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How do you add Google analytics? Thanks


Didn’t I answer to your email half an hour ago? You asked about how to track sales by using Google analytics….

Halo Feeleep,

thanks for replied all of my message.

I want to ask about list product. As you can see here : http://www.awesomebabyclothing.com/catalog/all-baby-boy/

Can i show 12 items in each page ?... not only 10 items each page..


Sure you do! From Dashboard select:
Settings > Reading : Blog pages show at most NN posts

...where NN should be 12 in your case. Save Changes and work done :)

Hi Feeleep,

I’m having an issue with the cart on my site. When I attempt to add a product it goes to a blank page. No idea why this is happening. You can see here: http://traxedo.ie/index.php/product/traxedo-original/

Try add a product and you will see what I mean.

It seems to be going to cart_handler.php.

Any help you could give me would be much appreciated!




Yeah, it seems like getting stuck on “cart_handler.php” for some reason (where redirect should happen). I’ve made a screen grab of NET activity (server response) and everything seems to be fine, http://goo.gl/xLCKq.

My advice is to create a temp Admin account for me and send login credentials to my private email address. Please include brief description of a problem. I’ll take a look and try to figure out what’s causing these hangouts.

Is there a way to combine shipping cost on multiple items? I only see shipping cost per each item or one flat rate. Are there any other options?




No, you can’t combine 2 or more shipping costs, you could add global shipping cost beside those set per item or calc shipping price into product price.

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hello feeleep,

Why I can’t open the page, there has a 404 error which reads “The requested URL /welcome-with-sidebar/ was not found on this server”. I am using a virtual server at my computer. When I first time load suppastore, it runs well. But since I changed the homepage layout, the error ocurred. Pls give advice, thanks.

—Further report, when I change back to “default index page”, the site has no problem. When I change to other 4 template layouts, the 404 error occured.

I’m a rookie on making website, it might a silly question, how do I make homepage? Do I need to code the page content because I don’t know coding. If so I guess I need to find someone to help me on homepage coding. Other pages are fine, no need coding, I can do it by myself.

Thanks for your advice.




404 error might be a result of improper permalink structure. Be sure that you use Custom Structure as recommended in theme Manuals (check out in Dashboard, Settings > Permalinks).
As an alternative, you could try the following…
a) get back to theme Options and set default index page to represent your home page layout. SAVE OPTIONS !
b) from Dashboard select
Settings > Reading : A static page (select below)
...and then from “Frontpage” drop-down menu pick one of pages that you would select as if on theme Options page.

On a side note, no coding is required to make your home page working. There’s a couple of ready-made templates and the only thing you should do is to select one that fits best to your needs.

Compliments on a truly fab. templ. I have some Pre-Sales qtns if you don’t mind.

1. Can i change Theme & Cart currency to local currency (Kenya Shillings) ?

2. The Product Images are rather small. Possible to make them bigger ? There’s alot of blank space below.

3. Banners like New Model, Heavily reduced,etc,...can i create my own or is it customisable ?

4. I want to use Shopping Cart for email orders ONLY – possible ?

5. Are “Related Items” belonging to same Prd Type. Can i use Tags or shortcodes to customise ? Is there max limit for showing Related items ? I can see a scroller, so i guess there’s no limit ( as long as its related).

6. Can i hide “Shop By Brands” from the screen or move to left ?

7. Possible to show Sale Price b’4 & after reduction ?

8. Can i hide Size & stock, since i may want to customise it for PC Store. ?

9. Does’nt the Homepage slider change automitically ?



No, I don’t mind at all….

1. you can find a mini-guide on how to add more currencies in theme’s FAQs: http://goo.gl/k674M

2. product image width is defined by layout (height is not locked tho), if you want to make to wider – count on css modifications

3. you have several default types whose background color is pre-defined. Text inside of banner can be changed in product add/edit screen. For a case you don’t like default colors – change it within css.

4. Yes. It has been mentioned more than once here in Comments section how to remove PayPal button.

5. Related products depend on tags. If one or more matching tags are found across multiple products all of them will be shown so no limit in their number. You could bind different products by assigning unique tags which is good for product variations.

6. This is nothing but a custom made Menu show in Widget. You can remove it if you like or compose your own. Sidebars are always show on right hand side!

7. No. But you could use Labels (you call it banners) for that purpose. I know it’s kinda tricky but definitely better than nothing.

8. You can’t hide Size but Stock Inventory is optional (can be disabled from theme options page).

9. It’s your choice. Theme Options allow you to customize slider and let it run in either manual or auto-slide mode.

My friendly advice:
Consider buying Lathika JigoShop theme instead. It’s far more advanced and powerful than SuppaStore!

Hello again – I suppose that the list of “shipping countries” is also customisable ? Can easily add another country like Kenya ?



You can edit shipping list to whatever fit your needs from theme Options page.

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I have received an email from PayPal saying that IPN is failing. This theme was installed nearly a year ago now and I see that you have released some updates. Will these updates solve my issues and how can I apply these updates.



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Hi – Did you get the info.




When did you send it? If 24 hours elapsed already then the most probably I did not … I usually respond within 24 hours. Please try again and don’t forget to include an issue brief description. Thanks!

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Hi Mate

resent the info to info(at)sofarider(dot)com




Need your help! Few questions here…

1) If we select HomePage layout to Normal Width sidebars, featured products in scroll. How do we make a product featured as the scroller currently shows recently added in featured.

2) How can we add more/multiple scrolls below featured scroller. For example a new scroller for featured shoes catalog only. Another scroller on home page for Jackets only below the shoes.And so on… How would each scroll show featured products of its own specific catalog on home page,rather than just once scroller show featured products of all catalogs.

Your theme is completly owsum..Thanks!:)


I wasn’t able to find your Themeforest name on the list of buyers. If you purchased theme by using another account please re-login and post the question once again. Otherwise I will not be able to help you with.
Take my honest apologies for any inconvenience!

Hi Feelep

Some qtns on implementation:

1. Do you have Forum Site to ask qtns ?

2. My Menu does’work – despite creating Cats & Prds correctly. I also think i setup the menu correctly but the Prds are not loading on the Page. Err – Nothing found ?!

3.What is the best approach on getting the theme up & running ? – Is it installing the sample data, then customising ?

4. The Sample data installation is collapsing at 59%. Been trying the whole day. Can i upload from FTP ? If so, which dir ?

5. Code in function.php for Currency setup is completely different from FAQ

FAQ > $curr_cod = array( ”$”, “£”, ”$”, ”$”, “K?”, “kr”, “€”, ”$”, “Ft”, ”?”, “¥”, ”$”, “kr”, ”$”, “zl”, ”$”, “kr”, “Fr” );

Script> $curr_cod = array( “ANDsign#36;”, “ANDsignpound;”, “ANDsign#36;”, “ANDsign#36;”, “K?”, “kr”, “ANDsigneuro;”, “ANDsign#36;”, “Ft”, “ANDsign#8362;”, “ANDsign#165;”, “ANDsign#36;”, “kr”, “ANDsign#36;”, “zl”, “ANDsign#36;”, “kr”, “Fr” );

6. Do you mind giving more detailed User Documentation ? Eg there’s nothing on slider set up ? Unfortunately, the User Doc is not elaborate for 1st Time users.



1. All of your questions and doubts should be addressed here

2. Be sure that your main menu is named “Main Menu” and selected in “Theme Locations” panel on left. It’s the only menu that requires explicit declaration while all others you create don’t.
On a side note, permalinks must be set to Custom Structure!
Both has been pointed out in theme Manuals!

3. It’s up to you; if you think that you can start from scratch – fine, but if you think that dummy data import is helpful when making first steps – it’s even better.

4. Maybe there’s a problem with timeout limit or buffer on your server. If it always gets knocked off at 59% then I guess it has something to do with it. Don’t hold my word, I have never seen error message and thus can’t speak for sure.

5. I don’t know which editor you use to edit functions.php but it’s obvious that it screws up encoding. Code in FAQs is identical to the one in functions.php – with the difference that encoded HTML chars get decoded when displayed in Browser, there’s no way to avoid that!

6. I do not have other documentation. If you have any additional questions related to theme functionality – post it here. For a case you have any doubts re WordPress, http://codex.wordpress.org is the site which should be visited first.

Hello Feeleep,

im editing my friend site, with your Sofa SuppaStore theme.

In my work with translating the theme on serbian language, I certainly made a mistake.

When i pick size in product view, on checkout screen shows the smallest size, regardless of what I previously selected by.

When I want to edit that item in checkout, it show me correct size, but when I want to remove that item, it again show me the smallest size.

Where I made a mistake?


I guess I should load your site in Browser and seek for any js error (debug) simply because the problem you described sounds like it has something to do with js. The most frequent mistake belongs to the usage of double quotes; if used anywhere in translation file it should be escaped by backward slash. For example:
This is my “quoted” phrase. [ WRONG , quotes not escaped ]
This is my \”quoted\” phrase. [ CORRECT , quotes escaped ]

Hopefully it does make sense.

Hello again

Ok – so you have Support Site. Got my self registered, but my qtns/bugs are not being recorded ?

Further to my Qtn#5 above. I’m unable to login to my site after modifying function.php for adding Currency type.

I want to add “Kes” (Kenya Shilling)

$currency = array( "KES", "USD", "GBP", "AUD", "CAD", "CZK", "DKK", "EUR", "HKD", "HUF", "ILS", "JPY", "MXN", "NOK", "NZD", "PLN", "SGD", "SEK", "CHF" );

$curr_cod = array( “KES”, ”$”, “£”, ”$”, ”$”, “K?”, “kr”, “€”, ”$”, “Ft”, “?”, “¥”, ”$”, “kr”, ”$”, “zl”, ”$”, “kr”, “Fr” );

$curr_sym = array( “Kes”, ”$”, “£”, ”$”, ”$”, “K?”, “kr”, “€”, ”$”, “Ft”, “?”, “¥”, ”$”, “kr”, ”$”, “zl”, ”$”, “kr”, “Fr” );

Err: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/u676556211/public_html/wp-content/themes/sofa_suppastore/functions.php on line 1378

Can you see anything wrong with the code ?


Line #1378 reads the following:

} else {
...which means either closing “}” or opening “{” curly bracket is missing at that line.
And yes, the most probably you’ll have to upload functions.php via FTP because WP doesn’t allow edit of badly broken files.

Thanks. 2 qtns.

1. Perhaps you did’nt understand my qtn on Adding Currency. I want to add “Kes” (Kenya Shilling). Do you see anything wrong with code below ?

$currency = array( “KES”, “USD”, “GBP”, “AUD”, “CAD”, “CZK”, “DKK”, “EUR”, “HKD”, “HUF”, “ILS”, “JPY”, “MXN”, “NOK”, “NZD”, “PLN”, “SGD”, “SEK”, “CHF” );

$curr_cod = array( “KES”, ”$”, “£”, ”$”, ”$”, “K?”, “kr”, “€”, ”$”, “Ft”, “?”, “¥”, ”$”, “kr”, ”$”, “zl”, ”$”, “kr”, “Fr” );

$curr_sym = array( “Kes”, ”$”, “£”, ”$”, ”$”, “K?”, “kr”, “€”, ”$”, “Ft”, “?”, “¥”, ”$”, “kr”, ”$”, “zl”, ”$”, “kr”, “Fr” );

I edited the from from cPanel “On-line File Manager”. It’s not being accepted !!

2. Unable to record qtns/bugs on Forum Support. Says “processing request”...indiefinitely ?!



1. I did understand your question and have replied according to error message. You should download and install some code editor (NetBeans perhaps, netbeans.org) instead and transfer modified files via FTP .
And I don’t see anything wrong with the code below except those strange looking quotes.

2. I don’t understand this one, sorry. Could you be more specific?

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For some reason, I am really struggling to get the images that I have selected for the slider to link to my specified URL . In the image properties section, you have the following:

“Link this image to the following URL ”

This is the section I place a link, but when I publish and look at the site live, nothing links. Can I get some help? Thanks!

Try the following…
1. open “header.php” for edit and go to line #395. It should read:

$att_args = array( 'post_type' => 'attachment', 'numberposts' => 1, 'post_status' => 'publish', 'post_parent' => $post->ID );
2. replace that line with the following:

$att_args = array( 'post_type' => 'attachment', 'numberposts' => 1, 'post_status' => null, 'post_parent' => $post->ID );
3. save “header.php” and re-upload to server (FTP) if edited on local machine

For a case it doesn’t work, create a temp Admin account for me and send login credentials to my private email address. I’ll take a look and fix all up if needed.

tshipp Purchased

Thank you very much. That solved the problem immediately.


Great, I’m glad to read it!

Hi Feelep – the site is slowly but surely taking shape. I love every bit of it. Once again, gr8t job. I have some issues. I’ve grouped qtns under headings, so as to not confuse you.

General Errors

1. Slideshow images not showing on the slder despite uploading them ?

2. Unable to enlarge Prd image – Nothing found! I did put images in the “Post” as well as “Featured” PS: Menu is working perfectly, it’s loading the Prd Images under relevant menu items.

3. I changed the code in style.css to change Slider b/g color of slider, but not seeing the change on site. Also cleared browser cache & cookies.

#sliderouterwrap { width: 100%; overflow: hidden; background: url(images/fabric.png) repeat scroll left top #CCCCCC; }

Do you spot any error ?

Shopping Cart Errors

1. Unable to ADD (Buy Now) any items to Shopping Cart > Nothing found! When I click on Order By eMail icon (under Checkout), getting error: Warning: require_once(TEMPLATEPATH/administration/sidebars_footers.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/u676556211/public_html/wp-content/themes/sofa_suppastore/functions.php on line 1623 Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'TEMPLATEPATH/administration/sidebars_footers.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/u676556211/public_html/wp-content/themes/sofa_suppastore/functions.php on line 1623

“How To ?” qtns

1. Qtn on “Thumbnail Label Type”. Can I create my own (incl. colors & text), if so, where from ?

2. Qtn on “Image Thumbnail” size is default for both Prd images AND Rel Items. How can I change the thumbnail size for “Rel Items” ONLY ?

3. How do I create “Side bar Brands Widget” Menu like Demo Version ? Which widget do I customize ?

4. Which file do I need to modify eMail Order info ? Is it “gateways/mail_order_handler.php” or “mail_order.php”

Basically, I will NOT be using PayPal (which I have successfully removed), but ONLY be using Mail Order on the site. The eMail Order should contain info on a local Mobile money transfer service called MPESA . So, will want to store MPESA A /C name & A/C #

Secondly, If I do have to change "gateways/mail_order_handler.php”, do I need to replace ALL instances of “sofa_suppastore” to “mycompanyname”, or some places only ?

PS: Successfully included KES as a local Currency in the theme.

5. I want create a Page with Info & image. Under examples given on “Images & Alignments”, I want to use “Small size image with caption aligned right” style. Do I need to use Theme Shortcodes ? If so, which code. If not, how ?How do I upload the image so that it is placed “next” the text ?

7. How can I change color of “Your Basket B/G logo” color from Blue to another color ?


General Errors

1. Each slide may have any number of images uploaded to its Gallery but only one can be featured. Otherwise, only one image can be shown per slide. If you didn’t make any of images featured – it won’t work. If you are trying to insert images from Media Library instead of slide’s Gallery – it won’t work either way.

2. Have a look at the following screen shot: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0fficwcdd
Images inserted from Media Library are missing product’s ID and can’t be considered as its children.

3. It should be:

#sliderouterwrap { background-color: #HEXCOLOR; overflow: hidden; width: 100%; }
...where #HEXCOLOR represents the color of your choice.

Shopping Cart Errors

“functions.php”, line #1623 reads:

require_once( TEMPLATEPATH . '/administration/sidebars_footers.php' );
So if server responded with “No such file or directory in /home/u676556211/public_html/wp-content/themes/sofa_suppastore/functions.php on line 1623” then you have to trust it because “sidebars_footers.php” file is not found in given location and can’t be included.
Login to your server via FTP and be sure that the file is there. If it is and still can’t be found by server then it’s time to contact your hoster, it has nothing to do with theme or WordPress. TEMPLATEPATH is WP constant and if undefined none of the files that are supposed to be included will be “missing”.

How To? qtns

1. Too complicated to explain. You can’t just add new set of styles, new label has to be included as an option to Product’s meta-box.

2. Image size is defined in Media Settings, see Dashboard
Settings > Media

3. compose new menu from Appearance > Menus then go back to Widgets (Appearance > Widgets), drag “SOFA Widget Menu” to destination sidebar and pick your newly created menu from the drop-down list.

4. I don’t know how “MPESA” works like nor what it is. Email order should work as is without changing “sofa_suppastore” (locale ID string) to anything else. Don’t change it!
If you need to edit message sent to users upon the purchase, go edit “gateways/mail_order_handler.php”, lines #201 thru #205. How exactly? Place cursor at the end of line #204, hit Enter on keyboard to make new line and append required text. For example:

#201 $message = __( "Just to let you know that your Order has been received. Here are the details:", "sofa_suppastore" );
#202 $message .= '<br /><br />';
#203 $message .= $output_userdata;
#204 $message .= '<br /><br />';
#205 $message .= 'This is my new line in message. I don\'t know what shall be written here.';
#206 $message .= '<br /><br />';
#207 $message .= __( "Thank you very much!", "sofa_suppastore" ) . '<br />' . home_url();

5. Many of your questions relate to general knowledge of WordPress. I can’t explain how image is supposed to be inserted to page or post and how to align it, sorry.

7. open “style.css”, line #161 and change “background-color” property to whatever fit your needs.

#minibasket { background-color: #CHANGEME; border-radius: 8px 8px 8px 8px; padding: 0 15px; right: 15px; top: 35px; width: auto; }

Hello Feeleep,

on catalog page, it show me only 16 product’s, even I have more than 20. There is no pagination. How to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.


Sorry, I can’t find you Themeforest name on the list of theme buyers. Please login with different account if required, I can’t provide any assistance without theme purchase evidence. My apologies!

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Hello, just wondering if it is possible to add slashes into sizes, my products require it(hardware); is there a place to maybe add escaping slashes or double quotes within the coding that I can fix this ? Is this possible at all without complete overhaul ?

SUNPARTS Purchased

I wonder if a chr(47) could work on there somewhere, I also sent you an email. I am also having a little trouble getting the Sofa Categories widget to display my catalog categories ? It only shows blog and uncategorized, thanks Feeleep, you’ve been more than helpful.

SUNPARTS Purchased

Also I want to put a graphic or text up in the header, dragging the arbitrary html from the widget into head left does not work, in fact the only widgets category that works is side index, is there something wrong I am doing ?


OK, I just have replied to your email, please read it. As for mixing up Catalogs and Categories – it won’t work. Categories are used to categorize your blog/news posts while Catalogs are supposed to keep your Products well organized. If you want to create the list of Catalogs and show it up in Widget, 2 things are needed:
1) Go to Appearance > Menus and create new Menu. Name it whatever you like. From Catalogs panel on left select items you want to appear as your menu items. Save Menu.
2) go back to Appearance > Widgets and drag new instance of “SOFA Widget Menu” to the sidebar of your choice. From “Select Widget Menu” drop-down (it’s a Widget option!) pick newly created Menu.

An at last, I’m not really sure what you are trying to do with page header. Essentially, that space below images slider consists of 4 columns that are widget-ready. See Appearance > Widgets and find 4 widget-ready sections (panels on right) whose title starts with “Header”.
If you are about to do something with that “Welcome” text block, its content is controlled from theme Options, see
Appearance > SofaSuppaStore Options >> Home page layout :: An Extra text block title

Hopefully it helps!

will this allow me to sell downloads ?


Not this theme but Sofa DownloadShop or Sofa Lathika JigoShop will do!

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Question on Discount/Coupon Codes

Have this theme installed & it’s great!!! I’d like to add a discount code that allows the shopper to get at 10% (or 15% or 20%) discount if they spend more than $50 on product (shipping not included in the $50). How would I do this?



Currently something like that is not possible because discount is not triggered by sum total, there’s no relation in code between these two. However, it can be coded out to work on the way you mentioned. The problem is: I can’t take more side-work, my schedule is booked already by the end of this year. Hopefully you gonna be able to find developer at http://jobs.freelanceswitch.com

SUNPARTS Purchased

Just a hack(not really) for you people with multiple sizes and prices of a same product, in the first price you can put(for instance) your lowest and highest price separated by a hyphen with no ill effects as far as I can tell.

Price: 3.99-5.99

That way the display shows the range on the main page however the product page and cart still only use the decimal range left of the hyphen.


Yeap, I’ve noticed what you did Sean, hopefully it’ll work without any side effects :) I also did reply to your message half an hour ago.

SUNPARTS Purchased

Just want to board to know how helpful Feeleep is, he has a client for life here and I will be purchasing more of his themes in the future. Not only are his themes top notch, but his customer service is impeccable. And let’s face it the price of a theme is cheap compared to what you are getting, which really is his expertise and great customer service. Most of the questions he answers can be answered via google or the manual, but I never see him lose his cool. You will not REGRET purchasing a theme from this guy.

5 stars.

Thank you for everything.


Thanks for writing all that Sean, I really appreciate it!