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Nevermind, didnt realise the square images where links!

@stevebluck: Thanks! Wrapping up the wordpress version hopefully in the next couple days…

Hi! Just wondering if I can have the autoplay fade in/out version of the banner for this minus the buttons under it. Please let me know.

@Arashi007: Sure can. I’d be glad to send over some info on doing so after purchase :)

Wordpress version approved. Check it out here

mamcx Purchased


I’m building the site and discover that in the html template not have some elements found in the WP, like the detail blog page, the sexy share, etc.

I mean, see this http://themes.chrisfay.net/socialPressWPBlack/?p=149 & compare with the html one: This is not found ang I get a 404 error and in the zip is not there.

Do you can add this to the html template?


@mamcx: The wordpress version does have added features and elements not included in the html version – for example, the sexy bookmarks is a wordpress plugin integrated that simply wouldn’t work in the html version.

The live preview of the html template displays everything that is included – the 404 page is received because the html version does not include a coded single blog page, whereas the wordpress version does.

I’d be glad to send over a quote to code these pages up for html only if you’d like.

Hope this helps.

Is there no script for the twitter updates?


Correct – it’s an html theme with no server side scripting, the wordpress version has full twitter integration.