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Thanks to Zorz for his continued excellent support. I know you are busy doing other stuff with this theme and others. But your support has been excellent from this end, thank you and let the work continue. GREAT THEME!!


we are glad you are satisfied. We are doing our best to help you guys, and we will continue improving our services.


Hi I have question about upcomming video feature in your update. Will be possible to not only have video inside project profile page but some ability that video will be on frontpage in that project short description boxes with a picture – so insteead picture will be video that can be played straight from there ( so user see videos for projects straight on frontpage and can play them there so dont have to go to full project page). That will be great. Also will be good addition to add sound file ( either locally in mp3 or remote link as soundcloud etc…) That will be good if project will be sound related – for example a song, or project will have some audio speech where author speak about project. Also again as with video – will be good if that audio can be added straight to that short description project boxes on frontpage so user dont have to go to full project page to play it.


some video feature will be added to campaigns. I don’t know nothing more, developers are working on it. Audio is not planned, but I’ve sent this as suggestion to developers and they will decide what will be implemented. Thank you for suggestion.


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Last update was April 6th, 2015. Now I wonder if there is regular support and if there are still updates. I don’t like to invest my clients money into a dead cat.

If you need support (usually about setting facebook application) you can check our support forums:

Best regards

Cron problems occur from one day to another;

Screenshots taken: +


those links are blank. Please use our support forums:

Godaddy Ok? What languages can be supported? can I omit users from paying and make it free for users? How can I add paid ads, you have?


GoDaddy – sometimes is ok, sometimes it is not. Languages – for theme translation? You can translate theme using LocoTranslate plugin, or POedit program. Free campaigns – of course. It is free by default, you have option to enable/disable premium members Paid ads – You can use some custom plugin for that.

I want to put banner ads, can I ? Lplugin? Other than godaddy. who?

Please help! social link in footer needed.


VK is not included in theme. It has to be custom coded. Please send an email at

What is the type of shared message? Twitter Card Summary Card or Summary Card with Large Image?


it is Twitter Card Summary Card

Hmm, in the demo, when I click the demo, it brought me to the 404 error page


it is fixed now. You can check demo.

My version 2.10 but your update log reads 2.07

Please advise


our last version is 2.7, not 2.07. So please download latest theme version.

Hello Skywarrior.

Recently I Download this theme from my theme-forest account & i was create a new cPanel for my website with fully fresh new WordPress.

After installing the theme and importing the Demo content, It force me to go log out. If I want to log in, it says- user-pass is wrong. While I check the database from CPanel, I can see- it’s totally full of spammers ID and my ID is simply not there. Screenshot of my database :

Please tell me the solution.


you can use admin/admin after demo import. If you need more help after, please start a new topic in our support forums:


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After I import the demo, it deletes my admin acct, logs me out and i cant log back in.


use admin/admin for login. There is notification about that.

I’m loving this theme. I also like your crowdfunding theme, but ideally I would love an integration of both. Is there any way to integrate crowdfunding to your crowdspeaking theme or vice versa?

Do you have an estimated release date?

Also, when user creates a project, is there a way to integrate supporters into a chat, forum, or mailing list?

2. Can users add a timeline to their projects?

ETA for the new theme is about 2 months.

Other questions: Both have to be custom coded.