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Hi feeleep, Having trouble with the cart, it automatically adds 1 item to cart before selecting anything. when you select an item it adds that to the cart but neither of them can be removed from the cart, how can I fix this?

URL of your website would probably help me to seek for any eventual javascript error(s). I believe it has something to do with javascript because e-commerce relies on it. For a case you want to keep your website url confidential please use my PM.

Hey mate, Awesome Support! Thanks for your help worked a treat.

Glad to read it worked!

Is there anyway on this theme to “search by size?” I have sneakers and alot of customers want to see just whats in their size

Where exactly these “too many requests” are coming from? You own website or else? I don’t think I understood correctly. Site sharing does not occur at your server, as far as I know it pings FB or Twitter or any other “social” website server/API. Each ping receives an answer so the number of shares is updated in real time.

okay thank you, last question would be…my home page is titled http://igetsolehigh.com/welcome-with-sidebar-products-in-grid/ is there anyway to change that to /home or anything not as long

Yes, if you want to mask the URL “tail”, you can select that very page to be your home page in Dashboard,
Settings > Reading >> Front page displays [x] A static page
...then from “Front page” drop down menu select your “welcome-with-sidebar-products-in-grid” page by title.
Save Changes at the end!

Hi, FeeLeep

Have had the site for quite some time, and in general it still holds up nicely. Noticed this strange behavior, thought you might be able to help.

Some items, (socks), only have 1 size available left and so is the only remaining option. In some cases the remaining size is not selected by default (you’d still have to click on that 1 size to get the lil blue icon to become active. If you don’t it adds the item to the cart, but with no quantity.

For example Here is 2 items, each has 1 size left, the first, has the remaining size ‘highlighted’ by default, the second, not so much: http://www.killersocks.com/product/sockguy-pirate-socks/ http://www.killersocks.com/product/life-is-good-merino-wool-crew-cricket/

Any help would be appreciated.

That’s very weird. It looks like (the second example) there’s more than one item which grabs the focus – even though there’s none. No javascript error(s) in debugger/console and the HTML code looks fine. What if you re-save that very product as a draft (don’t delete, it might have an impact on Orders Overview)? And then post as new product (avoid namesake products!). Will you be able to do that?
I guess I don’t have a reasonable explanation for the problem, my apologies for any inconvenience!

Hi Feeleep can I use the WP ecommerce plug in with this theme?

I’m afraid that wouldn’t be good idea because this theme already has e-commerce built in. No matter what WP ecommerce is a plugin, can be used with any theme and so is SuppaStore. However, you will not be able to take behalf of an existing layout of product pages because the plugin provides its own!

Hi Feeleep I’ve been using your theme for a few years now and its great, however about a month ago we stopped receiving email orders, they’re still be placed by customers and the customers are receiving emails we’re just not getting them at our end. Any ideas? Cheers

Will you be able to check your email account via webmail client? I guess that in so called “Junk mail” ( or “Trash” ) folder should be all of emails that didn’t find the way to your local mailbox. They might be stuck because the spam filter misjudged them or so.
The point is that they can’t disappear from the net. They do exist, you just need to find them. It’s also a good idea to contact your hoster and ask them for help, I believe they have a better tools to trace “lost emails”.


First: I have just bought your theme. And canĀ“t fine any guidelines how to set up anything. Usually the theme comes with a “dummy” manual where to do what within the wordpress, but I cant seem to find it. It would help a lot since I don’t even get the nivoslider to work. I have upploaded 3 images with the right pixel size and so on, but it dosnt work.

Second: I found a screenshot of a meny/button called “SofaSuppaStore option” within the appearance meny, but I havent got that in my wordpress. I installed the theme correctly encording to wordpress and got “product button” and “Nivo slider button” but no “SofaSuppaStore option” in the appearance meny. What do I do? http://www.minx.tokyo/01.png

Best Regards!

What version of WordPress did you install the theme with? You can send login credentials via PM and I can try to install. I have no other option to suggest so let’s see what’s going on.

I have WordPress 4.1. I will send you login details. I have also imported the dummy .xml to figure out why I cant and new “catalogs” to any meny. But lets try and reinstall the whole thing to get started. Best Regards

I’ve replied to your email … you’ll have to provide URL of your website too :)

Hi, is possible depending on the login show or not the price?


It would be possible by changing some code?

Uhmm, I’m not sure at this point, it probably would. If you go for this theme please be sure to check “WP compatibility”. SuppaStore has been proven to work properly on WP up to the version 3.5.

Many thanks for quick answer.

Hi there,

Great theme, all working fine apart from not being able to get coupon codes to work.

I’ve copied your sample discount code LBN556I987Op*25.00 in the “options” page (so I preume it should work) but when I try and checkout from a product page I get a message saying “not valid”.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks :)


I have no other option but to ask for a temp access to WP Admin. It looks right at my end and I have no idea what might be wrong. If you agree you can send login credentials to my PM and please include a brief description of a problem (the above message would be perfect). On a side note I’ll have to ask you for a bit of patience, there’s more than 5 other user requests in queue and it might take up to 2 days to process your request. Thanks for understanding!

Hey Feeleep does the theme works well in RTL ?

No, it does not. I also want to pay your attention to the Software version of this theme, it has been tested with WP version up to 3.7!


Gaas75 Purchased

Good day! How to put images on email notification. Images on this message receive by buyer and admin

Image Just to let you know that your Order has been received. Here are the details:

And… Image Just to let you know that new Order has been placed. Here are the details: Thank you

I’m afraid there no such option with this theme. Someone might have an email client blocking images or is willing to receive non-html composed messages….

Hi Feeleep How to change number product in catalog categories ? Defaul theme is 10 products http://green9.vn/catalog/may-loc-nuoc-ro/ i want to change up to 12 products Thanks

I guess it should be available thru
Settings > Reading :: Blog pages show at most NN posts
Hopefully I’m not missing the point of your question!

Oh yeah. Thank you so much. ^^

I would like to ask for help kenpa in this store suppa sofa template, invoices people when buying not get into my gmail and gmail buyer does not appear. whether there is something wrong with the settings? please help me

If well understood, no emails regarding purchases (email orders) get thru, correct? And thus you don’t find it in your inbox…
Did you try to install some of SMTP plugins that lets you connect WP with a mail server to handle outgoing messages. One of such plugins is Easy WP SMTP.
Give it a shot and see whether it helps.

Hi Feeleep. How to change to responsive with this theme? please help me. P/s: i used Jetpack plugin but it not fix :(

i tried it but mobile theme is not view /product/abc or /catalog/abc :(

it only view by post and page .

Not sure what to do mate in that case. Theme’s content width is 960px which should fit nicely to the majority of “mobile” devices. I know it’s not the same as a real responsive layout but it’s quite close. Sorry if you found yourself disappointed!

Hi Feleep,

Great product. Are there any credit card processing plugins that work with this theme?

Thanks for your help!

Thanks! No, as far as I know there’s no such thing. However, that’s why there’s PayPal. It’ll process/verify many different credit cards and buyers don’t even need to have a PayPal account.

Great, thank you

Hi Feleep – Is it possible to have more than one login page? For example, I could have one login page for “students” and one for “faculty” and then have different content for each?


As far as I know there’s only one login page by default in WordPress. However, Custom Login plugin should let you override defaults and create as many login pages as needed – according to its specs.

Is this being updated for any XSS vulnerabilities ?

add_query_arg() and remove_query_arg() are not used by this theme. Epicwin plugin does use it but the development of the plugin itself stopped 2 years ago (and I doubt there will be any update).