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Nice one, have a many sales :D

Looks wonderful! Do you customize and add any content if we buy and hire you guys? It’s too expensive?

Thank you! :)

He XiaoThemes,

Sure, we’re available for hire. Just mail our support what exactly you’d like to have modified.

Regards and thank you,


Work well done guys. Congratulations! Wishing you good luck with sales. :)

Great work! By the way, is the Google drive icon?

It appears it was a downloadable freebie. It has been swapped with another logo now. Thanks for the heads up!

If MyMail accepts valid HTML, it should work. You can try to get in touch with the author of the MyMail plugin.



Cool! Wish you many sales with this good looking email template.


Thanks a lot Candeed.

We must admit we really like your Avatar, as we’ve used a laurel as our trademark before. It’s shows premium.


I apologize to you for my fault. I already changed my Live Preview.



Hi jsut confirming that non-techies can edit this in MailChimp? Has that work been done? I’m interested in this template, but don’t want to edit in a html or text editor, a couple of my colleagues just wouldn’t know what to do! thanks

is the editor for MAC? I can’t understand your answer – my users are all pc users?

Hi Simon,

The StampReady Editor is a front-end editor that you can use to edit the email template. With all our latest templates The StampReady editor is included.

Kind Regards, StampReady Support

Hi Simon,

You can use the editor on a mac or pc. You can try it out yourself because all the latest templates have a demo version.

Kind regards, StampReady Support

Heads up. There are some typos in your HTML versions of your code. In the css it says “wont-weight:bold” instead of “font-weight:bold” in several places.

wont-weight… Can’t believe our former developer made mistakes like these.

Looking into it and thank you.


Love the template. Nice work. I’ve a question. This is my first time buying an email template. Does this template only work with StampReady? What will I get to download after I buy this item? Can I use this template’s html code with any email platform – mailchimp, madmimi, campayn, etc… as long as they allow createing a custom template on their platform? Thanks much.