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I dont mean it in a bad way, because I like your last works (f.e Rooster), but I dont know why this theme was accepted by the reviewer.

The design ist bad, the colour combination ugly, the fonts anno 1995, the alligment of logo/tweet integration/... is not good, too.


I don’t mind your review mate, however, sometimes it’s quite all right to keep subjective opinion for yourself. I bet you don’t nag the salesman in department store with each piece of furniture, clothes or whatsoever that is, by your opinion, badly designed. Themeforest allows you to find and pick stuff that you like. Simply ignore those that you don’t. That’s what most people do over here, including myself.

Congratulations on the new theme buddy. Looks good and if I know your work will be super-customisable.

Dont get the strange review (attack), then again there’s always a troll under a bridge somewhere 8-)

Sweet jQuery slider!

Sweet design Feeleep. Keep up the great work. Regards, Greg

just purchased and installed your theme. Having one issue with the featured content slideshow.

I am showing a black bar between the title of the post and the synopsis of the post. What am I missing?



I’m not sure where is that supposed to be. And I see no extra black bars with featured posts but those representing backgrounds of title and post summary. Is that what you talk about?

Nevermind. I actually discovered the problem. I was talking about the black behind the text on the slider. When you create a space between the text by hitting return on the keyboard it creates a blank black bar inbetween the title and the synopsis of text of the post.

I’ve purchased your theme. How can i make my productpage like yours “our work”. Sweet theme thou


You’ll have to go to theme Options (Appearance > SofaDisordery Options) and select to edit “Category Settings”. There’s something that’s called “Available Category page layouts” so all you need to do is to pick “PORTFOLIO” option. For a case you don’t want to keep that portfolio look for all other categories, there’s additional input field that allows you to exclude certain categs from being rendered as Portfolio.

Thanks for your reply. Do i have to make each “item” as category or can i use pages?


Sorry for a late reply, I was having a trip.
No need to make each item as category, you can create only one category that will hold all of desired items. In WordPress, category is actually container that is used to store posts.

Good little theme. We have a question regarding the slider and it’s functionality. We realize that part of its “customization” is the slider from one side to the other – is there any controls built in for automation so the user does not have to initialize the slide?

Thank you in advance.


Thanks! This slider is supposed to be interactive only. Not sure whether it’s a lack or not but I think it’s all about the usability. Mouse click to go forward or back won’t cost you anything while users have enough time to read each slide content.

HI there. I purchased your theme and it works great. However I have two questions.

1. Is it possible to have the slider, auto slide, rather than the user having to click left or right on the buttons?

2. Is it possible to change the transition effect getween the slides. I really like the one you have, but my client is looking for it to be slower and possibly fade.

May thanks,



I just have replied to your email so there’s not much point in 2 side communication.


I am using your theme and I am wondering how I add an image to the category page using the portfolio category setting?

It doesn’t explain how to do this in the supplied documentation…

I have tried adding an image to the post itself but it doesn’t work?

Can you tell me how please?




You can’t add/upload image for “category.php” template file. Category template is supposed to list all of the posts that were “assigned” to it. But you can upload/insert image to page or post content and there’s no magic in how to do that: simply click on “Add Image” button on the upper left corner of WYSIWYG post/page editor, upload your image then insert. Beware, don’t insert images from media library but only those from post/page Gallery! That’s all. No need for documentation regarding this one – I guess.
However, if you still have problems, feel free to create a temp Admin account for me and I’ll take a look. Just send me a private message from my profile page (click on my gravatar).

jdial Purchased

how do I remove your logo from the top left and place my own there? That may be a dumb questions but I don’t see the option.


Dashboard > Appearance >> Sofa iDeal Options >>> Site Logo
...and upload your own.

Hello Feeleep,

Beautiful theme. Like several previous comments, the only thing I wish was different about the theme would be for the homepage slider to be automated (I understand your thought about giving people time to read each slide, but I think having the option of setting a time spanse for an automated slider would be a great option. Again, I really like everything else about the theme.


Thanks for a feedback! Somehow I think there should be a difference between content sliders and image sliders; people need time to actually read an information (and go next once done) while images “speak for itself”.


2 Problems.

1.- When I choose the Portfolio option for the categories my page is not displaying the button to view the related post. http://oncepuntodos.com/category/blog/ 2.- When I´m at the post I would like the photos of the photo gallery to be with another design, lets say with less big photos and with space among them. What file do I have to modify? Any other options? http://oncepuntodos.com/blog/design-fest-2011/



1) Related posts are displayed only if you use tags/keywords to “describe” the content. If no match in keyword(s) is found, related posts will not be displayed.

2) The smallest image for a Post is Thumbnail size, as I can see all of them are of that size. You can change thumbnail size in Dashboard (Settings > Media) but that’s not recommended.
On a side note, you might want to find a plugin that can have your images displayed in more convenient way. Just a thought.

Hi again!

Some times my main menu does not display the submenus.

My Blog widget for the left footer just display one post in the home page, in the other it displays as it should be.



If you let me know the URL of your web site, I could take a look and debug in console. Otherwise, not really sure what happens, I didn’t notice any similar issue(s) on theme’s demo site. Does it happen when browsing demo site as well?

Hi!! Two questions :D

1.- How do I keep the Slider not just in home page but in all pages and posts?

2.- Is it possible to have the main logo of the header aligned to the left with the width of the page and not to the 100% left?


1. open “header.php” for edit, go to line #151 and change

if( is_home() && $display_slider == 'yes' ) {

if( $display_slider == 'yes' ) {
...save “header.php” and re-upload to server if edited on local machine. 2. Open “style.css” for edit, go to line #131
Change default styles from:

#wraplogotwittr { clear: both; height: auto; overflow: hidden; position: relative; width: 100%; }

#wraplogotwittr { clear: both; height: auto; overflow: hidden; position: relative; width: 960px; margin: 0 auto; }
...save “style.css” and re-upload to server if edited on local machine.
thank you!! It works :D just in case you are curious… my site will be… http://oncepuntodos.com/



Glad to read it! Keep up great work!


Innocent question… My “category” area does not display thumbnails… :( Any suggestions?


I solved it :D

I put…

” <?php

$attFiles =& get_children( 'post_type=attachment&post_mime_type=image&orderby=menu_order&order=ASC&post_parent=' . $post->ID );
$arrK = array_keys( $attFiles );
if( $arrK[ 0 ] ) {
$required_file_path = wp_get_attachment_thumb_url( $arrK[ 0 ] );
echo '';
} else {
echo '';

BEFORE… lline 114 :D


Glad to read you did!

Can this be updated to new wordpress?


This theme won’t be developed any further because of not so great sale score. No matter what it should be working fine with WP 3.8, what exactly is wrong?