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Hi there. I am using this theme as one of my client purchased it. I am facing one problem.

1. When I login with social connectivity, the profile picture with drop down menu is not coming. It remains the same after the login. How can I resolve this. I want it in this manner. I imported that data but this is not happening. This thing is not happening with facebook…..

2. WPML is not functioning with this theme properly. Whats the problem ???

One more question. How to enable this social share buttons ????


I can see that you started topics on our support forums. Our staff will help you there.

Ok. Thanks a lot.

One more question. How can I auto approve my pending campaigns. I mean. I want to remove the limitation of “pending” to “publish”. When any user, doesn’t matter free or premium, will post a campaign, it should be published automatically rather than go to “PENDING” status.


That option will be added in new update

Hello, I asked these questions three days ago but I’ve not received any reply! I’m disappointed about your support. I want to buy your theme but I have two questions:

1) Is it easy to have a home page like your demo? (Do you have different ready to use home pages in your theme?)

2) Do you have any plan to add other features like Thunderclap? For example, user analytics is so important


Sorry about that,

1) Yes it is we have one click importer implemented. All that you see in our demo will be imported with one click.

2) Yes we do

does this theme support instagram? which social media platforms are supported?


Facebook ,Twitter and Tumblr are supported for now.

Hi, Can I still purchase the Seishi theme? I would like to buy this if it is possible.

Thank you, Brian Laura


It will be live very soon, sorry for inconvenience

Hi, I have another question. Twitter prevents sending multiple @ mentions and automating sending tweets. And as we know, they made Thuderclap offline. Is it possible to have such a problem with your software and how do you overcome this? (Editing the message is a good idea but as most of the users are reluctant to do that, it’s not a good solution) Thank you in advance for your help and support


If Twitter doesn’t allow it we can’t do much about it

is the campaings in blog form or custom


Campaigns are custom post type

Hi, as work rewards system ? I can see some examples?


There is reward system included. You can enter how many rewards you are giving and their description. You can see rewards here: http://skywarriorthemes.com/fundingpress/project/shoot-them-up/ on the right side, bellow sponsor box

but you do not have an example in this theme? rewards payment using WooCommerce?

Sorry there was some misunderstanding. Rewards system is included in Fundingpress theme. There is no reward system in Social Reach. You have to make some custom reward system if you want it.

Hi my partner w3rodrigo buy this theme we add some functionality with pods to put extrafields and we show this field in the create a new campaing page but when you save the project only save the fields of the socialreach we need to know where is the function to store the data of this fields to add or function of save the other new fields in pods


you have to find function reach_save_postdata in your functions.php file. Add those custom fields there and it should work fine.

Premium is paid from WooCommerce supported payment?


That is correct

Where is the code for Jquery Scrolling function (which file?)


It’s theme.min.js

Okay, thanks. Is there only this function in that file? I just removed the complete file. And that confusing scrolling has gone – (good). There isn’t any other function that is necessary for the site in that file, right?

No there isn’t any other function, only scroll function is placed in that file.