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Hi, please help me. I made a different homepage. now I am using it. but I wrote a array on config.php. and I want to see it on my homepage. I used to <?php echo ale_get_meta(‘test123’); ?> but it is not working. but this code is working on template-home-2.php. what is different ?

Hi, I bought Socha theme but I’d like use a Polish letters on my site. At the moment Socha theme doesn’t support extensions for latin fonts for example Oswald (this font has a extension for Polish letters). How can I change it?

I never receive mail to be in touch of the update, know I have no more support, my theme had never work in the responsive way. How I do to have the update?


Is Socha php 7 compatible?

Thanks for your help.

Hello, is there a support on this item? I posted question 5 days ago but no reply:


leveltgp Purchased

Your support is not there for more a week now I have posted a topic in your support forum bt no answer Do you realy support your theme?

Hi, i will check the issues and reply as soon as possible.


galerna Purchased


I contact you because we detected a problem of compatibility between Socha theme and WordPress.

Actually we can not manage Menues. When we select one menu to edit, it doesn’t shows us the Menu selected to add or delete pages.

If you try to select one Menu, WordPress don’t allow to edit/delete pages

I kwnow that the licence period has expired but I think that this is a bug/problem of the theme because it doesn’t allow us to edit the Menues.

That’s all, thanks.


galerna Purchased

Hi again.

We renew the licence 3 days ago and posted our topic issue at the support center but we continue without response about the bug of the menu at the theme.

Please we need to correct it as soon as possible.

Could you answer our topic at

That’s all, I’ll be waiting for response.


galerna Purchased

Don’t buy this item or some other from this author.

They don’t provide technical support and if you renew a licence and you want to refund the money, Envato delete the item yo bought from the download list.

So you waste time, money and lost the item in your download list.

Hi, that issue was fixed some months ago. You should update the theme. You can also fix it by this example – step by step –

Hello there, I love the look of this theme but it’s not compatible with the newest version of Wordpress 4.5.2, do you know when it will be updated if it does? Many thanks Kato

The theme is compatible with 4.5.2

How do we use it on Wordpress, because the theme is not on Wordpress itself. What do we need to do? Many thanks

You should to use the Wordpress CMS on your hosting.

Sorry don’t understand that, I’m new to all this, if I was to buy this theme though this page, would I be able to use it on my Wordpress site that is already made? Thank you

Hi, if you have a site on then not. If you have a site on your own (hosting) with the WordPress CMS then – yes.

I have a .com so it won’t work, is there anything I can do to get around this or any theme like yours? Thank you

No, all themes from this site will work only with a CMS.

Hello, as they change the admin logo size

Thank you!

Hi, What do you mean?

I need to send a question to support for this theme that I purchased. How do I send a question to support?

Hi, you can use our support forum if you have any issues with the theme.

How to make home page slider to slide in this carousel mode like in your theme demo? In what I got, the slider items slide only one by one, the previous and next are not visible. Any clue? Thanks

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