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I just purchased this theme and it looks likes it’s going to do everything we need. My question is a follow up to one asked by someone about 2 years ago. Did this theme ever get get Twitch support or did someone figure out how to incorporate? What I’d really like to do it just add twitch videos manually if I can, auto syncing is not necessary if that’s too difficult, but most importantly, I want to have a live player setup on the front slider so on certain days I will have the other slides turned off and only show the twitch one that the live stream will be in. So I guess I will also need to know a way to automate the turning off of certain slides or maybe I could automate that certain post categories appear on certain days…just kinda thinking aloud here. Let me know about the twitch support please.


thanks for your purchase,

do you have any experience in PHP, if yes, then let us know we will guide you that how you can add new websites support or alternatively you can also avail our premium support services for customization.

No worries. I need to go in a different direction. There are a few things broken in this theme and I don’t have time to sit and try to fix myself or get delayed guidance. The Facebook login feature doesn’t work and is poorly documented. It calls ancient scopes in the fb sdk and even once removed, the declaration of the user_about_me scope requires verification of my Facebook app through Facebook…that then requires that I submit a Screencast of the login process working and as it stands it doesn’t work. The fb.php you provide has a callback to the admin-ajax.php file for an action that declared nowhere. Also there is no backend publishing of videos so that the admin can upload videos, no auto publishing of YouTube videos even though you have to provide a YouTube api in the settings, and you have to submit videos like every other user even if you’re admin. Also when a user submits a video there is no lock of that url meaning the user who initially submitted video can go and change the url but go through no subsequent approval process. Furthermore when a user (or admin via the identical process) uploads a video it is not showing a player for that video on the detail page so even though it seems the upload completed and the details are filled in on the next popup, there is no video to play. A lot of things are not working as outlined in the description so I need to find a new theme. Sorry but I have requested a refund. It’s just broken. I submitted a ticket through your support but I need a more timely response and also don’t really see why I need to put so much time into rewriting and correcting code that should work before adding any customizations.

I can add links to vimeo but no youtube videos display. Every time I try to add one I get an error

Hi prosensei,

Please contact us through our ticket system.

I sent a ticket 3 days ago? I am unable to post youtube videos on my website. I already posted on the support forum. Why not just answer it here, we all seem to check here first. Its just an unnecessary step? Thanks overall, good job but this is just a major flaw right now.

Please share your ticket number.

presale question: I need a WordPress theme to my new VOD channel. What I need in my site is categories (like humor/sport and so on..) in each category there will be list of the series and in each series they will be all the episode. In conclusion I need the option to Sort the contents by category, series and episodes. Also I need the theme will work with rtl content Are this is possible in your theme.

Hi urielm,

Unfortunately, series and episodes content sorting is not available but we are now adding in our future update list.

I cant add a video using id or url Youtube. Only works with Vimeo and HTML5. Please help me


Could you please share the link of youtube video; you’re trying to add.

Revolution slider doesn´t let me add a youtube video URL or video ID.

Where is: “Sync your content from Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, SoundCloud and more.” signup i need take of that.

Hi there! Does this theme support Wistia?

I have 4 content columns. But the theme won’t align the columns in page builder.


Olanzo Purchased

why does my download version of the site looks different from the preview shown

Hi, please make sure that you imported the dummy data as well.

Before I purchase this theme, I wanted to know if there’s a way I can make a static page where my LIVE Ustream player can be embedded and viewers can watch the DJs play live while still being able to navigate all the links on the site. Is this possible with this theme? or can I pay for extra coding/plug-ins?


Unfortunately, this option is currently not available, as the website will get refresh. Yes, we are available for customization jobs.

I cant add a video using id or url Youtube. Only works with Vimeo and HTML5.

We are unable to process your request, please try again or check the URL you entered.


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Hi esferenium,

Please contact us through our ticket system. if you already sent a ticket then share your ticket number.