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Hi feeleep,

Will there be update made to support WP 3.5? Or does it already support 3.5? I bought the theme a while ago, but never started the website till now, so I just wondering before I run into trouble. Thanks.


There shouldn’t be any issues re WP 3.5 but in case it does – I’ll be here to patch it up.

Dear Feeleep,

I have a couple of options: 1. Where do I install Google Analytics code? 2. Where can I change the amount of products displayed per page when looking at a catalogue? (currently set to 10, then it creates a new page) 3. Is it possible to set a discount on shipping based on a number of items in cart rather than the current coupon system?

Many thanks in advance and Happy holidays! Sasha.


Here we go Sasha…

1. According to Google Analytics you should place your GA chunk of code in page header. So open “header.php” and paste it (for instance) right before closing ”</head>” tag.

2. Dashboard, Settings > Reading : Blog pages show at most NN posts
...where NN is the number of posts/products listed per page

3. It has been mentioned many times before … no, it’s not possible due to potential issue when checking out with zero which is not allowed. Discount code is not the same as voucher. On a side note, you can use “free shipping above” feature and let people rather buy additional product instead of paying the shipping fee.

Happy holidays to you and your family!

first2nd Purchased

is it the theme $60 limit for 1 domain only?


Yeah, that’s the price for a single license. Extended one is far more expensive.

Can you set up credit card payments for this template? or is it only PayPall? If so, how difficult is it to add credit card payments and what do I do?


Replied above!

Can you set up credit card payments for this template? or is it only PayPall? If so, how difficult is it to add credit card payments and what do I do?


PayPal does accept all of major credit cards and some additional payment methods which depend on PP user residence country. Be sure to check that out for your own country.
So, the truth is: you really don’t need a custom solution that is far more expensive, complex and comes with higher transaction/monthly fees. PayPal will be really great for either small or large scale of business.

Hi Feeleep,

I’m happy with this option – “you can use “free shipping above” feature”.

Where/how can I set it?


See SofaSuppaStore Options > Payment Settings
the last three options on that screen:
- “Display “Free shipping above” message at Checkout page?”
- “Free shipping above” text
- “Free shipping above NN.NN”

For a case you are missing these three your theme copy is outdated since “free shipping above” feature was added with the latest theme update. Checkout theme’s Changelog to be sure!

Hi what’s my wrong? wp-content/themes/sofa_suppastore/cart_handler.php i’m seeing nothing when i click on “add to cart”


I can’t find your TF name on the list of theme buyers. Please be sure to use the latest theme copy which can be downloaded from your Themeforest account, “Downloads” section/tab.

Hello! buyers don’t receive confirmation message with purchase details, and how can notice when somebody bougt a product from me?


There’s a flag next to your TF name reading “PURCHASED”... if the purchase of any of my themes is registered by Themeforest, of course.

Hello Feeleep,

Sorry to bother you again, I’ve updated the theme and all the new 3 options are now there and set ($25), however the “Free shipping above” text does not appear and shipping price is not updated (if I user product shipping and/or global shipping price).

Please help.


At this point I can only say that you forgot to update “checkout.php” because all the things are supposed to happen in that file …
... which might be very wrong. So, I suggest you to create a temp Admin account for me and send login credentials to my private email address. I’ll take a look and let you know what’s wrong.

All is working after updating the checkout file! Thanks Feeleep!

My checkout.php file was dated Mar 3 2012 and as it was not in the list for the June 19th update – it got left untouched.


That’s great! Lemme know if anything else is needed.

Hi feeleep, happy new year! We are very happy with the theme, however the Paypal button does not seem to work anymore, except for users of Opera browsers. Your temp account still exists if you would be able to fix this – I did not make any changes to the checkout pages, since you helped me by adding a “free shipping” functionality for larger orders. Can you have a look? (basketballnerds.de)


Thanks, happy New Year to you as well!
To be honest with you I don’t remember URL of your website nor I was able to find an email address in my mail box that relates to “basketballnerds” TF username. Sorry for that, I receive at least 30 new emails per day and it’s not easy to memorize all the people.

Will you please be able to remind me? Just drop me a private message, include your site URL and admin credentials. Thanks!


The sub menues are not appearing in Chrome? Any suggestions

Otherwise great theme :)

I’m using Google Chrome Version 23.0.1271.101 and everything seems to be working all right. I have never heard anyone mentioning any problems with main navig in Chrome.

Hi again,

For some weird reason the icon short codes are not working. this is what I have entered: [icon_contact]<h1>1-647-555-5555</h1> Feel free to contact us anytime. If you have any questions please use the contact form, we'll reply as soon as possible! info@test.com

Does the problem persist in Chrome or else? I mean, it’s always good idea to provide site URL, otherwise I can only guess. But no matter what, icon shortcodes are properly displayed even with IE6. I’m not sure what’s going on at your end…

Hello Feeleep,

I bought your themes like a few months ago and i realize how do i know the product that my customer buy?...

example: i have a product design, and it can be used by male or female. Now what i just got in my mail it’s a product with #1256 .. <—i think this is the code of the product right?..

how do i know which product that my customer buy?

Thanks.. :)

by the way, i love your theme :)


If your product is unisex then you can’t know it simply because there’s not much point if the same product is published in “Men” and “Women” categories (theoretically!). But in case that info is really crucial for the business of yours then you should have these two categories created and the same product published twice; that’s the only way to “assign” different ID to the very same product.
Hopefully I’m not missing the point of your question!


So are you saying that i have to make another categories and renamed it in the products? ... such as: bracelet for men ,bracelet for women… ?

so when the customer buy, it will show the same as the subject on the orders.. right?...:)


I think something has to be cleared out before you continue…
Product variations can’t have different IDs! All of them will have parent product ID because that’s the only possible way in context of WordPress. Does it make sense now?

Gaas75 Purchased

Good day, Quick and basic question. I want to update the checkout page in order to use the “free shipping above” feature. Can I simply copy and paste the code to wordpress? As Dashboard-Appearance-Editor—CheckOut Page Themeplage ( checkout.php.) Thank You!


Yes, you can use WordPress theme Editor to update all of templates that were affected by theme update. Don’t just try to update some of templates! And if not possible to do it via theme editor then FTP client is your next option.

Curlin Purchased

Hi Feeleep,

I have two question:

1. Do you have a .mo for Swedish? 2. This template can use another payment gateway. we are using “Klarna” a Swedish company. Can I integrate with plugins they have?

Thanks for your support! :-) Lucas.

I think I don’t get the point of your question… I mean I can understand that you have entered some text into SOFA Arbitrary txt/HTML Widget but how does that “GO TO > HOME-PAGE” affect image appearance? If you want your Widget to show an image too, you’ll have to enter something like:

<img src="full/path/to/image" alt="image alternative text" />
Curlin Purchased

Yes. I put the full path to image. the problem is not displayed. Olso I selected the correct template. I do not understand why not shown. I only passed in the header witgets.


You can create a temp Admin account for me and send login details to my private email address. I’ll take a look and let you know what’s wrong.
Other than that I really can’t figure out why image can’t be seen if the path to source is correct.

Hi… quick two questions… thanks… Paul

1 – How to change the wording in the ‘buy now’ button on the featured products home page? 2 – Is there a way of marking two prices on a item for percentage discounts?


1. There’s not much point in using localization file if you wanna change button label only so open “index.php” – line #108, “index_full_products.php” – line #112 and “index_narrow_grided.php” – lines #99 and #105. Search for “Buy Now” and replace with whatever you like.

2. I’m not sure I understood this one … however, it’s not possible to make before and after (discounted) price. Maybe you could use “Thumbnail Label” for that purpose.

Gaas75 Purchased

Good day! I send to you my credential for assistance to fix my problem regarding the free shipping feature on my website. http://gamecock-apparel-and-supplies.com/. Seems uploading check out php via FTP not successful for me. thanks


OK, I’ll take a look and get back to you.

If I want hide product price?


You should do it in CSS (hide both price and BUY NOW elements) and also disable shopping basket. Essentially, this is an e-commerce theme and is used for selling things. Why would you like to hide the price?

Hi there ! Just some pre-sale question shere:

1) What do you mean with Orders Tracking ? Can I see it in the demo? How?

2) It is possible to create users accounts when someone order a product? I mean that the user could receive an username and password to connect to their account and place orders using the data already stored in their profile?

3) it is possible to add something like an scheduled product request? I mean that the user doesn´t buy the product but place the order request for certain date?

Thanks !


1) Essentially, it’s a page where you can set the status of each user order like: Pending, Shipped or Returned

2) With this theme registration is not required and thus any personal details are not stored for such purpose

3) No, I’m afraid that’s not possible

If you need more advanced e-commerce theme feel free to consider Sofa Lathika JigoShop.