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“3. How do you remove categories in the menu bar? Currently have way too many showing!”

I too would like to know the answer to this!

Can you please help?


I’ve already replied to your email message!

scoface Purchased

How can I change the main menu to reflect my ‘menu’ settings in wordpress. I want to customize which pages/categories are shown in the main menu at the top.



Rooster theme will soon be updated to follow the latest features of WP 3 .0+ which includes Menus feature as well. You can drop me an email (paste your TF message inside) with an access to WP Admin (temp account will work fine) and I’ll just upgrade your theme Options page in order to support requested features. That’s currently the most simple way.
Otherwise, I can send you a mini guide on how-to. It’s really easy but I guess my primal suggestion seems to be more elegant.

Thank you for youe quick response! Now it is looking great! Is there a way to manage the order between pluggers and widgets? I want a widget to go on top of my last two pluggers and before the first to pluggers…. I am searching for an RSS code to make a plugger but canĀ“t find anything more than a widget….. thank!

Does the Banner have a slider option for multiple banners?


I guess you are talking about banner rotator or some kind of a slideshow. Unfortunately not. However, completely new version of this theme should be out next week and it’ll bring a lot of improvements – even to that page header.

I sent you an email via the form, let me know if you didn’t get it. Many thanks. :)


I’ve got your message and will handle all the changes in the next couple of hours. Will keep you posted!

This Feeleep guy is amazing! Like the little elf movie where they make the shoes in the night, he goes into my blog and fixes everything, adds some things I couldn’t figure out, and does a fantastic job of it. This guy is ACES in my book and I wish more people were like him – the world would be a better place!


Thanks mate!

Every time I try to update the big_banner, my blog switches to a two-column blog and everything gets messed up. Any ideas on how to fix this?


I have posted completely new version of Sofa Rooster theme and it’s the matter of time it gets approved by Themeforest staff. If you are in hurry, please drop me an email and I’m sending you the latest release right to your mail box. Thanks!

I am need of the update for this site. I need to remove the categories from the top nav as well as manage the sidebar widgets. Does the new upgrade provide me with this? I am working on a site that has a very immediate deadline, and if you could help I would appreciate it very much!

You can reach me here- jonny@uplateicreate.com



The latest version is full WP3 .0+ compliant (Menus supported). As far as I can see, no “PURCHASED” flag next to your post. I will definitely send you the latest release but you gotta prove that you own a legal version. Thanks!

Thanks – I had the client purchase the theme, how should I prove to you that I purchased it? I can login with that username if you want?


It will be fine if you do so. Thanks, sorry for any inconvenience!

rossmon Purchased

No problem…This is Jstoval1 logged in as the user who purchased the theme. What do you need from me in order to update the theme?


New theme will be sent on jonny@uplateicreate.com in the next couple of minutes. Thank yoooou!!!

rossmon Purchased

In the updated version of the theme there is no display of Author above the post. Only Category.. Is there a way to fix this? If so please let me know. Thanks!


I’ve replied to your message already. It is possible and makes sense only if your blog is a multiuser blog.

I could not add change the Company Name in the Copyright Footer. Please advise. Thank you.

Thanks for that part mate, I’ll have to post a public fix. OK…
1) open functions.php and paste the following code to line #33

$aOptions[ 'copytext' ] = $_POST[ 'copytext' ];

2) now move cursor to line #123 and paste this one too:

$aOptions[ 'copytext' ] = '© Company Name';

3) save functions.php, re-upload if needed
4) get back to WP Admin, Appearance > SofaRooster Options, refresh page and set copyright text.
Meanwhile, I’ll update download package for all other users!

I tried your fix but could not get it to work properly. Please let me know the before and after line for adding the code or send me the complete revised functions.php file. Thank you.

The dates of the comments on each post is all equal to the post date instead of the date of the comment. Please let me know how to show the actual dates the comments were written as shown in my dashboard. Thank you.

Uh, oh, how the hell that happened…
1) Open “comments.php”, go to line number 68. and 69. It currently reads:

if( $dateformat == 'eu' ) the_time( 'j/m Y' ); 
else the_time( 'm/j Y' );

2) replace with:
if( $dateformat == 'eu' ) comment_date( 'j/m Y' ); 
else comment_date( 'm/j Y' );

I am about to post update right now. Sorry for any inconvenience!

I was trying to change the site path “www.mysite.com/wordpress” to “www.mysite.com/somethingelse” by changing the directory name from “wordpress” to “somethingelse”, together with “home” and “siteurl” fields updated in wordpress admin accordingly.

However when I refresh the site, I get 440 error page. Any resolution for that??


I’m not sure why did you do that? Where is WordPress actually installed (physically); “wordpress” folder or “somethingelse”? Maybe I’m wrong but I guess this could be a possible scenario:
1) You’ve changed only the name of a folder to “somethingelse” while WP has been physically located/installed to another directory (“wordpress”)
2) in spite of the fact you changed WordPress settings of “home” and “siteurl”, ”.htaccess” file (found in root of WP installation) is not writable on server and thus not actually redirecting to new, virtual location
You’ll have to check out with hosting provider whether “mod_rewrite” is enabled on your domain, otherwise get back to WordPress settings and backup “home” and “siteurl”.

cooleo Purchased

Hi, I purchased this theme a few months ago, is it possible to get the new updated version?


Just download it from your account, that’s all.

Just purchased the theme and had to install by manually copying the theme directory to my site. When I navigate to [SofaRooster Theme Options] and select any of the links, nothing happens. I had Sofa Memento previously installed and experienced no problems. Please advise. Thank you.



I think you have both old and new version of Sofa Rooster themes installed (or even two instances of old/new version sharing the same WP installation) which is not good idea. Rooster theme has a unique class (PHP) used to register theme options. More than one instance of certain theme means that they gotta share options/settings. The system itself decides which theme version settings will be used as default. It means that it’s not allowed to modify first theme instance from options page of another one. They literally collide. Hopefully it helps.

As mentioned earlier, I had to install this theme manually. Besides having problems with [SofaRooster Theme Options], I’m also having problems uploading a file for the header image. I’m getting the following message:

“The uploaded file could not be moved to /home/radarjr/public_html/wp-content/uploads/2010/10”

Here’s the site: http://www.radarrivera.com/

Please advise. Thank you.



I guess the problem relates to what I wrote below your previous message – unless (for some reason) your server settings do not allow file move which sounds kinda stupid. In order to be 100% sure, please create a temp Admin account for me on your site. I’ll have a look at theme settings, test things out and let you know what is going on. Thanks!


Just have one question. On my website I dont see the lightbox for pictures option like I see here in livepreview. How come?

Best Regards,


Download and install Shadowbox plugin for WordPress (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/shadowbox-js/), that’s all.

feeleep- how can I upgrade the theme without losing current settings? I have the current version downloaded, but fear uploading it as I currently have version 1.15rc as the theme on the site and don’t want to screw anything up.

Will I need to go through the site and re-assign logos and such?


New Rooster theme has been made for WP 3 .0+ and comes with more Options, support for Menus, Background, Header, etc. First thing you gotta do is WordPress upgrade to the latest release. I’m not sure what exactly you did change in old version (php code, layout, css)...maybe it’s good idea to let me know your website URL , that’s how I can get an idea. Basically, you can be safe with the content because it’s stored in database. Everything else depends on how far you went regarding functionality and design modification.