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I would like to be able to connect to audio podcasts hosted elsewhere. How do I do this. I am currently using Blubrry and hosting the mp3’s on an ftp server.

Still waiting on a response….

The reply already sent to you.

I see no response on my ticket

Still waiting… 10 days ago… #22769

Hi Vitaminaprod,

we already responded your ticket please check our reply there.

I saw you uploaded a video, but you didn´t answear the ticket, I still can´t. Can you explain me how did you do it?

Ready! TY

I recently uploaded a video and it converted the url to this Basically its telling me that the player is old. Can you help me with this?

Please make sure that you are using the latest version of the theme and a valid YouTube API information is added in theme options.

If the problem persist then please contact us through our ticket system.

Hi. I did get submit a ticket and got a response. What I don’t see is where to update to the latest version. It doesn’t give me that option on my backend.

I deleted the old version, and reinstalled it. It did, however remove my ability to upload videos on the front end…under the profile settings. Urgh!

I also added the url from a playlist and it just gave me an error message for all the videos I add from Youtube. Help!

Please contact us through our ticket system we will look into it, if you already contact then share the ticket number.

Can this work on WordPress 4.2.x

I really like this theme and want to buy it, but only if it will work on the latest version of WordPress.


Yes, it’s working absolutely fine with latest wordpress.

Its possible to change the permanent links? I saw that now its like that:

I want something like that:


thanks for your interest,

Unfortunately, this feature is not available but we received multiple requests so we will add it for you after your purchase.



1) I noticed there are no youtube videos posted using the demo, can you please upload some as I want to check how it looks like?

2) Is it possible to post the videos on the main page by category and each video has a title?

3) lets assume I posted a video in “funny” category? is there a way for the main page to pick that video automatically and show is on the main page?

4) Is there a way to show how many comments are posted without going directly to the post? for example the video shows the likes/dislikes counter so it would be nice to have the comments number with the comment icon added.



Thanks for your interest in our product

1. Due to copyright issue authors are not allowed to use Youtube videos in demo but the latest version is absolutely working fine with youtube videos.

2. The title is already there do you want to show them before or after video, yes you can add category video on home page?

3. Yes, if that category is selected for home page.

4. This options is not included by default but we will add it for you after your purchase.

Do let us know if you have any further questions.

Looking forward for your purchase.


atomy Purchased

just want to say Thanks for the nice design and thanks for the fast support with my questions :)

Thank you

Hello. Isn’t it there support for livestream yet? I’m thinking to place a livestream iframe in my homepage and it will be nice if I can use your theme for that.

Unfortunately, the livestream urls are currently not supported but hopefully we will include this in future.

Posted a support question on extracoding support pages on latest version not able to add YouTube URL. 3 days no response at all. Here is the URL to ticket Bad customer support.

This Theme Have IMDB Grabber ?

No, unfortunately, this feature is currently not exists.


I am an express theme installation provider on envato studio. Recently “ElevationNationMedia” purchased this theme and ordered express installation service from themeforest. This job is assigned to me. I am trying to import demo content but nothing gets imported. I asked “ElevationNationMedia” to create a support ticket on your forum and they created that

But We are not getting any reply from your support staff. Please respond to that support ticket.


This is how your support staff respond? After your message they contacted us. I added FTP login details but no reply since. This is not professional. Being an elite member on themeforest you have to give customers a better support. We are waiting for reply from last 3-4 days. Still we are not getting what we are looking for.

Atleast you can send me correct XML data file or instruction. I already tried everything. But no success for me.

Just so you know I already increased MEMORY LIMIT and MAX EXECUTION TIME.

Can you please respond quickly ?

We already replied to your ticket please check.

What you replied? You replied that your support staff will look into this right ? and they are looking in that for more than 3days :)

And now you are saying that there was an issue in ticket system… How funny is that..

Hi, I dont buy yet, but I want to know, if I have 4 Youtube Channel, can all 4 channel sync into this theme?



Thanks for your interest,

You can fetch each channel videos one by one.

Hello, I bought your Social Play theme a few days ago, but I really can’t manage to insert a new video in the homepage. They come up “empty” with placeholder images instead of the video. Can you please tell me what’s wrong, or if i misconfigured something? I sent a mail with my credential for you to check and try to add a video so i can see how it is done. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work! Alessio

hi @speedtriple1967

Please contact us through our ticket system along with your WP credentials we will see why it’s not working for you.

I have my own channel in YouTube.. Can I get all videos from there and put my own video site (Including Playlists)? Thanks


You can fetch channel and playlist videos from Youtube by giving it’s URL in frontend user dashboard.

Does this work with the JWPlayer plugin?

No, we have not tested it with JWPlayer.


dundee747 Purchased

How can i add video and audio from admin? i did not saw any such area from where i can upload video or youtube or viemo video parameter. i created a ticket but not supported since 12 hours


dundee747 Purchased

When user uploads their self videos file from dashboard it does not show after approval by admin as well ? self hosted videos does not works by theme? Once uploaded youtube and vimeo videos embeded code it can not be never edit that video embeded code . Can you also tell me how to edit that part?

Anyway i need video, audio uploads sections from admin ? it can not be supported ?