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first of all might i say this is a very well made theme. im really enjoying working with it, how ever, i would like to add a couple of modifications to it. here is the site http://m2shirts.com

1- i’m trying to use dual language plugins i.e qtranslate and there are things i cannot dualify such as widget titles. any idea if this will work or so?

2- problem with colorbox is that the featured image of a product doesnt work as intended with colorbox. the extra images do well though. i have checked the first check box on colorbox settings and the third one. any ideas?

3- i would like to modify the order email that gets sent to the client and admin. where do i do that? and if im successful with dual languaging the site, is there a way to send the order email with the correct language?

4- the order form by email that the client has to fill “name address email etc” can it be modified as well? like maybe add a new field or change field title?

5- i’d like to add 2 new product specifications for the client to choose from ie color and oriantation. when i start filling a new product info for publiishing, i’d like to be able to choose what colors my product is available in, and perhaps choose if its male or female or for kids. at the same time, when i want to change the color, i want the featured picture to change to the picture with the correct color, and change the picture according to my gender selection. can that happen?

6- can i maybe add a widget to the header next to where it says “your basket”?

7- i’d liek to add a link that pops up to the client like colorbox does. the link says “what size is best for me?” and it takes the client to a popup pic i’ll make with the illustration for the measurements for all genders. but i want this link to appear right above where it says “quantity” at each and every product i add.

8- how can i add one more custom currency?

9- id like the system to send emails to me and clients about transactions and contact requests from static emails i’ll define that has no relation to users. right now the emails get sent from the admin’s email address and if i change that at the admin’s profile, it will send from the new email. but i want the admins email to stay as is, while other automated emails get sent from other emails i can enter. possible?

i have alot to ask im sure but these are all i could remember for now =s thanks in advanced for the efforts! _


1. I think you should find an answer in plugin’s support forum.

2. That should be fine regarding Colorbox settings. What do you mean by “not intended”? I can see you have one product and it’s true that featured image doesn’t get opened. It happens because image wrapping A tag doesn’t contain required “cboxElement” class.

3. You can do that is you edit “gateways/mail_order_handler.php” file, lines #190 thru #225. As for how to make it multilingual please try to find an answer in qTranslate support forum.

4. Yes, it can be modified. Open and edit “mail_order.php” first and then “gateways/mail_order_handler.php” because all new fields need to be “recorded” and become a part of confirmation message sent to buyer.

5. Product supported attribute is Size. It’s not simple to add more attributes, that would require (re)coding of multiple theme templates. New attributes must be registered by script, must have handlers, you’ll have to pass them all together to PayPal then receive back and write to database. Not a simple task.

6. No, widgets can be added to widget-ready section only. I’m not saying that this is impossible but will definitely need coding.

7. Sorry but I can’t provide tutorial on how to achieve something like that, I should spend a day on typing ans even if I do so you still might be confused as a non-programmer.

8. See theme FAQs

9. Open “gateways/mail_order_handler.php”, line #18. By default it reads:

$to_admin = $owner->user_email;
...change to something like

$to_admin = 'whoever@yoursite.com'; // replace with target recipient
...should do the trick.


Could you briefly tell us what are the latest updates/changes/improvements? June 19, 2012 – IMPORTANT THEME UPDATE Files affected: “index.php” “functions.php” “style.css” “header.php” “gateways/paypal_start.php” “administration/helper_functions.php

Thank you.


These changes either bring code improvement or fix bugs. Not sure whay do you find it important. If you changed anything to default theme files – changes might be lost with update. That’s why is always good idea to work with child theme!


some body make me a website i delete all data in my cpnal i have website this category woman and man clothes, shoes, jewellery,handicraft and 3 more things i have wordpress premium themes but i dont know how i use this and web developer is gone out site country i watting your answer


Sorry but I don’t understand your question (or whatever it is supposed to be). Beside, I’d expect you to buy this theme if asking for assistance.

I’m in Wordpress 3.4.2

Hi, I have some trouble with the nivo slider, it said that there is an error :

Message: ‘undefined’ is null or not an object Line: 20 Char: 355 Code: 0 URI :

2- I select Index page Products grid for the Homepage and in the page it sais that there is no products yet. What can I do to have the products to show ?


It has been explained in theme Manuals … take a look at the sidebar of AddNew/Edit product screen, there’s a panel titled as “Thumbnail Label, Featured Product?”. Tick “Get it listed at Home Page.” checkbox to make it featured.
Beware: “Default index page will make the list of all products (not only featured ones)” – that’s what can be read on theme Options page, Home Page Layout Screen (Available Home Page layouts).

As for the slider, feel free to create a temp Admin account for me and I’ll take a look. Send login credentials to my private email address.

On a side note, if your site is still at – it can’t be loaded for some reason. I’ve tried a couple of times but it always ends up with “The connection has timed out. The server at is taking too long to respond.”
Be sure that everything works right otherwise I won’t be able to take a look.


For the featured products, it working. So can you check for the slider ?


If you sent login credentials be sure I’ll take a look and get back to you with an answer!

i am sure this must been discussed somewhere in this forum, i couldn’t find though. my problem is i need to show more images of a product what should i do? i tried but failed


Please be sure to purchase this theme, I do not provide assistance if your TF username is not found on the list of buyers. Sorry!

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Hey you! I’m “rtling” this theme and i have a question.. Every Thing going smooth! but the only thing is the ”.sidenavig” (the side bar!) it doing problems. I see that the problem is not in the CSS cuz I can move the arrow to the right but when you going over it with the mouse it’s goes to the right.. and i want it to go to the left.. (I mean when you hover the categorys in the menu i wnat5 to arrow push to the left and not to the right.. if you get me.. ) if its JS tell me witch file i need to seek..

i hope you understand my “lame” English.. :-)

If you talk about sidebar menus and its hover effect, you’ll need to edit “header.php”. The chunk of code that controls behavior of sidebar menus can be found between lines #129 and #135

// submenus
var time_on = 100;
var time_off = 150;
jQuery( '.sidenavig li' ).hover( function() {
    jQuery( this ).animate( { marginLeft: '30px' }, time_on );
}, function() {
    jQuery( this ).animate( { marginLeft: '15px' }, time_off );
} );
Not really sure I understood what you are up to but hopefully you gonna be able to manage it your way.
Eidoumov Purchased

Dude you the best!

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Hi feeleep

The twitter feed seems to have stopped working – is there any reason for this




Twitter has moved to a new API . On a side note, this theme has been updated recently and if you update “administration/theme_widgets.php” file as well everything should be working normally.

hello i am trying to install theme but its giving me this message

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.


You don’t install entire download package, unzip the package to a local drive first then find theme installation file inside.

armo88 Purchased

Hi Feeleep

I have updated the file, is there something else i need to do as Twitter feed still not working.




Your site URL please! Not sure what might be wrong without seeing the code. Did you try HL Twitter plugin for WordPress? It’s really nice and simple to use.

provtes Purchased

Hi Feeleep,

Good to contact you again. I have a question about sidebar menu (check my site www.melloicemachine.com).

Because of lot of products to be listed, there would be a long long sidebar menu list (this site hasn’t completed, still lot of products to be added).

My question is: can each item be clustered into one specific category on sidebar menu? For example, I have a category of “Bullet Ice Maker”, under which are 7 items of CM071-—CM077. How can I cluster these seven items into category “Bullet Ice Maker”. I mean when click “Bullet Ice Maker”, these seven items of CM071—-77 can be extended or minimized.

Wish I made myself clear to you.




Well, as you probably know, categories (and catalogs) can go as deep as required. So I guess it’s the matter of how you gonna organize things.

As for how to make side-menu expandable, that’s not possible by default. You gonna have to find jQuery script/plugin and nake it work with your theme copy.

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Hi Feeleep

I have checked the site this morning and the updated widget.php file is now working.

Thanks for your help. AGAIN




No problem, glad to read that everything is fine now!

Dumb question but what does it mean when you listed this layout as fixed?


Fixed means that the content does not adapt to device screen resolution. It might be considered as opposed to “responsive” (fluid).


That makes a bit more sense but what would it matter? (sorry for the plain questions, I am trying to lear more about this stuff) Can you give me an example of the different types.


Holy smoke, there’s plenty of examples all over the internet, all you need to do is to Google for it….anyway, keep your iPhone or iPad next to the desk computer turned on then load THIS page.
For a case you are missing “iP” stuff any better Android driven tablet or mobile phone will do fine.
Hopefully everything will be clear enough.

Now, if you are able to check things with the desktop computer only, simply try to resize Browser window. Of course, any version of IE below 9 won’t demonstrate responsiveness.

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Hi Feelep,

1. I don’t know exactly what happen but my sofa twitter widget is not working now (display nothing). Could u know what the problem is?

2. I wanna add link in my product title at homepage. Could u tell me how?

4. When i activated Wordpress SEO by Yoast, it shows “Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home/XXXXXXX/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-seo/inc/wpseo-functions.php on line 224”. Could u tell me where the problem is?

Thanks Feeleep :)


1. Did you delete/remove existing twitter widget from sidebar(s) and replaced with new one(s)? If you didn’t then an old Widget will still not work.

2. See the chunk of code wrapping product image then wrap product title with the same code by doing copy-paste. For example: IMAGE:

// ... code
echo '<a href="' . get_permalink( get_the_ID() ) . '">';
echo get_the_post_thumbnail( get_the_ID(), 'thumbnail', $default_attr );
echo '</a>';
// ... code

TITLE (default):

<span class="prodtitle"><?php the_title(); ?></span>
TITLE (new):

<a href="<?php echo get_permalink( get_the_ID() ); ?>">
<span class="prodtitle"><?php the_title(); ?></span>

How to make Nivo slide a hotlink? Does the following screenshot make sense: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0b1p72afb

Maxterz Purchased

1. I have removed existing twitter widget from sidebar and replaced with new one. But it still shows nothing :(

2. It works for my homepage. Thanks Feeleep :)

3. I already filled the url in the image, but it doesn’t work too :(


1. Good alternative might be “HL Twitter” plugin, give it a try. I really don’t see the reason of why it doesn’t work – it does on theme’s demo site…

2. Great!

3. I could take a look if you create a temp Admin account and send login credentials to my private email address. Before that be sure that you actually clicked that “Save all changes” button.
On a side note, is your theme up to date? Check theme’s Changelog, “header.php” template has been updated because of the problem similar to the one you mentioned.

Hello I wanted to integrate my shopping cart with the PayPal standards account, how do I go about doing this & do you have any videos on YouTube showing how or is it in the manual



This theme is already equipped with the shopping cart, you’ll have to do a hell of a job in order to drop it and replace with your own. Default shopping cart is built into theme files!
Why would I provide video on how to replace existing one that works just fine? It doesn’t make sense!

hey im having a lil trouble with the image slider, the pictures i’ve uploaded are 928×348 i saved but its not showing could you please help !!!!!

and also this is my first time ever building a site, but im learning along the way


Images need to be uploaded for each slide-post individually and BE USED AS FEATURED IMAGE! The code will look up for featured image only!

Fraggs Purchased

Greetings. Loving the theme so far. Just coming up with one problem. When I add it errors… with the prices.

Example: http://i47.tinypic.com/m8pq93.png

You can also see it for yourself on http://fivestarsportscards.com

Any idea on how I should handle this? Thanks so much! -mike


I’ve noticed javascript error caused by Colorbox, it looks like you forgot to update plugin to the latest version! Go to Dashboard and select
Plugins > Installed Plugins
...find Colorbox on the list and update (4.5 is the latest version).
That should resolve the problem with non-selectable product size.

As for an error with numbers formatting, I suggest you to create a temp Admin account for me and send login details to my private email address. At this point I really can’t figure out what might cause number_format() function to fail.

Fraggs Purchased

Alright, I updated the plugin and b00m! Both problems fixed. Perfect! Last questions and I’ll stop bothering you. I checked the help file and didn’t find any information on either topic…

a) SSL. Is it an option? I’ve set it up with my hosting but I’m not sure how or if it even works. I know “technically” I don’t need it because Paypal is handling payments but you know how people are…. it’ll be asked.

b) How do I get the category listing like you have on the demo store. I checked all the widgets and didn’t see anything. Here’s a screenshot of what I’m speaking about… http://screencast.com/t/ubMSKrph

Thanks so much again!

OK, glad to read that things are fixed now. As for the other 2 question of yours…
1. I guess the following two sites might help:

2. This is a custom menu displayed in Widget. Go to Appearance > Menus and create new menu first. Add one or more Catalogs to it and save. Now select Appearance > Widgets, pick the sidebar you want to add your menu to and drag “SOFA Widget Menu” widget to selected sidebar.
One of widget options will let you select your menu.

Greetings Feeleep. AWESOME coding – I emailed you last night regarding some things/ have a supper question.

My client, who is using the suppastore theme wants the coupon code to specify an item currently in their list of products only if the dollar amount is above $20. Here is the picture:

A customer who signs up for the newsletter recieves a voucher which contains one of the coupon codes we create (using the voucherpress plugin). When they visit the site and make their purchases, if it is above a certain dollar amount ($20) then the coupon is valid and populates said item in their basket.

I am a pretty skilled coder, so you don’t have to mence words with me. Let’s talk. Thanks in advance.


As I already wrote, I wasn’t able to reply to all messages yesterday because I was having a trip. I’m sure it’s gonna happen today.

As for that voucher question … well, by default this theme allows you to share discount codes with buyers. Discount relates to percentage rather than fixed value. It depends on site owner decision how and when discount codes gonna be shared (newsletter?).
If you are about to change it on the way you described – feel free to go for it but I can’t participate. My schedule is about to explode and I’m literally craving for the night when I’ll be able to sleep for at least 6 hours.

provtes Purchased

Hi Feeleep,

I sent you mails yesterday about some minor question. Hope to have your early answer. Thanks.



I was having a trip yesterday and wasn’t really able to reply to all messages. No matter what I’ll continue doing that today and if you didn’t receive my answer yesterday I’m sure it’s gonna happen soon.

twkh79 Purchased

Hi. How do I remove the ”+” sign next to the menu link and replace it with an arrow ie png file…. thanks … oh! great theme btw…

You’ll have to open and edit “script/dropmenu.js” file a little bit…
Scroll down to line #54 (thru #57), there’s a condition checking if menu item has children

 if( $subul ) {
     var my_tetx = $(" a:eq(0)", this).text();
     $(" a:eq(0)", this).text( my_tetx + " +");
If it does, ”+” is appended to the end ($(” a:eq(0)”, this).text( my_tetx + ” +“);). I guess you’ll have to find the way to append HTML somehow.
twkh79 Purchased

Thanks :)

Dear feeleep,

I’m a newbie in WP Theme Maker & I need some advices from Pro like u :) . I’ve seen some websites of your customers & I realized the Gallery (or Parners) in homepage is awesome, it can be used for many purposes. So can you tell me how to make it? Is it the plug-in or you make it by codes? (I tried to write it with normal html table but it was terrible!)

Thanks. PS : your theme’s most beautiful e-commercial theme I’ve ever seen! It’s AWESOME


Uhmmm, which gallery are you talking about mate? Content/images slider or the list of products below? If first then…
I was using Nivo-slider which is used to showcase custom post type named nivo-slides. Of course, custom post type needs to be added programatically

But if second, there’s not much to be said since these are nothing but products listed in grid-like form. And Product is, of course, another custom post type.

Hopefully it helps!