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Bonjour, Est ce votre theme peut gérer plusieurs hotels ? Sinon, je cherche un theme genre Tour operateur qui puisse gérer plusieurs hotel à la fois. Dans l’attente de votre reponse ou d’un conseil

Hi philltana,

I used Google translate to read your comment so hopefully my reply makes sense :)

The theme probably wouldn’t be ideal for dealing with multiple hotels, I’d recommend running multiple copies and have a sub domain for each hotel e.g. hotel1.website.com, hotel2.website.com.

Kind regards

How do I set the secondary captions for the menu items like “rates & reservations” in the preview? I had it working once and started again from scratch. Now they are missing and i cant figure out why or how to fix it.

nevermind, the answer is on page 2 of the comments already :-)

Hi fishb00n,

Thanks for purchasing!

Yep indeed the answer to this question can indeed be found on page 2 of the comments.

Just in case anyone else who’s wondering how to do this reads this comment:

To add the sub titles in the main menu go to “Appearance > Menus”, click “Screen Options” and tick “Description”.

Now when adding menu items as you normally would there will be a “Description” field which you can add the sub title in.

If you have any other questions feel free to open a support ticket: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards


Nice theme! Great booking system! Is it possible to change background with images/patterns?

Thanks! Corne

Hi Corne,


You can change the all key colours and add a site background image/pattern via the theme options.

If you mean add a background image to the dark background booking areas, this could be done very easily with a little bit of custom CSS (I’d be happy to advise via support).

Kind regards


You convinced me with your support and your help! I just purchased your theme! I hope you got a lot more sales. This theme deserves it! And I ‘m looking forward to great features in next updates… :-)


Thanks for purchasing Corne!

If you run into any issues during setup feel free to open a support ticket and I will be happy to help: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Yep plenty of updates to come :)

Hello, Congratulations again for the job. Beautiful. I wanted to know if it is compatible plugin “Online Hotel Booking System” in this codecanyon (http://codecanyon.net/item/online-hotel-booking-system-wordpress-plugin/4092940) and disable the one in the template. thank you very much

Hi ninoman,

Thanks for your interest.

I think you would need to customize the theme to integrate that plugin.

Kind regards

Hi, just a few question before purchase your product… 1) how many different languages pages do you consider? 2) in the reservation page is it possible to have just a line where insert the cc number as guarantee instead of the paypal payment? 3) is it the possibility to set up more rates period? i.e. from monday to friday rate A, saturday and sunday rate B?

thank you for your answer.


Hi Elena,

1.) You can translate to any language using this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/codestyling-localization/

Or if you want to translate to multiple languages you can use this plugin: http://wpml.org

2.) I’m afraid not, it would be easy to modify the form to do this but I’d strongly advise against sending a credit card number in plain text via email as it’d be a security liability

3.) Currently no but this is definitely in the pipe line for future updates :)

Kind regards

Hello, Theme looks greate, just a few very important function missing, rate ranges, extra person and promotions. Room #1 for 2 persons Rates from Dic. 20 to January 5 $200, from January 6 to April 12 $150 Is that something that you can add? When you think this can be expected.

I Love to use your them, please let me know Carlos

Hi Carlos,


The plugin is still pretty new so I’ll definitely be adding more features in future updates.

I’ll definitely look into adding rate ranges and coupons/promotions .

Kind regards

I am sure that it will be alot of work involed, in the mean time a reservation inquiry option will be great.


Hi Carlos,

For a reservation inquiry you could simply create a custom form using the “Contact Form 7” plugin which the theme supports.

You can also turn off bookings being recorded so you could use the booking form/steps for reservation inquiries.

Kind regards


This theme looks really great and my client is already sold on it! But I have one question – can one change the currency? My client is based in Nigeria, where the currency is Naira. They do not plan on using PayPal. Is Naira one of the currency options? If not, can I substitute N for the currency?

Hi donasanya,

Thanks for your interest.

You can change the currency symbol displayed next to all prices in the theme to anything, but when sending the payment to PayPal you can only use the currencies it supports: https://www.paypal.com/uk/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=p/sell/mc/mc_intro-outside

Hope that helps!

Hi can this theme be used for multiple hotels or just the single hotel!!

Great looking theme could be the answer to my prayers

thanks Again

Hi Kris,

The theme is ideally suited to a single hotel, although there’s nothing to stop you naming each room like “Hotel #1 – Room Name” and “Hotel #2 – Room Name”.

Kind regards

This is a lovely theme. I’m planning to buy your theme but I would like to know if the theme can be integrated to other payment gateway like GTpay, interswitch etc.

Hi Jackport,

Thanks for your interest.

Currently the only payment gateway available is PayPal.

Kind regards

Hi PhaseOneGroup,

Could you give more details of what you mean when you say “context”?

Kind regards


I would like to purchase your theme. But is it compatible with Woocommerce? And is it possible to add this weather widget (http://wordpress.org/plugins/weather-and-weather-forecast-widget/screenshots/) to the top navigation area? And is the Theme compatible with LayerSlider (http://kreaturamedia.com/layerslider-responsive-jquery-slider-plugin/) ? And will there be a Google Font integration soon?

Thank you!

Cheers, Vanesa

Hi Vanesa,

Thanks for your interest.

1.) There’s nothing to stop the theme working with WooCommerce, although there’s also no special CSS/files in place to support it

2.) As long as the plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress it should work. You will need to edit the theme files to integrate it into navigation area (a simple job for a developer)

3.) This would be the same as #2 :)

4.) The theme already supports Google fonts

Kind regards

Hi! Now I can pay only with PayPal Pyament. Can I add another type of payment? Will it be develop for next release?


Hi albeamat,

Thanks for your interest.

PayPal is indeed the only form of payment at the moment, we’ll be adding more options relatively soon (probably not as soon as the next update though).

Kind regards

Good afternoon, I d like to import the demo content through an xml file . I launched the importer and I imported the sohohotel.wordpress.2013-09-11 xml file found in the import data folder. I d like to create a clone of the site you created, is it a way to do it?Then I can customize it the way I desire. Look forward hearing from you soon, Regards

Hi nosham,

I’m afraid duplicating the demo website isn’t possible with the import data.

The import data will add pages and content for all areas though.

If you’re struggling to setup a particular aspect of the theme/plugin feel free to open a support ticket and I’ll be happy to help: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Hello, first, your theme and the reservation system looks great.
I’ve 2 questions for you :
- Does your theme support a multilanguage plugin like WPML ?
- I also wonder if it will be possible to have an overview or test address of the admin tool to see the functionality offered by your theme (like reservation calendar, list of registered users…).
Thanks for you answer ! Regards, CL

Hi CL,


1.) Yes the theme is WPML compatible

2.) There’s no admin demo I’m afraid, but if you have any other questions feel free to ask

Kind regards

can i use another form of payment other than paypal?

like authorize.net

Hi branderboy,

Currently PayPal is the only payment option, we will be adding more soon though.

I can’t promise authorize.net will be one of them but we’ll definitely look into it so feel free to check back soon!

Kind regards

Is it possible to buy your theme, customized it and have it loaded on my sub-domain for a client presentation then upload it for proper use for the client after we seal the deal OR do I have to buy another license for uploading on another domain apart from my sub-domain?

Hi jackport,

Sure no problem, you can temporarily run it on your own server and then transfer it to the client server.

Kind regards


I was hoping to have a site exactly the same as your template one then replace photos put in a bit of content and away we go… What i have is a skeleton with no bits on it.. trying to re create is a nightmare… please help!


Thanks for purchasing!

Importing the dummy data will give you the basic structure of the website.

There’s also a detailed setup guide included in the “Documentation” folder.

And if you’re still struggling to set anything up after trying the above open a support ticket and I’ll be happy to help: http://quitenicestuff.ticksy.com/

Kind regards

Hi, interested in purchasing your theme. Would it be possible to exclude the payment option after the booking form has been filled in and rather just send a mail with booking details to establishment owner.

Hi cinnabar,

Sure there’s an option in the booking plugin to disable accepting deposit payments.

Kind regards

I would ask if there comes any update with an gallery, portfolio feauture in future? I realy love that theme, i would buy it if that comes..


Hi johannes1000,

A photo gallery is included, I’ll consider adding a portfolio although you could probably construct one using the shortcodes supplied.

Kind regards