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-> Dec 20, 2012 - THEME UPDATE
    Files affected: "add_media_save.php", "depositipn.php", "faves.php", "faves_del.php", "profile_save.php" and "renew_media_save.php" 
-> July 18, 2011 - THEME'S PLUGIN UPDATE
    Files affected: "script/jquery.form.js" 
-> July 08, 2011 - Update for WP version 3.2
    Files affected: "functions.php" 
-> Apr 19, 2011 - Search results fix!
    Files affected: "search.php", "functions.php" 
-> Mar 02, 2011 - Users whose username contains space(s) were unable to change password. All fixed up!
    Files affected: "author.php", "sidebar_author.php" 
-> Feb 12, 2011 - Password Manager fix!
    Files affected: "author.php", "sidebar_author.php", "profile_save.php" 
-> Feb 04, 2011 - Theme Update!
    New feature added: Password Manager
    Files affected: "functions.php", "sidebar_author.php", "header.php", "edit_media_save.php", "wp-pagenavi.php", "theme_localization/sofa_opnpress.po" 
    New Files Added: "profile_screen.php", "profile_save.php", "style_appendix.css" 
-> Jan 07, 2011 - Important security update!
   Files affected: "functions.php", "sidebar_author.php", "author.php" 
-> Dec 25, 2010 - The file size for upload check fixed.
   Files affected: "add_media_save.php", "add_media_screen.php", "edit_media_save.php", "edit_media_screen.php" 
-> Dec 18, 2010 - Added support for GoogleMaps API 3.0
   Files affected: "header.php", "single.php", "functions.php" 

Sofa OpnPress theme is tailored to enable users to make entries (Posts) via front-end. It means that site users will actually never have to access Admin dashboard to submit new post, edit existing one or delete.
Site owner can also make a few bux because OpnPress theme has built in deposit system which works with PayPal. It’s up to you to decide whether user submissions are free or require certain fee. Either way, it’s very easy to set it up from theme Options page included in Admin panel.
This theme can be used for more than just one purpose; article submission, yellow pages, classified ads, Q and A, reviews, press releases, file sharing, real estate listing, websites showcase, etc, etc. You can literally build community website that fits to any niche.
Extensive settings options, built-in mini voting system, internal bookmarking, google maps, support for widgets, deposit system with transactions overview for each user, front-end posting and many, many more make this WordPress theme really unique.
Once installed, it’s not going to take more than 15 minutes to make it ready and running, I can guarantee that for sure.

Features summary
  • Built-in deposit system
  • Internal bookmarking
  • Mini voting
  • Googlemaps
  • Front-end post submit – delete – edit
  • Front-end private User panel
  • Built-in widgets
  • jQuery images slider
  • Multilevel drop-down navigation
  • Built-in lightboxed image preview
  • Custom templates
  • Localization file inside
  • Easy to setup via options page
  • Well documented
NOTE: Demo site runs in ‘submit for free’ mode which means everyone can make an entry. If you want to see your entry published for real it should either be ‘Lorem Ipsum’ or English. Don’t try to post spam, offensive text, nudity, links to potentially harmful websites which promote hate, racism, etc. I’ll be watching.

For anyone willing to read documentation before buy, here it is: