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The link doesn’t seem to work: http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/ Domain expired?


Sorry it should be sorted now.. and for the next 5 years. Please check again :)

i would love to see how it works .. but it seem to not working when i try to connect via any of social networks :(


in the demo?

Pre-sale Questions:

1. Will I have the ability to approve campaigns before they start running? 2. If premium is activated, will users be required to submit payment before they can build a campaign? 3. Can campaign posts include photos and videos? If yes, will previews be shown on the social media platforms or will the posts just include links to the images?

Raaaa Author Team


1. Yes all campaigns need to be approved

2. Yes if campaigns are part of premium features

3. Yes. In social media platforms only message is shared (some of them include images from the campaign itself)


1) Which social networks are currently guaranteed and tested to work? Facebook, twitter, tumblr, LinkedIn: does the campaign post on all of these or only Facebook?

2) And how does the premium membership work? Is the payment per-campaign based or just one-time payment and lifetime membership? I wanna know exactly how you’ve implemented this.

3) Can we change the maximum number of supporters (for non-premium members) to something more or less than 500?

4) Any possibility of getting something like an embed-able widget for each campaign? Something users (maybe just the premium ones) can put on their websites or blogs or similar location? Maybe just code they can copy paste.

5) Are campaign updates supported? If yes, any way to make them premium only?

6) Can we share details of supporters with campaigns starters? Is there a list generated for all campaign supporters of a specific campaign?

7) Any way to let the users (or just the premium ones) customize their campaign pages? With backgrounds, music, videos, images, etc.?

8) After once posting a campaign, can we change the end date later?

9) Can we attain any form of analytics with the supporters? Is there a supporter list generated, and if yes then what kind of data is put on that list – just the name or some more metrics?

Sorry for so many queries, but your theme has got me really excited! :D

Raaaa Author Team


1. All of them.

2. Now it works as one time payment. You have option in back end to add/remove premium from users.

3. There is no option, but you can change value in one file manually

4. http://skywarriorthemes.com/socialreach/campaigns/newest-artist-in-town/ Click on embed link

5. Yes they are supported and there is option to add that feature as premium

6. Nope

7. They have premium option to add backgrounds to their page

8. Nope

9. For now there is just name, we will add analytic in future updates

Great looking theme!

Hi Skywarrior

I will soon by your theme. But I have two suggestions.

1. Add a profile menu like on Thunderclap, where you can edit and add profile details.

2. Add a comment section. There is a story and updates section, but it could be nice to let users comment, if the need to ask something, and then you can write back to them.


Hey there!

1. We already have a profile in the menu, but you can only edit the profile from the profile page

2. Yeah thats a good suggestion, please make a post in the support forums,we will add it to the features list



Thank you :) Where is the profile page?

Ive purchased your theme but Can you tell me why the grid image quality is poor. The thumbnails it generates seems fine.