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How do I change default logo size?

By default, logo size is “locked” to 300×70px and if you want to be able to upload a larger image, you’ll have to modify 2 lines in “administration/helper_functions.php” file…
1) open “helper_functions.php” file for edit. This file can be found in sub-folder “administration” of your theme package (root).
2) lines #53 and #54 read the following:
define( ‘HEADER_IMAGE_WIDTH’, 300 );
define( ‘HEADER_IMAGE_HEIGHT’, 70 );
3) change to whichever width/height your logo fits to but my friendly advice is not to make it wider of 300px!
4) save “helper_functions.php”, re-upload to server if edit on a local machine
5) go back to Dashboard, Appearance > Header and upload your logo once again

Now, for a case your logo doesn’t fit page header height any more, you’ll have to increase it in “style.css”.
1) open “style.css” for edit and go to line #163
2) this line reads the following:
.prewrap { height: 90px; }
...it’s 20px taller than ‘HEADER_IMAGE_HEIGHT’ so if (for example) your new logo height is 120px, you’d change it to
.prewrap { height: 140px; }
3) save and re-upload “style.css” to server if required