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Thank you for your feedbacks folks!

If you like our theme please – spend one minute to rate it and share with us your ideas.

If you don’t like it – please take a minute to send us your feedback through help desk. Most of the theme improvements and updates are made after your great and valuable feedback and comments. We really appreciate it! Make sure you are not giving us bad rates without comments and details, otherwise we can not make greater product for you. Also note that theme installation always depends on two factors – hosting account limitations and personal skills.

Thank you so much! We value every one of you.


I love your work and this theme.

I need a real estate website with all its features and design.

What do you recommend? Some plugin?

Thank you.

Nice theme!


I want to buy this, but before I would have my doubts answered.

I wonder if there are more local to the main menu?


Real-Estate plugins

Have no idea about real-estate plugins. You may provide list of required plugins and our specialists may test it with StartUp theme. However you can always use columns + images + map widget to show your property.

Menu locations

Theme contain only 3 menu locations
  1. Extra header
  2. Primary
  3. Footer
You may also use menu widgets to use menu inside sidebar area.

Thank you for your patience.

ALCs Purchased

Hi I’ve already purchased the theme,

however I am trying up the pages, I want to know how can I make the page layout like your demo page? and also want to know how can I add pattern from the admin panel?



Sure! You need to install demo content from: http://helpdesk.irishmiss.com/discussions/discussion/430/latest-dummy-data

You may also find this instructions helpful: http://cdn.irishmiss.com/d/startup/post-xml.html


Ive just noticed that there is no menu text for a menu on a mobile device. How do I add the words Navigation Menu or something similar as its just 3 lines at the moment.


Yes, like on our demo. You may customise it by changing theme core or add custom css to Theme Options -> General:

.btn-menu.pull-right:after {
  content: 'Menu';

Hi Very beautiful theme, i have a problem with the plugin js_composer. I do not manage to install him..Error : Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 25952256) (tried to allocate 7168 bytes) in /homepages/0/d489060098/htdocs/wp-admin/includes/misc.php on line 86..

The extension js_composer / js_composer.php was deactivated follows in the error: the file of the extension does not exist.



Try to increase web server memory or contact hosting account support.


On the boxed layout, with a fluid design, 3 columns on a page exceed the widths to place 3 in a row. The 3rd column drops down a line.

The margin and width added together for .row-fluid .span4 is 34.188%. Times that by 3 comes to more than 100%. Have tried over riding these styles in the custom CSS area in the admin panel but to no success.



Please make sure that row contain only three span4 otherwise 4th span4 will be displayed with left margin.


It happens because there was a 1/4 followed by a 3/4 column, and then 3 1/3 columns beneath that. Is there a way to stop this happening to enable more flexibility with the page design? Luckily, we’ve come up with a better design for the page that wont involve this, but, for those that may want this layout, this could cause problems.



1/4 is span3 and 1/3 is span4. To combine them you have to use span4 for first column and span8 for second. Basically this is how Bootstrap 2.3 and it’s pretty flexible to build fluid layout. However we’re thinking to switch current grid to Bootstrap3.

Hi, I search translation of this theme in french … Does anyone can share the file fr_FR.po or help me to find it ???

Thanks !


Please read message from @Ayslin above.


Thank you for trad Ayslin and for this great theme Pixum !


Thank you Pierre :)

Ayslin Purchased

Pierre, you can contact me for a french .po file.


Thank you!

Unbelievable! Theme reached 500 sales less than in 1 month:). Thank you for choosing our team and our products.

Some fun facts about theme in September:

  • 40 coffee cups behind to provide great support and make theme better :nerdy:
  • 5920 new GIT commits

Hi, pre-sales question.

Does the native WP page preview functionality work when in working with VC?



Forgot to add, does it still work once a page has been published and edits are being made.


Should work this way.

Hi there, I just purchased your theme a few days ago. Congrats on your success with this theme. I’m having an issue with the style editor. I go to THEME OPTIONS – style settings – and click on the radio button called Manage style and it just spins. Never opens.

FYI, it did open a few times and was able to make some changes but now it will not open.

Can you please help with this?


Can you please contact our specialists and provide temporary credentials to them? We will review your issue and try to figure out this situation. Also you may check server memory limit.


ok great! I’ll do both. Thank you

i have bought this theme. but i don’t know that how to directly get into your demo pattern?

from this url : http://helpdesk.irishmiss.com/discussions/discussion/430/latest-dummy-data

which one to download ? and how to import these XML documents ?


please improve service


Theme Documentation is more useful than you.

Hi, do you have PSD’s included in this theme at all? Thanks for your time and apologies if this has been asked before. I did search as much as I could.


Theme comes without PSD. PSD will be published separately to themeforest.net


Any idea when? we are currently only requiring front page for a client concept. Don’t even mind paying for it now if we know the rest will become available at some point?

Ps. Blindingly fast reply!! Thanks so much!


Week or two.

df1 Purchased

Hello, What is the best way to communicate with you in private? I would like to discuss several customization needs.


You may send PM to administrator at helpdesk or email to audit at irishmiss.com

Mr_Ugo Purchased

Hello, I just bought the theme, I imported the demo but the menu is different from the preview.. I need the “Contacts” with the preview just like in the theme preview. Thank you


Thank you :)

nosham Purchased

hello , could i please get a shortcode or custom css to add a right margin to the image frames, this way the text wouldnt stick too much when the photo is aligned left. thank you so much

You may use Visual Composer columns or add style="margin-right: 20px" to img tag. Example:
<img src="..." style="margin-right: 20px" alt="Some title" />

hello, i have brought this theme. but i don’t know “purchase code”. How to get purchase code?


1. Visit http://themeforest.net/downloads/
2. Press download Start Up theme button
3. Select “license certificate”


the bbpress and buddypress already stylized?