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Hello Yesterday I sent an email reporting a problem with the store pages, until now there was no answer.

I await your support.

Thank you.


We just provided support on our support forum

Email just for pre-sale questions.

I’ll re-check your email asap. Hope you understand.

If you have other questions please open new topic on our support forum, you problems will resolve quickly.


SmoothThemes Support Forums | Create an Account

As I told you, I never could post on your forum. By publishing a doubt, it is not displayed. To publish it again, a message indicating that my entry is duplicated and I am marked as spam. User: liutecristian Please. Respond the email.

Hi, i didn’t find xml dummy data file on download folder. Let me know thanks

Hi, i really don’t understand what is the problem with your theme while uploading dummy data. you fixed for me by your own that’s fine but why is that problem happening and why i can’t. i delete whole file from that directory and try to install in another it giving me same error.i.e couldn’t install dummy data, seems like i have to give you login details again and let you to fix for me, which does i really don’t want. can you please let me know why this error is happening? Thanks

Hi i fixed that by my self but could you please let me know why that logo is moving to very left i.e. out of marigin.?

Please post your issue at our support forum for any help.


Please, I’m still waiting for the reply to my email. I can not post on your forum, I have already reported the problem earlier, sent to a video showing the problem last year, and nothing was done to solve my problem. You told me I could use the e-mail address couple issues of the topic, I’m just asking that meets your word. If you can not respond to email, correct the problem with my account on their forum. Esotu feel like being ignored, there are several issues going on:

Menu does not load right and does not display submenus. The store page does not show the order when the customer finalizes the purchase. The menu freezes when pointed at him, sometimes getting over the content on the page.

If not entendu yet, I’ll repeat:

1. Last year I sent a video showing my problem with your forum. When I post a question and she does not appear. When I try to publish again, a message says that the question is a duplicate, but how? If doubt is not displayed? 2. I can not create a new account on your forum because it does not accept my purchase code. 3. Then you told me I could use email to ask questions and request support, and now tells me I can not do it anymore?

My website is my business, you are committed to providing a theme for him when arranged here in Themeforest now need your support.

Please show me a solution.


Your email is already answered.


Thank you very much.

Hello okay?

Two questions:

1 still can not post on their forum, and it seems there is no interest of your team to solve my problem. 2 I sent a few emails and got no responses so far.

Appreciate your support.


Hello, okay?

Last year I had reported a problem when publishing to your forum. The problem occurred when I tried to publish a doubt, the forum did not receive my publication and then said I had published.

Even sent a video:

Told me that my account was being treated as SPAM and my problem was solved temporarily …. soon after the problem happened again, preventing me from posting on their forum.

Again I faced this problem until yesterday, when I could not even post to your forum. So my question published here, so you could check the cause.

Today I again tried to post on your forum, what went right, making me believe that you have intervened or someone on your staff for the problem to be solved.

I sent a few emails this week that were not answered, but now I can post to your forum, I believe I already able to resolve my issues there.

I appreciate your support and commend the excellent work.


I think the whole problem occurs that your forum will not let me post links in my doubts. So I can not send the information requested by your support. There is how you check if my profile is not being marked as SPAM? This prevents me from posting new questions. :(

I just take a check and there is no Spam or Block marked, please clear the browser cache and try again my friend ;)

Hi! I have a question, I was testing out the responsive functionality of theme and I need to know if it’s possible to make the logo appear at the top and the navigation and social icons down, because if you see in this image logo is behind social icons.

Yep, you can do that with some CSS code, our support staff will help you with that.


How can I contact support?

Hi, I noticed that the latest version is 1.9 but when I download and extract its version 1.7.

Any suggestion how to get the latest 1.9 version?

Hello, I really like your theme Sonec but I am definitely buying, because all previous comments refer to multiple problems, and a seven months ago No new comments. My questions will be solved the problems loading the subject well ?, a buyer could recommend the issue ?, thanks (traducido del español)

We answers support question via our support forum, not here comment section. :)

Hi, I have question for this theme and WPML plug-in – is this theme suitable with WPML – thank you in advance

thank you :-) I will buy it

last question for Revolution Slider – all is ok with this plug-in now (the plug-in had securiti issues?)

It’s safe now, they had fixed it some time ago :)

lovely theme. Question: Does it support a boxed mode layout?


Makiote Purchased

Hi guys,

Is your theme compatible with Wordpress 4.3??

Does the theme support the latest versions of wordpress 4.2 or 4.3 ?

Yes, please post any issue at our support forum.


Hi, did you stopped supporting this theme? I like this theme and I’m thinking to buy it but I’m worry about support! I noticed there is no updates of the theme since a year and also the comments here..!