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i have an old version of soofarooster..and i did a bunch of diff stylized edits to it. If i need to update it to the wordpress3.0 compatibility.. which critical files do you recommend that I update?


Keep an old (back it up) “style.css” and replace all other template files. If any fine tune will be required drop me an email, I’ll try to fix it up.

Few things. I’m pretty much trying to get my site like this.


this is my current site www.nolimithouma.com

I can’t seem to find where I can move my logo dead center on top of everything and how to move my menu to the left side.

And for some reason I can’t make my home page static and my news page for blog post.

I want to make the image header area full width and more height.

Know it’s alot but I can’t tell you how long I spent looking for a theme and I finally found yours that matched up great and now I’m into all this pulling my hair out.

Thanks in advanced.

I’ll go ahead and message you my admin info so if you need anything.


OK, I guess your inquiries relate to theme customization, I mean I can’t just type out all of required steps that include changes to both CSS and PHP code. That’s mission impossible, especially if your level of knowledge is not advanced.
I’ve seen your email this morning but there’s no brief description, no sketches that might help me understand your needs a little bit better, etc.

Beside, WP theme made for www.rocnation.com, including CSS , Design and everything else is a BLATANT copy of Sofa Memento theme and I am going to report copyright breach right now. Damn!


and ontop of the rocnation.com yea i saw your other theme but i didn’t like the bubble they have. It’s definately a 80% match besides what they changed.


Copyright violation has been reported. Thanks for participating, I’ll keep that on mind.

My boss literally told me he didn’t care if I copied it and I wasn’t up for that so tried to find a compromise. And go figure I find an exact one. Only thing different is there menu really. I just couldn’t find where the bigbanner coding is located. The CSS I found but not the php for the shape and width/height.

Honestly my biggest problem is not being able to set my home and blog pages. when I assign them works at first then eventually when I delete the sample page and hello world post it doesn’t show anything anymore.


Basically, I’m thankful for your “discovery”. As far as I know each and every Themeforest theme can be downloaded from some file sharing “service”. Anyone’s effort to at least temporary disable illegal distribution is greatly appreciated. But the worse possible act of illegal usage is definitely the one where all of copyrights are simply “replaced” with no remorse or respect to someone’s hard work.

Re the changes you are up to, please send an official customization request to my email address. It should contain brief description of required changes. Thanks!

Hello. I’ have purchased the theme and i have problem with the size of images. The scaling don’t work when the posts become smaller. You can see the problem here :

url : www.blog-pouillon.com

Thank you for your help.

PS : Excuse me, i don’t speak very well english.


You should insert Thumbnail image size to Post content, otherwise it’s gonna break the layout. Different image size can be selected for Post details page (see theme Options).

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i am facing problem displaying posts from catagories and i get this error “Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in C:\xampp\htdocs\arabic\wp-content\themes\rooster\functions.php on line 577”


I guess an error relates to breadcrumbs so please try to replace it…
1) open “functions.php” and scroll down to bradcrumbs function starting at the line #537
2) select all the code from line #537 to #635 and delete it
3) copy new Dimox breadcrumbs function here: http://goo.gl/CeGfG (select and copy entire text) then paste to “functions.php”, line #537
4) save “functions.php”, get back to front-end, refresh page and see whether the problem persist. It should be all right.

For a case the above do not resolve the problem – drop me a private message that should include temp access to WP Admin and I’ll try to find solution.

I just purchased the theme and Im trying to understand the widget sidebar options. I read through the help pdf and didn’t find anything. Only one side bar option is working. Also the featured content slider doesnt slide. The next and previous buttons dont work either. Thanks in advance! Your help is appreciated. (You can view the slider issue on my page “the life snob.com”)


From Dashboard select Appearance > Widgets. There are all widget-ready areas listed in right hand sidebar, simply drag-n-drop available Widgets listed on left area to the right.
As for a featured content slider, there’s a chance it is in conflict with another plugin, tho I can’t speak for sure. If you let me know URL of your website I could check it out and say more. Feel free to create a temp Admin account for me (send to private email) if you think that should be a tech issue.

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Our site was hacked (host’s fault) and starting from scratch. I wanted to change the background colour but when I try to change it nothing happens. I also want to change the date box colours (red boxes). How do I do this?


problem-1) open “header.php”, go to line #75 and change :
<body<?php echo $ishomeclass?>>
<body <?php body_class(); ?>>
...save “header.php” and re-upload to server (FTP) if required. problem-2) open “style.css”, line #158 and modify background-color property … it reads:
background: #ee1c24;
...change to whichever HEX color you like. For example, this would make it black:
background: #000000;
...save “style.css” and re-upload to server (FTP) if required.
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Hi, my site is acefix.ru, why footer align left???


Did you fix it up? I can’t see anything wrong with it. Lemme know if still in trouble.

cooleo Purchased

Thanks for your reply. Just regarding the background- I put that code in and it only changes the top part of the background. The bottom half is still black.

Also, the footer at the bottom is out of align. How do I fix this too?



If you could only provide website URL – it would make things whole lot easier. You can even create a temp Admin for me if you suspect on theme’s tech issue… otherwise I can only guess and guessing doesn’t lead to a problem solution.

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Hi, I’m also having problems resizing the images and I have installed: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

And applied it on my images and still, the site looks very messy. What else can we do?


Dashboard, Settings > Media, enter thumbnail, media and large size image width/height as suggested in theme Manuals then save settings. Once done, go back to Regenerate Thumbnails and let it do the job.

nchahine Purchased

Hi, I have done that already and still it won’t work.


If the plugin doesn’t work and you have problems with images upload, crop, resize, there might be a chance GD Library is not enabled on your server (and, of course, you should talk to your hoster).
Next, does your server meet WordPress requirements?
See here: http://wordpress.org/about/requirements/
...and compare. Other than that I can’t say more without having an access to WP Admin or at least check your website in Browser. URL would be appreciated in that case.

I just bought the theme and from now on, it looks nice.

But, I have a problem with the JQuery slider. I’m unable to put more than one feature post in it. Well, I can, but only one will show up. The others who are featured are disappearing from homepage, just like they should do if they’re set as featured, but they won’t show in the slider.

I also have some problem with Youtube videos. Everything works fine when I’m in a post, but videos won’t show up on homepage. They will only show up if I set the Trim Post Content to “0”.

If I could fix these 2 problems, it would be great! By the way, I can’t give you a URL since I’m working locally.

Thank you!


Just wanted to suggest you to create a temp Admin account for me… Anyway, zip up “header.php” and “functions.php” that can be found in “sofa_rooster” folder and send to my private email address. I’ll modify code a little bit and send files back for revision. I guess that’s the only method since your project is offline.
By me, it’s good idea to set it up online too, it makes things easier.


‘Aight I’il send them to you. What is your private email? Can’t find it.

I’m working offline ‘cause I don’t wanna test the theme on my website who receives quite some traffic theses days.

Thx for the help!


Click on my avatar in order to get my profile page. There’s a mini contact form in sidebar, use it to send private message.

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On my blog the footer of your theme make a funny move…


There are some javascript errors and warnings so I guess there must be something wrong : http://goo.gl/qL5LH
Did you try to remove/disable that footer chat/contact plugin and see whether the problem persist? Feel free to create a temp Admin account for me (send to my private email) if you suspect there are theme related tech issues.

lfaoro Purchased

Yes I disabled the LiveChat plugin entirely, error persists.

There is also another issue in your theme, the SOFA twitter widget has HTTP connection to Twitter and it breaks my EV SSL cert.

I’ve created the admin profile for you, sending email with details now.

Is the following something that might help?
lfaoro Purchased

I solved all the issues, changed from http to https in the widget code.

Is there a way to control the logo behavior from the theme administration? If I don’t want to use a logo but would like to use some text in the header, what can I do?


This is an older theme and logo needs to be replaced manually. You will have to overwrite default one that can be found in “sofa_rooster/images” folder. Default logo file is named “logo_top.png”.
If you insist on using textual representation of website identity – please drop me a private message allowing an access to WP Admin. In that case I will have to modify header template file code which, by the way, can be done from theme Editor.

I have bought, downloaded and installed the Theme and there seems to be a problem with the footer and the elements on the right side.

There are not in place on the main page. On the article pages the setting is ok! I have tried different up-to-date-browsers. Themeforest support says there not responsible…

I need help. Greets from Berlin Philipp


I did reply to your email earlier today, please try to keep one communication channel alive only.

Hi there,

I´ve installed your theme and used the translate in the Help file, and it work fine, but in the pagination I cant change the language ” LAST …etc.”. Can you help me find the code??


I think it should be “wp_pagenavi.php”. If you suspect on some tech issues – drop me a private note and ensure Admin credentials. Thanks!

Hi, things were working fine up until today when I turned off a plugin (nextgen gallery), and then back on: now the slideshow on the homepage goes into conflict with half of the plugins I installed – and it was all working fine before… help please. Thanks.


Does it work when NextGen is deactivated? If true then I guess you updated that plugin which screwed things up. Otherwise, drop me a private message, include Admin credentials and I’ll take a look.

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Sorry, that last post was mine, just posted with the wrong account. In any case, the slider stops functioning when I activate any plugin that uses javascript, even google analytics. Help… Thanks.


Yeap I figured that, never mind :)

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I just installed the theme. Seems like the footer moves. Any chance of correcting this?


It seems like some of your sidebar widgets is missing the title. If you omit widget title it may lead to footer offset.

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Hi, im trying to figure out why the footer is moved to the left (other comments didn’t help) after looking at the generated source code, it seems that the footer is outside the “wrap” div, which causes it not to align properly. Also there seems to be a stray div after the footer div. You can review it here: http://scdwire.com/edmond. Appreciate your time.


Not sure what is going on at your side but HTML validator doesn’t seem to report any unclosed DIV problem… maybe I’m missing something.

mpthelen Purchased

Found the glitch, there is a closing div tag () at line 1 of the footer.php file. You just need to remove it.


Just as I wrote, HTML validator doesn’t seem to report any unclosed DIV issue so taking that closing DIV out is at your own risk.