forum and you will get some help. Thanks.

I am trying to figure out how to change the icons. I have looked at the forums and need more direction. Thank you, Lindsay G

Hi, please use the support forum. Publish your issues on our forum and you will get some help. Thanks.

Very nice theme. Keep up the good work.

Kind Regards.


Hello! Is there a way to put to each product from the shop a calendar and also additional drop down menus so the client can choose the number of beds, the number of children, the number of adults and also the days from a calendar they want to stay in a hotel? I’m considering to use this theme to make a vacation website where clients choose hotels for reservation.

Hi, The shop is build via WooCommerce. You can google all woocommerce features or install this plugin on a simple (default) theme and test the options. WooCommerce also have a lot of addons.. Have a good day

How many color themes, i like it, i use this theme my water leak web site

Hi, what do you mean? Thanks.


inkout Purchased

Hi!! i have notice that the testimonials work strange….

I can see in “older” some Testimonals double…. and others missing … How can i solve it?? Also in the page there are 10 box about testimonials, how can i change it in 12 to not leave empty spaces???

Answer me soon please!! thanks!!!

hi! i have add all testimonials manually… I have open a ticket 4 days ago with link, but I have not yet received an answer.

I’ll wait your answer. R.

Please can I have an answer to my ticket? #5325

Hi, i’m sorry for a long delay. i will check your issue in a few minutes and reply on forum.

We are trying to use an SMTP plugin for the contact form, it works fine with tests, etc. but the contact form still doesn’t send. Its REALLY restrictive that we can’t edit the contact form in anyway – any suggestions?

Hi, use the support forum please,

I’m using this theme for a photo/travel blog. Design is neat and integration was done quickly.There is literally a TON of different choices and you can customize everything you want. I’m still facing some issue with the different layout/template but it’s only due to my limited WP-Skills (and btw support response is excellent). Highly recommended

Thank you very much. Can you also rate the theme in Download section? Thanks.


I am trying to use plugin WPML to translate the three blocks from homepage right side.

How I could translate these blocks to view the version in two languages?.

That’s all, thanks¡

Thanks, where is our IP listed as spam?...

I could only say at this moment that the Socha theme features (, explains that it is compatible with WPML plugin (third more important feature)... so I bought and now you tell that don’t offer support of plugins.

So, why the features tell that’s compatible if it¡s not possible to add translations to sidebar blocks at home?

The features of the theme tells “We have also a support forum on wich you can get help if you have problems. We make updates weekly (sometimes monthly) and fix all bug-issues that appear on our customers websites” and I couldn’t find anything about that you don’t “offer support for third part plugins”....

Definitely, if the theme normally doesn’t allow to add translations to sidebar blocks, please erase this features because it’s not true.

The theme is fully compatible with WPML plugin. We made all requirements by WPML team to make the theme compatible (xml config file also is presented in source files.)

But we don’t offer support for plugin settings or other.. I you need help with WPML contact WPML plugin team.

Compatible but not adapted to translate right side blocks at home….

I am not asking for “support”. I am asking about how a theme can be “compatible” to WPML and don’t allow to translate some parts of the theme, and part so important of the home..

I think that this is not a problem of the plugin WPML, I think it’s a problem of how it was developed the blocks to don’t permit to translate…

If I’d would known that it wouldn’t be possible to translate normally that part of the home, I’d would never bought Socha theme. This feature must to be published on the theme profile.

That’s all, thank you anyway.

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hello I would buy this theme but I would like to know about Social Networks :

is that there was an Instagram icon in the widget social networks. I do not see it online demonstration . Sorry for my english thank you for your back Max

The instagram icon exist in the socha theme and also is presented in demo preview

Thank you a lot for your back Max

Thank you a lot for your back Max

Hi! I have a big problem: i have notice that the facebook share doesn’t work fine…. when i shared an article, its title is ok, but the text is always the same but isn’t the text about this article, is a phrase from testimonials, and always the same phrase…. how can i solve it???? is very very important, please answer soon!!

thanks R.

Please, use the support forum – for support.

Hi guys – any ideas when the next update might be – want to upgrade my site to WordPress 4.3

Hi, use the support forum please – Have a good day.

Hi, I would like to edit and change the title to the boxes below the slider on the default homepage e.g RECENT WORK | LET’S DISCUSS | MOST VOTED POST I am working with MAMP because the website is to large to work online. Thanks Anthony

I have contacted the support team, waiting there too..

I have managed to sort this out myself!!

Hi, use the support forum please – Have a good day.

You say this theme is ‘Retina ready’ but your demo is not retina enabled. Is this theme retina or not?

The theme is retina ready. Simply after lat updates some things needs fixes to be fully retina.