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did you draw the character or is it a royalty free vector

oh I like the jQuery function on the top, what effect is that? Nice work man.

Bah, I cant edit Flash but it is a nice design, good work.

Wow, this looks really neat. It is on my to-buy list :)


This chef is from the shutterstock (http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=4917370), I bought it long time ago for another project. It’s really cheap and it would be nice to buy one for a case you plan to use it.

It’s Flash, not a jQuery.

oh this is my first time to see flash slider here in TF… I never thought of that huh. Nice work mate

rstanca Purchased

Thanks for this excellent template!

I have one question, how can I remove the timer bar from the .fla file? I want it automatically but I don’t want the timer bar.