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Very clear theme. Cool thumbs of youtube in the blog preview.

very clean feeleep, congrats, good luck with sales ;)


Thanks people!

I saw this theme and decided to try Word Press (I’m a HTML person but i need a blog). I like this a lot and want to buy it. I have never worked with Word Press. Is this theme too complicated for a newbie? Does it come with instructions on how to edit it? Thanks.


I can send you manuals in PDF if you like to, just let me know. This theme is very easy to work with and almost everything (regarding settings) can be done from theme Options page. Have a look at screenshots to get an idea. As for WordPress – welcome to the world of the best and the most flexible CMS ! I worked with Joomla, Typo3 and Textpattern but none of them is so intuitive, well documented and over all – extensible via plugins or widgets. Hopefully you gonna enjoy, I wish you best luck mate!

Hi, I just bought the theme, wish me luck! I really like this theme!


Let me know if you have any questions or need an assistance!

Hi, me again. I have a small problem, I only want the header on the home page but when I select header on home page only, it doesnt display. What am I doing wrong?


Uhmm…I’m not sure what might be wrong. Is there a way you can create a temp Admin account for me on your website? That’s how I can check theme settings and eventually provide a quick fix. Thanks!

Thanks so much! I sent you an e-mail with the info. Oh and my site looks beautiful! http://thefisherwoman.com


I’ve replied already. Everything is OK now, enjoy TuffLuv!

I LOVE MY SITE !!! Thanks for all you help, you’re the best!


You welcome!

Love the theme! Really quickly before I decide to purchase….

Can the top menu be determined with custom menus or is it strictly categories?

I particularly like the way you set up the front page on the demo site. The 3 columns blog part. Is there a way to make the whole site in this fashion? I’d rather have that format than a vertical blog. Does that make sense?

Thanks for your support! :) T.


You decide which pages and/or categories gonna take its place in main (and footer) navigation. This theme does support Menus (introduced in WP 3 .0) which means there’s no limitation in building the structure.
As for 3 columns layout – yeap, it’s possible to keep it for category, search and archive as well but there’s a little intervention in code required. No problem for me to customize it that way, just drop me a message.

bmalnor Purchased

Hello feeleep,

I really like your design! I have purchased it and am having a couple of problems I hope you can help me with. (They may be just my inexperience.)

How do I change the Logo (your TuffLuv logo in uppermost left)? I thought that would be the Header but when I upload through the Appearance>Header the image is loaded into the “Big Banner Reserved Area.”

and when I try to change the Background Image nothing happens,

Can you advise me?


bmalnor Purchased

Thanks so much for your help. I am modifying my logo to a smaller size and will upload. I will make it as small as possible, but it will still be larger that the one you have there, I will let you know how it works.

I was able to go into “style.css” using the WP editor. I did not see any line #s. Do I need to change a setting?

Here’s where I’m at: I was able to complete 1), 2), and 4) from your instructions. Without line numbers I was unable to locate lines #426 and #490. So I was able to change the top (formerly black) header, and the bottom (formerly black) footer. But below this footer there is still black background color. This is probably because I didn’t change lines #426 and #490(?) Can you help me find the lines.


bmalnor Purchased

I am O.K. for now – the bottom black was because I didn’t have any content in some of the pages.


The best way to solve any issue is to create a temp Admin account for me. I’ll modify CSS per your request in a couple of minutes.

Looks great. The multi-level menus do not work, they dance around/open and close. Replicated issue in Safari, Chrome, Firefox on OSX . Not tried on Windows. Please fix.

See dev site at www.snopeak.net


How do you mean “dance around”? Did you check out TuffLuv demo site? Did you change anything in code? Feel free to create a temp Admin account for me so I can take a look and eventually pay your attention to the problem.
By the way, your link is broken.


I resolved my issue. I wasn’t aware that I had to use the Title Attribute for each parent menu item for it to function correctly. Once those were in place the menu worked fine.



This template looks very good. I have a couple of questions prior to an eventual purchase:

1) Does the main menu use cufon text? It looks a bit skinny. Is it possible to strengthen it a bit by tweaking the size or style or do we have to exclude the cufon and replace it with normal css text editing?

2) Can you easily turn facebook, twitter and rss off and is it widget ready so you can put something else up there, say search?

Thank you for your time. Theme looks great :)



1) It’s not a cufon at all! Main menu navig can easily be styled (css) on the way you like. Each section of “style.css” is clearly separated and so is with main navigation. Personally I think there shouldn’t be any problems but even if there is – I’m here to help you with.
2) Yeap, you can remove entire “social” block if you like. To be more precise, only RSS icon is kinda hardcoded while other buttons can be added/removed from theme options. Just like with main navig, I can help you out with this part as well.

kendo451 Purchased

Dude, the wp_pagenavi code doesn’t work with custom permalinks turned on.

Got a fix for that?


It won’t work if you install wp-pagenavi plugin. This theme has it built-in already so another instance could screw things up.
For your own convenience go to tuffluv.sofarider.com and test it out, pagination works just perfectly with custom permalinks structure.

Hey There!! I’ve been trying to use the shortcodes but nothing happen, what am i doing wrong??

Im pastinf the short codes on my page and just show the shortcodes as content…. HELP !!

Have a look at the following examples:

[onehalf title="First half" textalign="left"]...tetx...[/onehalf]<br />
[onehalf_lastone title="Second half" textalign="right"]...tetx...[/onehalf]
[onethird title="Column number 1" textalign="justify"]...tetx...[/onethird]
[onethird title="Column number 2" textalign="justify"]...tetx...[/onethird]
[onethird_lastone title="Column number 3" textalign="justify"]...tetx...[/onethird_lastone]
[onethird title="I am 1/3 width column" textalign="left"]...text...[/onethird]
[twothird_lastone title="And I am 2/3 wide column" textalign="left"]...text...[/twothird_lastone]
[twothird title="Now I am 2/3 wide column" textalign="right"]...text...[/twothird]
[onethird_lastone title="And I am 2/3 only" textalign="right"]...text...[/onethird_lastone]

Hopefully it does make sense!
tided Purchased

I have a problem with the “Sofa TuffLuv Theme Options”. When I open the page for the Theme Options, I can see the navigation width “Home Page Layout Type” and so on, but I can’t see the content, where I can change the options.

I made a screenshot, look here: http://www0.xup.in/exec/ximg.php?fid=60835661

Can you help me?


Will you be able to create a temp Admin account for me (send to my private email addres) so I can take a look? I don’t want to guess what might be wrong, just wanna be sure. Thanks!

tided Purchased

I tried it on another webspace now and there it works.

Could you imagine why it doesn’t work on the other one?


To be honest – I don’t. Is the PHP version installed on both servers the same?

tided Purchased

The server that works: PHP Version 5.2.12-nmm2

The Server that doesn’t work: PHP Version 5.2.6-1+lenny9


Either way, feel free to create a temp Admin account for me so I can take a look. Both PHP version seems to be all right so the only way to figure out is debugging.