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Very nice theme. Good luck with your sales :)

Thanks a lot.

Great work, glws ;)

Any chance of infinite scrolling?

Hey, probably not. I’m not a big fal of infinite scrolling, I think it’s a usability nightmare. you scroll 1000 posts, click on an item, go back, and then you have to scroll again those 1000 posts. Also when loading a ton of posts that slows down your browser as it takes up too much memory.

There’s also the problem of making dynamic scripts work after loading them via ajax, which is not easy, I remember I tried a quick adaptation for infinite scrolling and a lot of things didn’t work.

The only kind of infinite scrolling I’d put would be if it worked like Google Reader worked, which was useful and kept all the usability (and only displayed a limited amount of posts at a time). But the usual infinite scrolling is not like that at all, and I honestly don’t see the point. You save a few clicks to see the next posts and you lose tons of time when you have to go back…

I really like this theme. But I want to ask question before I purchase this theme:

1.) Is it possible to have Skyscraper ads with default layout (468×60)? 2.) Is there a next page button? If so, can I add another Skyscraper ads above it?

Thank you so much!

I’m thinking about this: http://prntscr.com/397d6d

Would that be possible?

Because when I use the wide layout, what would the gifs and the gifs in photosets would look like? it would be stretched?

There’s no space for the leaderboars witht he current content with in thin layout, that would kill responsiveness too. Images would be bigger, yes, you can test how they look.

Can the space for Adsense be used for other types of ads to replace Adsense? If so, how? Can display ads be used in the sidebar? Thank you. It is a beautiful theme.


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Please can you let me know how can I add a copyright notice (link) in the footer?

thank you


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ic ok which code shall i ad?

Well whatever text you wanna use, with a paragraph p or some margin otherwise


Otto24 Purchased

ok thank you i will try it

Thanks for the fast reply and support. It is a really good theme and I love it.

Do you have a site where I can see a preview of what your thin theme layout would look like with the ads?

Thank you.

I bought your theme, and I sent you an email. I need some help please.

Already answered by email: “It seems you are adding a new line character along witht he id, which is creating a javascript error. be sure to include your id without any extra characters.”