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Next Update Notice

We are working as we speak on an important structural update that will significantly improve the Social Network Template. With this in mind please secure your copy.

We think the update will be launched on the 15th of October 2014.

Social Template

Social Network

Social is a fully responsive admin dashboard panel and front-end website template that is primarily designed with social networks in mind. Built with love by mosaicpro, the Social Network template contains a HUGE collection of ready to go pages with hundreds of HTML elements.

Social Network Template works on any modern browser (IE8+), any device, any screen size and it includes over 1600 high resolution retina ready font icons, including the popular Font Awesome and Glyphicons PRO.

Our admin panel and front-end HTML framework will give you a complete User Interface Design that you can easily use to create or adapt any website or admin system.

We are committed to deliver ongoing high-quality updates and prime customer support all free for existing buyers. Enjoy Social Network!


Current Version 2.0.0 – 23.05.2014

  1. Updated CORE:
    • Complete refactor of the assets structure into 3 levels of assets: Libraries (or Frameworks), 3rd party Plugins and custom Components (collections of custom assets and markup);
    • Components are responsible for controlling the behaviour and styling throughout the template;
    • Plugins and libraries used by components were removed from the components folders and better organized and contained into more logical paths:
      1. assets/library – libraries and core frameworks like Bootstrap, jQuery, jQuery UI, Modernizr etc;
      2. assets/plugins – jQuery Plugins, Bootstrap Plugins, etc;
      3. assets/components – collections of JavaScript & styling;
  2. Added PHP Version:
    • Exposes a basic templating system with a main bootstrap file, header, footer, pages and various configuration files.
    • The PHP version dynamically handles the loading of:
      • Styling (Skins);
      • JavaScript files;
      • Pages & sub-pages;
    • PHP Menu Builder:
      • Easily create sidebar menus directly from a config file, simple or collapsibles, with unlimited menu levels, custom icons (1600+) and various options – can even include any custom content from other files automatically;
  3. Updated documentation:
    • Added comprehensive guides:
      1. Getting started with the HTML version See HTML Guide
        • Includes an overview of the guide’s sections, the folder structure, layout & menus, CSS & LESS and the assets structure explained;
      2. Getting started with the PHP Version See PHP Guide
        • Includes the folder and file structure, template system, configurations, using the menu builder, dynamic loading of scripts, switching skins;
    • Added meta information for all the plugins, libraries and components used in the template such as Name, Description, Version used and for 3rd party assets links to Official Website & Documentation;
    • Further extended the documentation with dozens of examples;
    • Organized Components in various groups by different filters, type, scope, modules and others;
    • Component details include:
      • 3rd party assets (plugins & libraries) used by the component;
      • Examples:
        • Quick Preview and Source;
        • Resources that contains information about 3rd party assets used within each example;
        • Instructions for loading the Styles & Scripts used for each example;
        • Live Example page that presents a minimal implementation of the component (see the loaded styles & scripts within the page’s HTML source code);

Version 1.0.1 – 20.03.2014

  • Updated:
    • Twitter Bootstrap 3.1.1
  • Improved:
    • Complete Code Cleanup
  • Added:
    • Non-Ajax Version
    • Fixed Layout with Top Menu
    • Timeline Widgets
    • Article Page
    • Example Pages for All Pages/Layouts both for Ajax and Non-Ajax
    • Blank Pages

Version 1.0.0 – 03.02.2014

- Initial Release

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