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Nice is it possible to sell digital items? mp3s, ebooks….


No, this webshop theme was made for selling tangible (non digital) goods but very soon I’ll release the one that handles digital goods.

Freaking beautiful..



Nice I will be buying this for my next eshop


OK, your theme copy is waiting on you :)

Great! Glad to see that finally your theme is on sale! :-) good luck!


Thanks! Gotta say it was tough but it opened my eyes :)


Is it easy to make the theme black or darker colours


Uhmm, that’s kinda hard to say. If you are skilled with CSS – there shouldn’t be a problem but in general this theme doesn’t come with some “visual editor”. Tho, it does have a support for Background.

Hi, I gone buy one now… Just let me know, do I need to build a database for this or it’s included? Also, is all options done so it’s just to start place products?



An extra database table is required for this theme to store each purchase details but theme Options include One Click Installer. So basically all you have to do is to click on button and the table will be installed.

Does the one click install, install all demo items? so it looks like you demo? If it does not can you supply a sql dump file?


Dummy file (XML) that can be imported to your WP installation is included in theme package. Instructions can also be found in theme manuals.

Cant wait for the “digi” Version :) I’ll Grab That Straight Away!!!

I am considering your theme but noticed that when using the “order by mail” option, the STATE field is missing. How do I know what state the order is to be mailed? Did you miss that? – Fred


It can be added, no problem with that. For example Address 2 input field could become a drop-down of all US states.


Thanks, also is it easy to edit the “Size” title? (and maybe some other titles) as I am looking to use this theme for real estate service and need it to say “Service Type”. I imaging I need to edit a .php file somewhere?


Basically, this theme does include localization file but hence the fact you’ll most probably use many of theme’s default phrases, it’s better idea to simply find-replace.
Not sure which text or code editor you use but Dreamweaver has an option to search for a phrase in certain folder, including all files in search. So I guess you’ll need a feature like that otherwise you gonna have to open template files one by one and perform a common find-replace.

On the sizes, where can a person select the size of the item they want?

I clicked buy and it just dropped it into the cart.

Thanks Sean


Sizes are listed one below another. Click on the table row, check mark/icon will change the color to blue which represents currently selected product size.

I cant get any thing i the cart.


I guess your Browser is blocking cookies.

Hi again, I like this template and gone buy it… Just let me know a few things,

Is all options done so it’s just to start place products? What I mean is that, is there any page on the admin site done where I can place all products? set price and shipping and so on!


Yes, there is. You can create your own categories and publish products to it. Theme manuals will teach you how – if you are not WordPress skilled. On a side note, theme package does include dummy file for import so basically you can import all of SuppaStore demo site content and see how products and pages were added.

I created a product and when click preview or by clicking on the product from home page I get a blank page that reads “Unfortunately, requested page can not be found. It either doesn’t exist or is temporary unavailable.” with a big X on the page?


Did you set permalinks to / catgory / postname / custom structure? For a case you have imported dummy data and permalinks are already set – BE SURE TO CLICK ON “Save Changes” button either way because even tho already set – permalinks are not SAVED .
For a case the problem persist – drop me a private email with a temp access to your Admin. I’ll have a look and be able to say more.

Hi Feeleep !

First of all, thanks for this great theme ! It’s very hard to find e-commerce themes under WP and this one is a nice job. Sometimes I regret that premium themes under WP do not offer such quality jobs both in terms of design and features.

I’m going to purchase it. Anyway, I have 4 questions and 1 suggestion :


1. Is the theme fully feeded with customer orders / accounts management so that they can save their cart / log again without giving twice the same information ?

2. Is it a theme to be purchased and set up at a hoster of mine or will I have to pay monthly fees like I would do with Shopify for instance ?

3. What about the copyright footer : would something like “powered by (my company name)” be ok for you ?

4. Can I add any tool bought from any WP market place on this theme ?


1. In my own experience, I lack of so much great jobs I sometimes must refuse jobs (I’m not a pure developer but only a premium theme integrator). This is why I wished I could find full themes under WP or JOOMLA for :

- contests online with subscribers management - book shops (currently unavailable under JOOMLA / WP or too weak in terms of design / features) - polls / market surveys online - real property ads (currently too poor in terms of design and search features) - bundle products like DELL (I saw it under tienda but I don’t like the renting model) - ebooks store (i.e. automatic delivery vs payment) - and above all a very nicely designed directory with only one or two search blanks instead of ugly folders

That’s all. Thanks again. By the way, I guess you could increase your price for this theme without loosing customers. As for me, I’d be ready to purchase it around $ 100-150 without thinking…

See you soon,



First of all: thanks!
1) It would be possible if registration is a must before purchase. However, I think not all the people are willing to register and share private info. Moreover, some of them would rather give up and find another web shop. The fact is an order summary is sent to their email address so there shouldn’t be any doubts. For a case your ground mail service allows you to track the package, people should be able to keep the track by using order number. It’s up to you whether you gonna provide that info to your buyer or not.
2) All you need is a hosting package with PHP environment (Linux, Unix), no monthly fees or whatsoever re theme itself.
3) Sure! Once you got your theme copy, feel free to edit your copyright from theme Options.
4) I guess you talk about plugins or Widgets so the answer is Yes. I see no reasons of why it wouldn’t be possible.

As for the other half of your message, I’m planning to release digital goods shop as well so hopefully you’ll be able to benefit from this theme as well.

hi,good work, i thinking to buy this but i see that only acept paypal and email. I need to put a tpv (credit card payment),can i change this ?. I want to biuld a simple shop with digital products and i see that not support that,how time do you create this? sorry for my english…....:D


PayPal can process any major credit card, no need for an account if you want to buy something. As far as I know PayPal is supported in Spain. Digital products shop will soon to be out (I’m quite limited with the time) so hopefully you gonna love it too.


Is it possibe to translate your theme ? How can I adpat it to sell in an other language ? Do you have .pot files ?

Thanks in advance,


Yes, this theme is “equipped” with the localization file (.po) and can be localized to whichever language you like.

nanyloo Purchased

Thanks for your quick answer,

I created my .mo file in my own language. I put the file in “theme localization” just near the original .po file.

Where can i change the language config tu use my own file ?

Thanks in advance, have a nice day :-)


It has been mentioned in theme manuals; you have to “generate” .mo file from your localized .po and paste it to theme’s root folder. Be sure .mo file is named according to WP’s naming conventions…for example a french language file should be named “fr_FR.mo”. See more here: http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_in_Your_Language

Ok i sent an email with log-in info, I do not show a Product menu did you use WP e-commerce plugin for this theme?

If so would it hurt to re install it? I did not see it in the list of plugins?


I’ve replied to your message along with the screenshot. It looks like there’s no “wp-config.php” file created yet so I’ll wait until you fully setup your WordPress.


Yeah there was a wp-config but I just delete the wp and was going to do another clean install to see if that fixed it. Ill keep you posted


OK, take your time!

Nice work Feeleep!

I’ve got a digital goods WP theme in the works, just finalizing design & awaiting approval.

Great theme you’ve built here.



Me too :)

Wow, that’s what I was talking about! The focus and distinction of elements is awesome now, thumbs up man! :)


Thanks mate! I guess all of the pre-release troubles were necessary to wake me up.

yes, but paypal has some very expensive commissions and I have my bank contracted with a payment gateway, with fees much cheaper, the question is: Gateway implement the option in the future?


I guess you are talking about some local credit card processor (your bank?) so I’m not sure about implementation. It probably uses its own API and to be honest with you I’m literally out of time for studying it. No matter what, I believe you’ll be able to find a freelancer (local one) capable of implement that credit card processor. I apologize for any inconvenience!