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Is there a way to allow users to switch from mobile to desktop view on the theme? If they are using a mobile device but want to view it as it would be displayed on a desktop.


I think there’s no such a way because it requires a work on responsiveness carefully.

Howerver, do you think the percentage of these users is small?

- withemes -

Hello! Thanks for all the support so far :) I have 2 issues happening on my website that I don’t really know how to fix.

1. On every page the title or the slider gets cut by the menu, you only see it when you scroll down…why is this? see example here: http://www.laong.org/involucrate/

2. On the ipad the menu doesn’t look good (when I see the website on portrait – on landscape is ok)...they are on top of everything else, and it’s open instantly…the only way that I found that it works is if I put the option of a left aligned header, which I don’t want…

Thanks a lot! Daniela.


The center header layout is issue and I’ll fix it very quickly.

I think you’ll solve your problem in the next update version. Sorry for this incovenience.

- withemes -

Hey, going to buy. Can I have a view of the back end first?

Email me the info please, quegraphicdesign@icloud.com

Hello. It seems you’ve got it already. :) If you have a question, please head to our support forum. We’re willing to help you.

Best Regards

Cuong Tran

Hey! :) I just got an email with an update for the theme. Can you please tell me how to install the update? in the wordpress dashboard I don’t get the option to automatically update the theme…so I guess I have to install it from scratch? Thanks for your help! :) Daniela.

Hi Blend Studio

Here’s the guide how to update the theme:


Best Regards

Cuong Tran

Is this theme WP 4.2.2 ready?

Definitely, indeed the demo is running WP 4.2.2 ;)

Cheers, Cuong Tran

Hi, great theme! Before purchasing my customer has a few questions please: 1. is it possible to delete the top (black) bar? 2. is it possible to center the logo and center the Menu below the logo? 3. is it possible to build in subscription fot newsletter? 4. is it possible to change the white (background)color of the menu into an other color?

Thank you and kind regards!

Hi eyemarc. Yes is the answer for all of your questions :)

Best Regards, Cuong Tran

Hi; just opened in my home. All other pages seems to be a blank page. Admin panel is working, but the sheets were not working. It did a little research says that the forum is a problem in the template. Waiting for your help.

Hi @agapiyay, could you please show me your site & send me your admin login credentials? :) Thank you

May your site is concerning this issue


Hello, I have a problem where my mobile menu is white on a white background and thus becomes invisible when on a mobile phone. I am using the dark submenu theme and would like to continue using it.

Thank you,

I followed those steps and updated the website to v1.3 but still see the mobile error. How can I fix this?

nvm, guess I just had to wait to let it propagate

Hi Eric

I don’t see any issue on the mobile site:

Sonata mobile menu

Could you please double check it?


We just purchased this theme and have been trying repeatedly to install the demo content and it will not install. It just keeps bumping the site to an error page:


This is a time sensitive project and we really need the demo installed asap. Can you please help sort the issue as soon as possible?

Thank you.


I submitted through your contact form about 7 hours ago with login info. I will submit again.


Finally got this demo content to upload this morning. Tried uploading it to a different user that the main user, and then transferred all content back to main user. No clue why that would trigger it, but at least it’s uploaded now.

Thank you

Sounds great! :) Congrats my friend. Let me know if you need more support while using my item.

Best, Cuong Tran


We have recently purchased this theme – love it by the way :) We would like to use the animated image code: [animated effect="right" image="Image URL"][/animated]

however we would like to link these images to a URL. I tried adding link=”” to the shortcode and it doesn’t. Then I tried simply wrapping a basic html link around the shortcode, and it creates a huge margin/whitespace below the image in some browsers.

Is there another way to link these animated images?

Thank you so much!

Hi. Thanks for purchasing my item & loving it

Let see the image you’ll understand how to accomplish your request.

Animated Shortcode

The magic here is, do not use image attribute, just insert an image with link inside the content. ;)

Cuong Tran


gbel25 Purchased

Hi. Is Sonata good for rtl language? And how to switch to Maintenance mode? Thanks a lot.

Hi friend, Sonata doesn’t support RTL officially. Currently it works well for LTR only, I’ve never tried to turn it into a RTL site because I have no exp about this.

Normally, Maintenance mode offen being triggered by a plugin. With “maintenance mode plugin” keyword, you’ll find many usefull ones.

Good luck to you, Cuong Tran :)


Im learning to use wp.org and your sonata theme. I have done a lot succesfully, but one thing i missed. Or made wrong and its hard to find it correctly now so could you please help me. I have add some wrong code to frontpages some file. You can see it in rev slider. I think it maybe at index.php but dont have courage to fix it beacause im not sure. Can you help me, its only one code :) you may know it the best.

Hi man.

Could you please provide me your homepage URL? If it requires admin account, let send me via my profile contact form. Thank you! :)

Best Regards, Cuong Tran


Mieneke Purchased

Hi support,

I have a problem with the parallax. Although the parameter is ‘false’ the parallax is still working. Can you tell me what I do wrong?

The code that I use: fullwidth background_image=”path of the image” parallax=”false” padding=”200” container=”false” border=”false” [spacer /]

Thank you!

Best regards, Mieneke

Hi Mieneke,

Parallax image for About page is from titlebar option below page content editor, not the shortcode. You can uncheck to “Enable parallax effect?”

Cuong Tran


Mieneke Purchased

Hi Cuong Tan,

Thanks a lot. It is fixed. The images in the titular are perfect know. And without parallax! But, in the page I made for Blog function, I can try everything, but there is no image show on the page in the titlebar. Checkbos on, checkbox off, the image is not shown.

Looking forward to your reply,

Kind regards, Mieneke

Hi Mieneke. There’re 2 ways:

1/ Go to Theme Options > Layout and scroll to titlebar section to set options for Titlebar.

2/ Please do not select that page as blog page. Keep it as a normal page and insert [blog /] shortcode into its content.

Hope this helps, Cuong Tran


bliss21 Purchased


I’m using your theme and I same some issue regarding some shortcode combination into page.

tab style=”2” portfolio column=”2” pagination=”false” filter=”false” animation=”rotate” categories=”1”/ tab_element name=”TAB2” /tab_element portfolio column=”2” pagination=”false” filter=”false” animation=”rotate” categories=”3” / [/tab]

The problem is that the content od the tab_element is displayed just for the first one. The others display the content only if it’s text. It doesen’t display the portfolio.

I have inspect the page and i have seen that for TAB1 i have :

element.style { position: relative; overflow: hidden; height: 315px; }

and for the others the height is “0”. If I change it the picture of the portfolio project appears. I can force it from style.css but the pictures doesn’t have the same size.

Do you have any suggestion ??

Kind Regards,


Hi Petru, I apologize for the delay on your reply. I think I need your login credentials.

Could you please send me your site login info via my profile contact form or open a private support ticket here


I’d love hearing from you to digg into your problem.

Best Regards, Cuong Tran


i2c2k Purchased


thanks for the beautiful and feature-rich theme, i totally love it!

But somehow there’s a problem with my portfolio listing. It seems to list ALL portfolio items, no matter what I put in the “default” attribute:

[portfolio number=”-1” column=”4” style=”1” filter=”false” pagination=”false” belowtitle=”subtitle” excerpt=”false” open=”content” default=”57” /]

I really need to filter depending on the category in my project. Please can you help me with this issue? I already checked the correctness of the ID (57). In the portfolio items listing in the backend the associated categories show up correctly. But when I click on one of these categories it shows me “No projects found” (although the category listing shows me that there are three projects associated with the category – and here too it shows me no projects when I click on the category) – just in case these hints are helpful for you…

What’s also strange is that a portfolio item with no category set is never shown in the listing, no matter if I set “default” or not. Just to be mentioned…

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi. Thanks for contacting me. Let open a private ticket with login credentials of your site so I can have a look and test it.


Thank you, Cuong Tran


i2c2k Purchased

I confused the “default” attribute with the “categories”, sorry, and thanks for your very quick support!


i2c2k Purchased

Hello again,

I have problems translating the theme. When I scan the source files using Loco Translate (“Sync” button) I don’t get all strings:

E.g. I don’t find “404” or “Not found”, there are just 23 strings (see image).

What can I do? Do you have .mo/.po files with all strings?

Thank you very much for your help!

Hi man, please open sonata/languages/ folder of your theme on your server. Full path is:


Then change the name of 2 files to de_DE.mo & de_DE.po, go back to your loco and edit the file with 0% translated, not 100%.

Hope this helps, Cuong Tran


i2c2k Purchased

Perfect, thanks again!!

Hi! Could you update the RevSlider to latest version? Also, how can you make the shopping cart icon larger? And why does the SSL starts blocking insecure content only on “theme options” page, and works fine on all others? Are there going to be updates or is the theme abandoned?

Also, how do you enable featured image on a page? I wish you didn’t disable default wordpress features…

And if you do update the theme in the future, please combine sweet features you have in your Fox theme, like 2 columns, dropcaps, media element thumbnails and whatever else you have there. I would be wonderful combination.

It’s a nice theme overall, but some disabled things are driving me crazy. Hoping for an update soon, it’s overdue!

Happy New Year!

Hi @robarbeauty.

Wish you a cozy New year’s Eve.

We’ll update this theme sooon and I’ll consider to add some new features but I’m afraid not all of Fox will be added to Sonata while they have different designs.

Best Regards,

Cuong Tran