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Very good, does this require custom fields to get the preview images to work, or does it automatically pull the images that are uploaded to Wordpress?

Live Preview link isn’t working for me!!

wow very nice theme, totally creative and clean

nice template, very creative! ;)

very nice!

will add to my bookmarks.

Thank you guys for a positive feedback! That’s what can result in making more themes.

No Custom Fields for images required anywhere except for making certain Posts or Pages ‘featured’ and displayed in jQuery content slider.

wow so nice and clean template… well done :)

Very nice theme! Good job!

Spectacular! Truly inspiring.

I just bought your template, how come the BIG banner at the top is not on mine?....or the animated click throu function?

Ah, well that’s what SofaRooster Options page is supposed to serve for. While logged in as Admin, go to Appearance > SofaRooster Options and setup your theme. Please note that you also must make some Post(s) or Page(s) ‘featured’ in order to have it displayed on Home page’s content slider. Each and every answer on your question may be found in Sofa Rooster theme manuals – please take few minutes and read it carefully, it’s for your own sake!

Great looking theme. That “BIG Banner Reserved” area is begging for a optional jQuery slider. Please consider it.

What is the “Plugger system for easy sidebar content management” ? Is that a plugin or custom code of some sort specific only to your themes?

Nice work and very thorough in content. Strongly considering this for a client.

it is possible to have the home page normaly, with one column, like a blog, not with 2 columns?

Thank you

Nice job, good work!

Plugger system has been described in one of my posts here:
If any additional explanation is required I’ll be glad to answer.

Yes, it is but some CSS work is required. I guess a heavy work because many other elements (like common classes which must be separated) rely on 2-columns layout.

great theme…bookmarked :) . willl purchase soon , Thanks