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Hi, I purchased the theme and am having an error pop up saying :the following translators were not loaded due to errors: XSLTransform.htm:has configured information that is invalid.

Was wondering if you knew what was causing this :-)


This has nothing to do with the theme. are you using dreamwaver to edit it, it seems like an editor error. You could search for a fix here: http://community.adobe.com/help/search.html just paste in the error.

Hi, thanks for the great template, it’s been terrific to work with and my site is coming together well. Just a quick question about the blog – what form should I be using to enable comments?

Many Thanks


I do not understand the question. Comments are enabled per default unless you have chosen not to have comments in the wordpress settings

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Just bought the theme… very nice.

Just one quick question – how do I remove the .js from the ‘theme’ – with the exception of the dropdown menus and cufon.

Do I need to go through each page and remove the .js references from the top of each page or can I implement it across the site using .css or something else?



You need to remove them from each page header and then go in _layout/js/plugins.js and remove references to scripts you removed.

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Hi bitpub,

Thanks for the reply.

Can you tell me, biefly, what the cycle, pingfix, prettyphoto and tipsy .js do in the website? I can guess what the accordian and tabify do… and will keep them.

If the others are simply to do with images/graphics display and slideshow I will want to remove them.



The documentation covers what every script does. read it and then decide if you need the script or not.

Your email form is programmed extremely incorrectly. I see where you replied to several people saying it’s on the client site. Basically.. there’s a way to stop email from going into the spam filter. You are not doing that.


Please let me know how you would suggest the form be improved and I’ll consider making the changes and issuing an update.

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The <h*> title is not supporting Chinese characters, how to solve it? THANKS !


The problem is that the cufon font used does not include chinese characters.

What you need to do is select a font, and go to http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/ and regenerate a file Cufon font replacement can use. Be sure to select it to include Cyrillic Alphabet

Then change the name of the file you get to cufon-font.js and verwrite the existing one in _layout/js/cufon

I try very time i try to look at the site preview say…....This Account Has Been Suspended … What happen


It is fixed now. I payed hosting friday and it expired sunday and since they didn’t process the payment friday it got suspended.

...This Account Has Been Suspended…

Many times


It is fixed now. I payed hosting friday and it expired sunday and since they didn’t process the payment friday it got suspended.

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Customer just called me and told me the webpages look strange. I check and the the transparent box left of the pic with text has floated off to the left. Can you help me troubleshoot this. What CSS controls this feature?

Here is the webpages http://www.billsmith-plumbing.com/plumbing.html http://www.billsmith-plumbing.com/heating_cooling.html

Below is the HTML /CSS of the page.

Here is the code effected


Heating & Cooling

Bill Smith Plumbing services most heating and cooling systems found in Denver.

<!- end .inner-page-title -> <!- end .inner-page-title-container ->

Thanks John Downs jdowns48 at me.com


In what browser, because it seems fine in firefox 15.

Hello -

I purchased this template and its just exactly what I need. I am having one problem however and I really need your help. Apparently the accordion can only be used once on a page. Whenever I put more than one set (of two) of accordions on a page, the second set has no behavior – it just stays open and is not clickable. I actually need to put many sets of accordions on each page, as many as 12 sets. I’ve tried everything I can think of and I can’t figure this out. Can you please tell me what to do? I’m stuck until I can get this solved.

Thank you~ David


in _layout/js/plugins.js add

$(’#accordion-6’).accordion(); $(’#accordion-7’).accordion(); ... $(’#accordion-12’).accordion();

I did what you said, adding as follows:

// Accordeon – jQuery accordeon plugin // ---------------------
    $('#accordion-6').accordion(); $('#accordion-7').accordion();

This does not fix or have any effect on the problem, the additional accordions still do not work. Perhaps I misunderstood the solution?


I mistake the theme for the WP version of it. If you use an ID in the html for the accordeon then in the plugins.js file you must add $(’#id-name’).accordion();

If you are using the same ID for all accordions then there is your problem.

Also..in your reply you used ”... ”, when that is added to the .js file I get a syntax error, so I deleted it. I tried to use the tabs feature instead of the accordion but I have the same problem, apparently you cannot place more than one set of tabs on a page or the will display open and stacked on top of each other.


I used the … to suggest repetition all the way to $(’#accordion-12’).accordion();

Ok, just to be sure I have this correctly, I add the following to the in _layout/js/plugins.js file:

$(’#accordion-6’).accordion(); $(’#accordion-7’).accordion(); $(’#accordion-12’).accordion(); $(’#id-name’).accordion();

And add a unique name to each occurrence of an accordion in here: (’#id-name’), such as (’#id-accordion-1’), then for the next set (’#id-accordion-2’), etc. Is that correct?

Thanks, David

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Hello, I have a problem with contact form. I uploaded the web template on my server, did changes in the send.php – replaced ‘bitpublimedia@gmail.com’ with my own email but form doesn’t work. Have I missed something else? Thanks, Irina.

irikiri Purchased

Nothing in the spam box, no confirmation message. Nothing seems happening when I press Sent button…


have you tested it out by uploading the original template with no changes other then the email address? Does it work in that case?

irikiri Purchased

I have done it, same result, doesn’t work

may i know what software used for editing the pages? thanks


Any html editor would do, like notepad++, dreamwaver etc

i purchased the theme a while back…email form used to work…but not anymore :(

i put my email in submitemail.php


have you changed anything before it started to not work?

i purchased the theme a while back…email form used to work…but not anymore i put my email in submitemail.php

Can you please help me with the email php script that doesn’t seem to work anymore…ty

Is this theme still selling?


have you contacted me through the form on my user page. Add a link to your website.

Hey there, I was wondering how you get the pdf download button to work?


change the href from # to a valid url