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Thanks for great product and outstanding service! Already built 2 websites for my customers with this theme. Will wait for new products!


Thank you sir! Look forward to hearing from you about new projects built with our theme :)


  • Improved theme resizing module;
  • Improved support for different Site Address (URL) and WordPress Address (URL);
  • Improved Retina and HiRes support – HD images will be loaded only if they will be allowed by admin and required by device;
  • Improved responsiveness for “mini-blog” dropdown menu grid;
  • Improved 2-line+ menu items look;
  • Optimized Smart-Menu;
  • Optimized user styles custom script load. Styles cache will generated once you saved/loaded new style and visited page first time;
  • Updated Font-Awesome to version 3.2.1;
  • Added new Social Icons from Font Awesome
    • Instagram (2)
    • Renren
    • Vkontakte (Vk)
    • Stackexchange
  • Added colour picker for Menu Item (Admin UI);
  • Added category filter for Custom posts layout grid;
  • Added HTML support for steps shortcode;
  • Added HTML Google Maps bubbles;
  • Added icon picker for Admin UI instead classic dropdown with icons list;
Thank you for choosing our products!


I love your work and this theme.

I am thinking to purchase and build a site for a Auto Body Mechanical shop. However, before I purchase, I would like to ask some questions about this theme.

Can I change the background with my own image? and is it possible or easy to do it? Is it possible to disable the responsive function?



Thank you! The answer is: yes and yes. Theme comes with Style Manager. You may easily upload images and set it as your background.

Hi, I confirm, great product. Can you please tell me how to apply this update?



1. Download latest theme version from http://themeforest.net/downloads
2. Upload new theme version over old.

Reference: http://helpdesk.irishmiss.com/discussions/discussion/517/how-to-update-theme


Good, thanks

Hello. I need to remove the title “Category Archive for: ’....’ page showing me posts by category … How do?


Change translation or edit framework/functions/core.php, locate and change ‘Category Archive for’.

Hello, I’ve found a possible bug while selecting an icon for the second benefit in the Benefits shortcode generator. Steps: add 3 benefits. Select icon for the first. Good. Next, select icon for the second benefit—instead of opening up the icon selection in benefit 2, the screen scrolls to the top of the page and the icons menu does open for the 2nd or 3rd benefit.

Additionally, the shortcode does not work after generated. http://screencast.com/t/Ptdv7ltvz6S

WordPress 3.6.1, StartUp 1.1.4
Please confirm if it’s a bug or operator error. Thank you.


We will check this issue. May I ask you – why you’re not using Visual Composer?


OK. I have not explored the VC yet; will do so now :) Thank you.

Is there a way we can get demo content for the theme so that we get a replica for demo version. That would be a deal breaker for this amazing theme. You can replace images with lower resolution images for copyright safety. But this would invite many for immediate purchase. I would buy it immediately.


Could you please send more details to audit at irishmiss.com? Thank you.

There any place teaching how to setup the theme for seems like the online preview mode? Dunno if is because noob, but seems sometimes the stuff setted come back to default values… And the widgets only appear on footer and never on right side.


Sure. You may ask our specialists at help desk chat or forum. Installation process described with theme details except additional step-by-step demo content import – in latest releases we updated demo content and added widgets dump.


Theme documentation: http://cdn.irishmiss.com/d/startup/
Support forum: http://helpdesk.irishmiss.com/discussions/categories/start-up

Hi Jorad, i have one question? if i select multi column for the menu, how to differentiate between main menu and sub menu? since i see all the submenu appear at the same alignment even the submenu also have its own submenu…supposedly align submenu element to right edge. please advice. -Nizam

Dear Nizam, For multi-column menu level #2 becomes as header and level #3 as sub-elements below.
Level #1
  |- LEVEL 2
  |-- Level 3
  |-- Level 3

hi, startup theme is very good but it has new bad bug. web users want to do anything such as searching and… every time and everywhere.but in this theme when users want to search they should be in top of theme and if they are in down of theme when they click on search logo first they go to the top and then they can continue their search. please solve this new problem.


Thank you sir for report. Already improved!

hello … I wonder if this topic has demo content for easy installation … thank you!

hi, I interest to buy. But may Media Tool Daughter can remove from the home page ? i Don`t need music section from the home page.



Sure! :)

Hi Pixum, really nice theme: only two pre-sale question: 1) If I want to use different fonts (e.g. Google Fonts) I choose theme in “theme options/style”? 2) Is there an .xml file with demo content to import? Thanks a lot!


1. Pretty easy: How to use Google Web Fonts
2. Latest demo content available here

Hi, is possible to integrate magento or another cms to his theme? thanks PS: I love your theme !


Only if you have magento developers team or well skilled PHP developer.

Ayslin Purchased

Hi !

I have few questions :

1 – I don’t understand why the social content doesn’t work (social counter widget, Facebook likes box & social icons on extra header) 2 – Is there a css to enable the logo to become wider ? 3 – Is there a way to reduce the width of the page ? 4 – There is a bug with the “Last” button on the blog pages counter. It’s displaying like that :

L a st >>

Thanks for your help :) Flo


Basically custom css stored inside database under Theme Options -> General -> Custom CSS.

Please open a ticket at help desk or send it to bugbusters at irishmiss.com

Thank you sir! Don’t forget to update to version 1.1.5 ;)

Ayslin Purchased

The issue about social options is solved. My bad, I used a wrong plugin. I will open a ticket for the rest. Thank you :)

Hi pixum. How you do this: http://d.pr/i/o2XV ? Here is my site: http://www.evimfloresdesigns.com/escobar-cleaning_services/ I am trying to get an answer to this issue since days ago


I downloaded the theme updated and installed wordpress in different domain then I installed the updated theme but nothing looks to be working. Here is the link if you want to take a look at it: http://www.florescontracting.com/Wordpress/wp-admin/plugins.php?activate=true&plugin_status=all&paged=1&s=


Have you installed updated version of js_composer from theme bundle?


Yes I did

Hi again

Is there a way to use your lightbox feature for external/remote links instead of images?




Hi there

I am helping my colleague Ben on this – cud u also copy me on the email?

Regards Simon


Your colleague asked for customization. We can provide it but this is paid service. However our specialist already contacted with Ben and sent explanations where Ben did mistakes in a code.

I may also recommend learn more about jQuery here: http://api.jquery.com/


I’m having some issues getting my Tweets to show in the Twitter:recent Tweets widget.

I’ve double checked the settings (key, secret etc…)

Do you need the @ in the Twitter username field or just the name?

Also, how often does this scrape the Tweets from the app – is there a setting you can adjust? (say every hour, 4 hours, 8 hours etc… I have seen this on similar widgets before).



Without ”@”. However I’ll check it right now. Currently it’s receiving tweets in real time. Caching available only with social counter widget.


OK – Thanks. If you could check that would be good (i have overwritten your sample XML which showed it).

Apart from adding the key etc.. to the widget there is no other setting / options I need to tweak is there to make the Tweets show?


You may add key once to Theme Options -> Sociable.

Great theme so far.

I’m wondering if you could give me the custom CSS to remove the “Page Caption.” When I check the box it still leaves a large space above the page content. Thanks,


Thank you, btw :)


Thanks for the quick reply!

Great theme:) I would like some input on a problem I’m encountering

I’m trying to add a custom .php page by putting it in the template area of the startup theme(filezilla ftp). I then go to wordpress create page, and choose that template to display on the new page im about to create. It does work, but im getting a 404 message that puts itself on top of the template. Then it starts to switch between 404 page and my own page.

Is it possible to fix this?


Thank you sir! Are you running version 1.1.3?


No, I am running Version 1.1.4


You need to upload template to /templates directory. Also I recommend clone one of existent templates and create your own based on example.