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Nice background technic I like it :shocked:
keep up the good work. friend

Thanks a lot. It uses background: cover.

Good luck with sales guys!

Thanks a lot Steve.

Nice work!! good luck with sales :)

Thanks akedodee

Well done guys! And sorry for the thing with email on acid. Strange stuff!

Thanks Rev. Yes, it’s quit a sad incident so far.

Great work. Good luck!

Wow, very cool 8-)
Good luck guys!

Thanks for the kind comment and retweet, saputrad.

Very very nice Email Template!!! Cool… GLWS…

Thank a lot AtomTech!

Your work is cutting edge guys, congrats!

Thanks for the kind comment, appreciate it!

Toppers! Looks good guys! Good luck with the sales!

Dank u fabioth! appreciate it :)

Can you make the accent color something other than yellow?

Hi jimrettew,

Yes you can easily change the yellow color with this code: #fde651. However the yellow circles at the top are just images.

Just let me know if you need some more information.


Just to confirm.. all of the colors can be changed? Specifically the buttons. Thanks for your help, looks nice!

He stawnster,

The colors can be easily edited. The buttons contain a consistent HEX color, in example #fde651. Thanks for the comment.


Hello StampReady,

thanks for the great template, I bought it already and like it a lot!

However, I have got a question: I uploaded the html of one of the five templates to MailChimp and was wondering how I can change the composition, how to delete certain boxes, change colors and so on… If I understand correctly from the last two comments, I have to go into the html and do some coding to have the changes done? Is there a more simple solution?

Thank you very much for any help,


Hi There, I really appreciate the nice layout and I’ve got everything loaded into Mailchimp with my first newsletter ready to go. However, when I preview a test email on Outlook, the header image doesn’t display even after downloading the images in the email. This problem isn’t happening in Gmail. Any suggestions on what to try to fix this issue? Thanks!


Hello Josh,

Please send us a mail to: and I will have a look at it.



guys, I’ve emaild support and asked you to hel me resize logos as it doesn’t work with sizes provided in the template. You asked me to email you the template and images which I did a few days ago, but I haven’t heard since and it’s urgent now. Please help!

Hi, sorry for the slight delay, I’ve heard that our support helped you out. If you still have any questions, just let them know. Regards