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nevermind. I got it! :)

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amazing work and design.

Question: if a user inters his email to subscribe for newsletter, where does it go ? where shall i modify my own code to get the email?


It is just styled it doesn’t work. You need to integrate the functionality in it.

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I like Solid a lot. Getting a behavior in the services overview on the service pages. Like to get rid of the hot links. It goes to no where and creates 404 not found pages. Here is the code. I have looked at the CSS and cannot figure out how to get ride of links. I looked for unclosed but did not find any.

This the URL that comes up in browser http://www.billsmith-plumbing.com/undefined

web page is www.billsmith-plumbing.com/heating.html

Here is the code.
  • Furnace Repair & Service

    Bill Smith Plumbing & Heating services most furances found in the Denver area. We servce Rheem, Trane, Lennox, Goodman and other furnaces. If your furances is making funny noises or it is not produceing heat, then it is time to call Bill Smith Plumbing & Heatin.

    Bill Smith Plumbing and Heating
  • <!- end service 2 overview ->
  • New Furnace Installation

    Bill Smith Plumbing can help you consider a number of factors such as your climate, how long you plan to own your home, and whether rebates for a high-efficiency furnace are available. Bill Smith Plumbing & Heating offers Rheem furance products for new installations.

    Bill Smith Plumbing and Heating Home Boiler Service and Repair Denver Colorado
  • <!- end service 3 overview ->
  • Steam, Hydronic & Radiant Heating

    Bill Smith Plumbing and Heating is Denver’s home boiler heating repair, troubleshooting, maintenance and service specialists. Bill Smith Plumbing and Heating will get your heating system repaired correctly and operating at peak performance. For boiler replacement, we offer Peerless Boilers. Peerless is a leading manufacturer of ENERGY STARĀ® rated gas boilers. .

    Bill Smith Plumbing and Heating Home Boiler Service and Repair Denver Colorado
  • <!- end service 3 overview ->
  • Carbon Monoxide

    Carbon Monoxide accumulation occurs when a blocked chimney, rusted heat exchanger or broken chimney flue prevents combustion gases from being exhausted from the home. To prevent CO poisoning, call Bill Smith Plumbing and Heating to inspect your furnace and insure proper venting of combustion gases each year. Bill Smith Plumbing uses Bacharach equipment for CO testing and installs Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

    Bill Smith Plumbing and Heating Carbon Monoxide Detection Services Denver Colorado
  • <!- end service 4 overview ->
  • Humidification

    A whole house humidifier makes the heated air in your house feel warmer, easing your furnace utility costs. High humidity can relieve dry air problems such as dry skin, static electricity, sore throats, dried out wood furniture and paint. Bill Smith Plumbing and Heating offers efficient furnace humidifiers and whole house humidification systems that give you comfortable humidity levels throughout your home. We offer the Aprilaire Humification product line.

  • <!- end service 5 overview ->
  • Thermostats

    The thermostat is a great example of American ingenuity. The first thermostat was first called the “damper flapper” and has evolved over the last 125 years to a programmable computer that regulates home heating and cooling. Bill Smith Plumbing and Heating has proudly serviced and installed Honeywell thermostats since the 1950s. Recent Honeywell products include wireless and visual impaired thermostats. Call us for your programmable thermostat needs.

    Bill Smith Plumbing and Heating Thermostat Service and Installation Denver Colorado
  • <!- end service 6 overview ->
<!- end #services-overview ->

The problem is that the services have a script that on click tries to find the first valid url and take you there. You need to wrap the titles in links and it will work.


Is it possible to have a background image that covers the entire browser window all the time & doesn’t scroll woith the page?



yes. in style.css change the background of body and add the image and make it be fixed.

can’t find wordpress templates for solid business solution

it says “wordpress now availalbe” but then page not found.

help… please


It has been soft disable by the tf staff. I’m doing my best to get it online again.

Hi bitpub,

I need to buy this theme in this very particular hour. But before buying i have some doubts, which i need to be cleared as soon as possible. Doubts are as follows :

1. Could you HELP me in editing/cutomizing this theme, a little bit. Because i’m not very much of a computer guy, i just know, basic HTML. But i can do, if you could guide me a bit regarding the changes. This theme is 75-80% of what i want in a theme; but still 20% of customizing needs to be done. If you could HELP me, then only i can go for this option.

2. Secondly, i need to make changes Like : Whenever any option is clicked Services, About or Portfolio, then it comes in the color Blue. But i wanted theme to be in Red, whenever anything is clicked then it should get Red.

3. When we click Portfolio option, then Portfolio work or that images are NOT being sorted as “All Work” “B2B Projects” “Partial Projects” “Full Scale Projects” Nothing is clickable except All Work.

4. When i click – View Older posts in Blog Section, then it is also NOT clickable and we cannot see more posts on it.

5. News Section is also NOT dynamic or clickable. I know, it can’t be dynamic as it is HTML theme, but still, if we would like to add posts or pages onto; so could we….?

These are the only changes which i need to make in your theme. If you could HELP me with this, then please let me know. I’ll buy it straight away.

Thank You !


As I answered in the email as well, you should probably get the WordPress version. Right now it is soft disabled as we are working hard to update it and get it back.

Hi, I just want to simply say thank you for your 2013 update. The built in responsive layout came just in time for my client :-D

Love your work!


I’m glad you like it!

Will the updated wordpress version be available soon?



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Very good design, easy to work with it, very good commented source. Thank you!


Thank you!

could i remove responsiveness?



Yes, you could, you would have to edit grid.css

Best regards, bitpub