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I have puchased Regular License of Socha theme and I installed it on root directory at my website http://www.jaipurthepinkcity.com. Can I install my already purchased Socha theme on my subdomains of same domain, i.e. http://abc.jaipurthepinkcity.com, http://hindi.jaipurthepinkcity.com etc. These subdomains are different language versions of my main domain.

Do I need to purchase Socha theme separately for these subdomains?

The license is for one site. If your site is using more domains, you can use 1 license

Hi, I have read all the comments related to translations to see if there was any resppuesta who could help me, but no.

1-How I can do the translation of the Home Page? 2 I want to translate it into 5 languages: English, French, Italy, Germany and Netherlands (the default language in Spanish). I have the plugins WPLM.

Thanks for the reply :-)


Hi, translate the .po files in lang folder into all necessary languages and also manage the wpml plugin

I can’t put my slider in home page. I already test with “Default home page”, “Home Page Style Two” and “Default template”


You should paste the slider slug in theme options panel as in docs is described.

Hi have purchased SOCHA and trying to work out a few things.

1. About US Template 1, what is the optimal image size for the featured image? could not find this is the documentation.

2. About US Template 1, Can we make the quote text bigger?

3. About US Template 1, is there a way to add a single column (full page width) above or below the default 2 column layout?

4. With the Testimonials…. love the affects/animations…. how can we change the text “Inspirations & Feelings” to something else? Similar, how can we change the “Places” text to something else?

(I’m using child theme)

Cheers S.


Same for About Us 3…. what is the optimal size for the featured image? (Top left of page)


Also with About 3…. is there a way to: a) not have white-space and dividers at the bottom of the page when no data is entered into the Team boxes, and no data entered into the skills data boxes. ie. just get rid of the spaces and dividers / horizontal lines when not being used. b) For the skills data….. be able to change from % to some other scale. For example…. to be able to say 5 out of 7, or “1 out of 3”. ie. input parameters for: Scale Units, scale min, scale max, and value…. along with the existing description….. this would make make these very nice looking animated elements so much more useful and flexible and adaptable…. could then use this About Us 3 temple for all sorts of different things.

Also noticed that the images you are using for the About 3 RH expandable box…background 1 is 1024×680. Is this in case the user/viewer zooms in a crazy amount and then the theme responds by having the image them span the whole screen? Or could we use a smaller image without any issues?

BTW….. It’s a really slick and good looking theme and I think you have done a great job….. cheers Simon


In the About 3 template…. Toggle box description contents…. how can I control the carriage returns/line breaks. ie. how to insert
in the contents and have the desired text starting on new lines? any other formatting options possible within the toggle box descriptions? Would be great…. please :)

Sparrrry Purchased

Hi, I have installed Ninja Forms on a page, and it doesn’t seem to work properly. For example the borders are not there – the submit button can’t be seen.

Kind regards


Hi, this is a css issue.. you should add css styles for your fields and buttons..

blarreac Purchased

Hello, I purchased the theme again, because I want to put it in another site or domain. I worked with the other downloaded theme. Please let me know how or where should I put the license thing. Thanks!

Hi there, I purchased the Socha theme on Themeforest and I’m having some issues getting the Homepage to show up right.

I’ve gone through the steps in the document you provided, troubleshooted it for awhile, and looked through comments here to no avail.

Here’s what I’ve checked: -In Appearance>Theme Options > Advanced Settings. “Home page Slider slug” is set to sneak-peek.

I have a single Page called “Home” which is set as the “Home Default Template”. No other pages are set to this. Under “Home Options” on this page, I have set “Slider Style” to “static Width”. “Show Blog Posts or Gallery” to Blog Posts. And 3 Posts per page. Nothing else.

Under Appearance> Slider Options I have added 2 test slides to the slider “Sneak Peek”. They have image, title, URL. I made sure to say “Insert into this post” when adding the image.

Under Appearance>Customize. Then under “Static Front Page” and “Front Page”, I have the “Home” page selected and “A static page” radio button selected.

I still am not seeing this page on my homepage though. It is as if the theme isn’t detecting this page as the Homepage to use and so no slider or right side buttons are appearing.

Any ideas why this may not be working?

The site is here: http://spicesoflifeblog.com