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For 45 Dollars I expected a better theme options adminsitration, this felt a bit too poor. Otherwise, the theme is fine and good documentation. :)

I’ve kept it simple and to the point. Not jam-packed with unnecessary options. What would you want to have as theme options?

Thanks for the feedback.

I like it simple! But i compared it with other themes out there and nowadays people expect a full control panel to set the theme if you know what I mean. If you remove the Currency tab the menu in the header gets pushed in. How can i add padding to it?

Can you post a link to your site?

If I purchase this theme, will I be able to add an image for the background?

Yes. You can do that from the admin options.

How do you make the background fixed? The background automatically repeats. There is not an option in the admin area.

Could you test if the Theme would support the Akatus Module? https://github.com/Akatus/akatus-opencart

If it does I will buy 2 copies. Thanks

I won’t have the time to test it right now. But, if it works with the default opencart theme, it will work with this one too.

In the demo, the shopping cart pop-up keeps on coming out. Why?

What do you mean by keeps on coming out? Is it showing up without clicking on the top link?

It is working fine here though.

Yes, it is showing each time I click on a product. I’m using Chrome.

Any update regarding this? Coz I’m interested to buy this theme.

Hi, How do i get the background pattern in the shop? And where do i find the background pattern you have used?

Regards, Peter

The background pattern useed in the demo loads by default? Isn’t it showing on your site?

no it wasn’t working, reinstalled everything, now it works! thanks

Glad it is working now.

I’m getting the shopping cart popping up too. You have to have something in the cart for it to happen.

Wondering if this could be remedied soon because I would like to get this within the next couple of weeks.

This is when it happens: Click on “men”. Then hover and click on the picture of one of the listed items. If you keep the mouse there after you click, the shopping cart pops up for a brief second then disappears.

I thought this happened only when clicking on a product, but then when I clicked “home” I got the shopping cart pop-up again for a brief second.

It doesn’t happen all the time though. I’m using Firefox.

I will double check the code and upload a fix asap.

It looks awesome and i want to buy it but there’s a problem as other user’s said. Shopping cart always popping up for 2 seconds and disappear. If you fix it, i’ll buy this theme.


Thanks. I’m going to fix thay today.

I fixed it.

Hey There, Are you able to add youtube or vimeo to this template. I really like the simplicity of this template compared to the Teez.



Hi Tosin,

Thanks. Where do you want to add videos? As slides or on the product page?

I was thinking as a product page. The location would be where the large t-shirt is on the demo but on the right side. I want it linked to YouTube channel. Let me know if this is doable.

This is doable. I can guide you on how to do it.

How to get rid of coupon code launch on homepage right top?

The code is in the file header.tpl.

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Hello Ravi, how much would you charge to install this on a opencart fork named mijoshop? Thank you!


I’ve never worked with mijoshop before and I am not free at the moment. Sorry.

Ravi, are you based in India. If i purchase can u install and give me . How do i contact you if you are in India.

Regards Rohit

No, I am not from India. I can install the theme for you, just send me a link to your site, admin and FTP credentials.

Hi raviG,

How do you make my site look like the demo?



Hi Tosin,

Did you follow the steps provided in the documentation file?

Go to Extensions/Modules, install the Solid – Theme Options… i dont see it …can you help me.

The Theme Options needs to be activated from the Extensions section in the opencart admin panel.

Hi Ravi,

I was looking at your theme. Is it possible that the customer account / user account does not get activated till he or she clicks at the confirmation link sent on their registered email id? Right now the profile gets created automatically, only a confirmation email is sent to customer.thanks.

will this theme work for a wordpress website?

The theme will not work with WordPress. Sorry.

Does it support v.

Yes it works fine with

Yes it works fine with

Hello, I just purchased this, nice theme but your documentation is very poor… How do I change the Best Seller text to to look like the demo? Top Seller? and also the color just exactly like the demo?

How do I change the Shopping cart text to “My cart”?


After installation, the mini cart has 0 item(s) – $0.00 but demo has 0 item, before a buyer makes a purchase he looks at the demo, getting a different outcome after installation is not right, please can you tell me how I can fix these things?

How do I change the Shopping cart text to “My cart”? I’m talking about the mini cart text.

Alright, I got everything working except for this “Lastly, how can I add products manually to the best seller tab? Thank you.”

Can I get a refund please?