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Have just a question and will buy after this how can set this for only iphone users like I currently have one for pc. But I want people to see my site like this when entered from iphone ?


Please read the following: http://digwp.com/2009/12/redirect-mobile-users-to-mobile-theme/
Hopefully it helps you to clear out doubts.

gluegl Purchased

Any plans to add on more features or new theme?


To be honest I have so many plans, so many WP theme ideas but I’m literally out of time. I’m sure there will be more mobile themes from my side, I’m sure about that. However, I don’t know when. Sorry for an inconvenience from my side mate!

Is there a way to change the email address to which the contact form gets submitted?


Yes there is. By default, form results are sent to site Admin but you can easily change that.
1) open “contact.php” and go to line #27. It currently reads the following:
$to = $owner->user_email;
2) change to something like this:
$to = ‘you@yourdomain.com’;
(replace email address in single quotes)
3) save and re-upload (FTP) if required

That worked perfectly, thank you!


I’m glad to read that!

How can I include my Full-Size site’s shortcodes into this? My blog is shown through short codes and nothing is displaying.

http://filthyfriday.com ( iphone user group)

This is an “old” theme, made and released before WP has featured shortcodes so I guess certain code modifications should be done. Try the following, I suppose it’ll work. If it doesn’t – drop me an email, create a temp Admin account for me and I’ll try to do something else…
1) open “single.php” for edit and go to line #25
2) it reads:
echo $customized_content;
...replace with:
echo do_shortcode( $customized_content );
The same goes for line #31, wrap $customized_content with do_shortcode() function.
3) save file and re-upload to server if edit on local machine
4) now open “page.php”, and modify lines #19 and #25 by wrapping $customized_content variable with do_shortcode() function.

Hopefully it helps!

Hello Feeleep,

I was just wonder if I applied this theme to my blog, does it sync with the normal version of blog when viewed on a computer?

or do I have to post everything twice?



I guess it should be all right if you do so, don’t want to mislead you mate. The only problem could be the size of images; thumbnail, medium and large size. In that case you could try “Regenerate Thumbnails” plugin which does the job perfectly: http://sum.mx/bptsb3

There are no photos or images on my blog, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

What I need now is a mobilised version of my blog..

I just want to make sure that, when I publish my posts to my blog on my laptop.. the mobilised version of my blog updates as well?

if it does, that’s all I need!

thanks for the fast response btw feeleep!


Yeap, you can access WordPress Admin functions from your laptop, publish Posts, Pages, create Categories, etc. This theme layout has been made to fit iPhone screen res. Not sure about other mobile devices, there are many non-standard resolutions and it’s impossible to test them all.

According to what you have said, do you mean that, once I use this theme, the original blog form will be gone?

As what I want is that, when the blog is viewed on a computer, the blog appears in a normal blog, but when detected in an iphone, it will turn into your themed blog?

Does the theme has this ability?

Owh, now I realize what you are up to mate, you are in need for device detection tool so if mobile device is detected, theme redirect is made. Have a look here:

However, you need to be sure that theme switch is also required:

At last, be aware of the fact that your “regular” blog and mobile one (iBloggr) do not probably share the same Media settings so certain image distortion might appear.

my blog is sown through shortcodes. How can I make my blog work with the following code:

[blog images=”false” cats=”” image_width=”220” image_height=”225” per_page=”6” orderby=”date” order=”desc” offset=”0” meta=”true” full_content=”true” title=”true” pagination=”true” preload=”true” wrap=”false” /]

or any other way??


That’s an older theme, it was made before WordPress introduced shortcodes. Please provide a temp access to WP Admin account and I’ll modify theme files for you. Use my private email address for that purpose and be sure your TF name is included along with a request reminder (copy paste of the above text will work fine).

Ooops my bad man. I didn’t realize you responded up above. Nonetheless, I got it sorted out. Thanks for the prompt reply!


No problemo!

Does pagination work with pages using the <!-nextpage-> tag?


Believe it or not, this them was made before “nextpage” came into usage. Either way, I could try to fix it up for you – if you insist. Simply create a temp Admin account for me then drop me a private message (include your Themeforest name and problem description). Thanks!

I have a question is this a plugin like wp-touch or is this it’s own theme because i already have a theme installed i just need something that will help with my mobile users.


That’s WP theme made for iPhone and other mobile platforms having full support for javascript.