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Nice, unique! Is it possible to have the sidebar to the right?


By default – not, but I just realized it would be nice to add another option to Theme Options page and let users select preferred sidebar position. Yeap, I’ll definitely do that.

Does this theme use the Tim Thumb script?


No, all of images are cropped to required size by WordPress. TimThumb was recently on the fire because of those security issues, many people have lost time and money…

Very nice – and same question re sidebar on the right.

Also, is there a way to support different sidebars on different pages?


Just as I wrote below:

By default – not, but I just realized it would be nice to add another option to Theme Options page and let users select preferred sidebar position. Yeap, I’ll definitely do that.

can you hide the comments area on every page?


Page doesn’t allow comments but if you want to disable Comments section for Post, un-tick the following 2 options from Discussion panel:
Allow comments.
Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page.

Discussion panel can be found below Post text editor. If not visible by default, take a look at the upper right corner of a scree and notice 2 links/buttons: “Help” and “Screen Options”. Enable “Discussion” panel in Screen options.

But, In chrome the home page slider renders way off to one side. Dispplays okay in Safari (both latest, Mac)


Any screengrab would be appreciated, I didn’t experience any problems with Chrome!

See: http://www.flickr.com/photos/37859124@N00/6178354884

I’m planning to buy this theme this weekend – will be happy to test your fix – i’m at bob.walsh@47hats.com


Found the issue: I use an iMac at 2560×1440 resolution. If I narrow the Chrome window (I have the same version as you) to about 1155, the slider snaps into the right position. If wider, It’s way over to the side.


OK, I’ll contact AsyncSlider plugin developer and see what can be done and why it does happen. My laptop is using to 1920×1080 screen res and no such problem. That’s quite strange!

Please, if not a problem, send me a private email as a reminder. As soon as I get a reply from plugin developer I’ll be able to say more. Thanks!

Problem resolved by AsyncSlider author. Please have a look:

bought it: have the following issues.

Set up a new wp install, imported your dummy data – see

1. Header refuses to style. 2. Getting an error on admin appearance>> Header page: Warning: call_user_func_array() [function.call-user-func-array]: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, ‘ideal_admin_header_style’ was given in /home6/fousevha/public_html/themetest-ideal/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 405 3. in your demo, where does the content on the home page under the slider (“Why iDeal theme”, “Manyshortcuts”) come from? 4. I want to create a home page that is like the full width gallery. How do I do this?


I’ve replied to your email already…
If you try to enter http://ideal.sofarider.com/?dynamic_css=css to your Browser’s address bar, required stylesheet will be displayed.
But if you try to enter http://www.47hatsmedia.com/?dynamic_css=css
...you are redirected to another blog. Any idea why?

That’s the main reason of why required (dynamic) stylesheet is not loaded and your website looks horrible.

Perfect looking. Very serious work:)


Thanks mate!

Ive downloaded Colorbox (the lightbox clone you recommend in your docs), but have yet to get it working on a new page, set to be a gallery. What settings should I use, do I need to do anything to the images or the posts?


No need to do anything to Post or Page, simply go to:
Settings > jQuery Colorbox
...and tick fist, third, fourth and fifth option. Save Colorbox settings and you are done.

easy one: theme options heading: Sofa iDael Options :)

A couple of AsyncSlider Featured Post questions:

1. How do I convert an existing post into a featured post for the slider? 2. Cannot get featured post to show up on the page I’m using for home – what do I have to add?


You can’t convert “normal” Post to the featured one unless you copy-paste its content to a New featured post text area. Featured Posts are of custom post type and have its own menu section in Dashboard (see Featured-posts > Add New).

umtbc Purchased

Did you create the option for the sidebar to be on the right hand side?


Feel free to subscribe to Twitter or theme’s Changelog and you’ll be notified as soon as theme is updated.

I like this theme! Bookmarked for (hopefully near) future purchase. Good luck with sales!


Thanks a lot mate!

lam09 Purchased

Hi – just bought the theme – nice

Imported the dummy data – fine

Added a main menu, and theme busted in Chrome

Saw post above saying the fix is:

add to #asyncslider css rule CLEAR :BOTH and everything works fine #asyncslider { clear:both; }

You really should add that fix to your theme so we dont have to do it ourselves – thanx


Damn, I was about to do that but forgot. Thanks, I’m doing it right now.

owenkorb Purchased

Feeleep, Can I customize the Contact page? I would Love to add custom fields including Drop down menus? If so how?

Thanks -Owen


Yes you can if you know how. If you don’t – drop me a private email. Your message should include the following data:
1) your Themeforest name
2) temp access to Admin panel (user/pass) 3) issue description

Since there’s no issue, simply make a customization request; I will have to know how many input/drop-down fields has to be added, do they require validation, labels, etc.
I’ll process your request and let you know as soon as I’m done.

kriaktiv Purchased

I can’t configure this theme… is totaly unformated: http://www.idpublicidade.com.br/novo/


There’s an error in “style.php” (yes, it’s a dynamic css file!). It reads:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function of_get_option() in /xxxx/xxxxxxxx/xxxxxx_xxxx/novo/wp-content/themes/sofa_ideal1/style.php on line 2
It looks like “Options Framework” (theme Options rely on it) is not initialized for some reason. It might be outdated PHP version installed on server but that’s only a guess.
I advise you to drop me a private email, describe the problem and create a temp Admin account for me. I’ll have to take a look in order to be sure what is going on.

arayini Purchased

I hello, I´m having trouble with the color options, and the cufon font…. only shows the black/blue color and no change in the text …please help TNKS


Is your WordPress installed in root of domain or a subfolder? It looks like “style.php” (dynamic css) file can not be found.

Either way, I just have uploaded an official theme update that does include a fix for sub-folder installed WordPress. You’ll have to download theme package and replace “header.php”. Of course, after it gets approved by Themeforest staff!

arayini Purchased

Thanks for ur help


You welcome. Theme has been updated, feel free to apply changes according to Changelog.

arayini Purchased

how can I remove the serch bar on the top of the page ??? Thanks

It’s a little bit more complex…
Do you want to use Search feature or not? If YES , entire search form needs to be removed from “header.php” in order to prevent redundant HTML element IDs.
But if you don’t need search functionality, do the follwoing:
1) Open “style.css” and go to line #77
2) This line should read the following by default:

#searchbar { padding: 8px 0 35px; }
3) Append the following to existing:

#searchbar { padding: 8px 0 35px; visibility: hidden; }
arayini Purchased

Hi Feeleep, Im having troubles with the Blog I can make it work… there is non themplete for it… can u help me Thanks

arayini Purchased

the last one please Never mind… >) But how can I install the google analitics ccode on the theme ???? best regards

OK I ’ll disregard your previous question :) As for how to enable Google Analytics, that should be easy … I mean Google tells you where exactly to paste generated javascript code (page header). Do you have GA account? If true, take a look here: http://mashable.com/2011/05/24/how-to-use-google-analytics/