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Hey Pixum,

Can you respond to my email please? & do you have a date for when you’re going to release the update?

Thanks man.

P.S. I didnt get any issue number

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gcodemk Purchased

I have some issues.
1. With another words i don’t have problems but with “Enter sum” i have problem. I have changed to my custom word but i don’t know why doesn’t show changed word in contact form.
2. Why don’t show subject when i’m creating contact form. I must put custom field for subject.
3. How to change in steps builder normal color to circles. In which CSS file to find or in Appearance->Styles->Style option-> Manage styles. How is named that circles from steps builder so i can easily find and change to custom color. The color i ask is for normal color not hover.
4. Can you make on this theme some update for this. Header and footer to load only once when i open site for first time and then after i click some link on site to load just content not again to load header and footer.
5. I have 4 testimonials and i want to have 4 columns. 1 testimonial in 1 column.
6. And for latest can you tell me when do you think do put update for this theme.
Thanks in advance.

gcodemk Purchased

And can you tell me how to put javascript code in custom page?

pixum Author

I’ve created an issue for that, working on it!

Thank you!