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My client purchased this theme today… I’m the designer and I have a question. I have the theme installed http://memphiswebhost.net/mccea/ <===Testing website, but for some reason the homepage won’t center up, even if I take the slider off and say no slider it still has everything off center I also tried turning off all plugins. Am I missing something. Or is there a way with your slider to make the image the entire 972px wide? That’s why I resorted to using another slider. Thanks and if I need the person who actually purchased the theme today to ask this question he can I was just afraid he would not ask it like I did.

I figured out the centering problem, still curious if I can make your slider use the full width (972px). Thanks


Not sure how did you mean “full width”? It’s always full screen width and always centered. Did you fine tune slider’s css or something? Unfortunately you have installed another slider and I can’t figure out what was wrong with default one, sorry.

arayini Purchased

hey, Feeleep. I have one las question…problem linking the images on the featured post to an outside page or leave it blank, but right now is linking to the image. Thanks for the support


If well understood, you’d like to hotlink featured Post image to remote URL – the one that doesn’t reside on your own website…
Well, featured posts are essentially nothing but regular posts which means that images can either be linked to an attachment page, larger view or none…which is allowed by WordPress. You might want to create a button and link it to remote location – as seen on demo site.

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mmm sorry feeleep, probably i did not make my self clear.. I want link the images to an external link… but right now is working only the link to the image… take a look http://g316santiago.org/new/ sorry my English isn’t good. tnks


OK, I think I understand what you are up to and I can make it work toward your needs. Simply create a temp Admin account for me and drop me a private email that should include login details and a brief description of your request. Thanks!

arayini Purchased

Ok thanks I just send u the email… best regards


I’ll keep you posted, no worries!

arayini Purchased

thanks for the support excellent theme and service… I rated 5 stars Best regards


Thanks a bunch, I appreciate it!

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Where do I need to edit to take out the little ”+” in the menu with submenus.

I’m replacing the menu with images and this little ”+” just break it down!

Look: http://redboxeditora.com.br/wiki/

Thanks for the great work!

That one belongs to javascript, hopefully the following might help…
1) open “sofa_ideal/script/dropmenu.js” for edit and go to line #56
2) I think that ”+” needs to be deleted after “my_tetx”, so replace

$(" a:eq(0)", this).text( my_tetx + " +");

$(" a:eq(0)", this).text( my_tetx );
3) save “dropmenu.js”

To be honest, I’m not sure how an image can be added to those menu items that are supposed to drop down…

Hi, I brought Sofa Ideal, just want to say I really like it! I’ve read the comments and can not find my quick question. I have not uploaded it to wordpress yet but I was wondering where do you select Unlimited color combos? Im looking for the blue option on themeforest.



That should be easy…
From Dashboard select
Appearance > Sofa Ideal Options >> Main Settings
Built-in Color picker should allow you to change header/footer bg color, main navig color, title color, links, upload logo, custom background header, pick font size, etc.
Am I missing the point of your question?


Wonderful, thank you!

Hi! How do I change the default Twitter account? Regards from Mexico!


Owh, that’s quite easy :) Of course, unless I missed the point of your question. SOFA Twitter is nothing but a Widget that allows you to enter Title, Twitter user name and number of tweets to show.


Hi Feeleep!!!

Thanks a lot!! yeap… that happen to me for not to read the Basic Sofa Disordery Options… i tried the hard way changing the functions and header files and it wasnt that way… Love your template, I´m graphic designer and from all the themes I saw for me yours are the best.



Glad to read it!

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Hi feeleep,

I really love the template, but I am having problems with it. I am setting up the template here: http://testseos.com/wordpress/

I cannot get the text in the widgets to match the text in your sample. I think you can see that I am trying to emulate how you have the text set up on your sample (http://themeforest.net/item/sofa-ideal-wp-business-corporate-blog/full_screen_preview/560735). I compared the classes in my WordPress code to yours, and the HTML is the same. It looks to me like the CSS file is the same as well. I’ve done nothing to change the code. All CSS and coding is directly from the download, so I do not understand why the CSS styles are not working.

OK, hence the fact I really don’ know what might be wrong (wasn’t able to find ANY mistake in your example), the only thing that I can do is to provide Text widget content and a screen grab. Maybe you missed something:

<h2 class="textcenter">Why iDeal theme?</h2>
<p class="textcenter">It's powerful, flexible, coded by the latest standards, simple to work with, modern, eye catching and of course: with <strong>24/7 user support</strong>. Everything that you would ever expect to get packed into premium WordPress theme. [separator_squares]</p>
And the screen grab is here: http://goo.gl/cSznI

If it doesn’t help – drop me a private message and provide temp access to WP Admin so I can take a look. Thanks!

archon10 Purchased

Hi Feeleep,

I sent you an email with a temporary admin login. Unfortunately, the code changes did not work. Thank you for the help.


I replied to your email mate, you didn’t set it up as suggested. Not sure whether you changed anything in the mean time or not but there’s a screenshot attached to email; please notice the difference!


I love this theme and it works great. The only bug I have is in the global gallery. When I want the large image to open (option in the gallery builder) I have just the post that opens. I tried with image attached in the post, with image inserted in the post. I tried to check one option and the other in the gallery builder panel…but nothing works as I want. I want the image in full width gallery to open as large…where should I investigate? thanks in advance. Michel


Theme Options!

Dashboard, Appearance > Sofa iDeal Options >> Global Gallery Builder
Scroll down to “Mouse click on photo” (it’s the very last option) and tick “Open large view”. Save options.


Thanks for your email. As I said in my comment what you describe is exactly what is not working. Developper myself, I tried all combinations and couldn’t have it work this way…


That’s strange, I just have test it out on theme’s demo site and it works properly. If you suspect this to be a tech problem – drop me a private message and provide Admin credentials for Dashboard access. I?ll take a look and let you know what was wrong. Thanks!

Just sent you a private message through this site Thx


OK, I’ve got it resolved and replied already!


Thanks feeleep for your coding/fix on my website. great service/great theme


It was my pleasure, thanks for a feedback!

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How can import dummy data? We tried dummy xml import, but got only some of the text on the them front end and a big list of Failed to import Media “site_logo” and etc. messages. So now we still don’t have anything near close what is in the demo link before buying. Please, advise how we should run import of content + images so we could replicate the theme.


The problem for that might be two sided:
a) your server latency is low and doesn’t allow enough time to my own server to respond
b) my server does respond with the latency because the most probably bandwidth exceeded
I can’t do much here but to advise to try again. But before trying again you’ll have to delete all the previously imported content (including Menus) because Importer might make duplicates.
I deeply apologize for any inconvenience!

I don’t see the featured image thumbnail in the admin screen of Featured Posts, just an empty image column. Titles show up fine.


Ummmm, yeah. The featured image shows up fine in the slider, just not in the admin screen.

I fixed it by adding some code to custom_post_definitions.php:
function show_featured_images($column_name, $id) {
    if( $column_name == 'thumb' && has_post_thumbnail()) {
        echo get_the_post_thumbnail( array(100,100) );
add_action('manage_posts_custom_column', 'show_featured_images', 10, 2);

I think it is because the custom column name ‘thumb’ is not a built-in column name


Holy smoke, now I realized what you are talking about! It’s Admin’s screen “Featured-posts” and I thought that you can’t see featured image when on featured post add/edit screen! My silly mistake, sorry about that…
And yeah, you are right “manage_posts_custom_column” action does trigger function whose clause always evals “false”. Thanks for a tip, I appreciate it!


That’s my website and the middle section (white part) where it says “oops”...how can I get rid of that? I feel like I’ve tried everything. Help?


It depends on what you’ve selected in theme Options page (I can’t know that by looking at your home page). First section (below content slider) is reserved for Widgets while the one below can be any existing Page. See Dashboard,
Appearance > Sofa iDeal Options : Home Page

Thank you so much for replying, but I’m still not understanding. Sorry, I’m not super computer saavy. I’m fine with the widgets there (blog posts), I just don’t want it to say “oops.”

On the page you directed me to, everything is unchecked or on default except for a check mark on the home page widgets section box.


If you have selected non-existing page (blank?) to represent your index page then “not found” message is displayed instead of just blank page. When I wrote that I don’t know what you’ve selected in theme Options I wanted to pay your attention to “Select your Home page” option. Have a look at the following screen grab, it could make things easier to understand: http://awesomescreenshot.com/08ab4tsf9

That worked (selecting none)!!! Thank you so much!

Can I ask, any idea why on the footer it says blog twice but neither links to my blog? I know I have the widgets section, but I want customers to be able to click blog and see all the posts.


Thank you!


Blog/News widget is supposed to display N number of latest posts and each post title represents hotlink to post details page. That’s just how it works. If you want to create links to Blog categories select
Appearance > Menus
...compose new menu that will consist of blog categories and add it to Custom Menu widget.

Hopefully I’m not missing the point of your question!

Also, will it always say iDeal Business Wordpress Theme at the top? Any way to remove that?

And, at the top of the screen where the website tabs are, it has the little blue iD box next to Dallas Girl Friday, anyway to change that to my logo?


No, you can upload your own logo from theme Options page (see here http://awesomescreenshot.com/0d5b93j51). As for a favicon, you’ll have to upload your own “favicon.ico” (beware of a file type ”.ico”) to “wp-content/themes/sofa_ideal/images/” folder on server and replace default one. You can use any FTP client for that purpose, my favorite is FireFTP – add-on for Firefox Browser.

I added FireFTP, but it wouldn’t let me log on. I used www.dallasgirlfriday.com and my login info from the wp-admin page, but it kept saying connection failed.


FTP is used to access files on server, it doesn’t have anything to do with WordPress Admin. FTP login credentials are provided by your hoster at the time of domain/hosting-plan purchase/registration.

1) I’ve tried categorizing all the blogs with the same categories or tags, but it still doesn’t lead to anything.

2) How do I remove the lorem ipsum when you click on the individual blogs? http://dallasgirlfriday.com/wedding/budget-savvy/budgeting-for-the-wedding-30-ways-to-save-money-on-your-wedding

I think you should get familiar with WordPress first. Please don’t get me wrong, it’s for your own sake. First of all go to:
...read about what are Categories and Tags and how to use them.
That Lorem Ipsum text (next to Search I suppose) comes from category description so you should edit current post’s category description in order to change it.