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Very nice, GLWS :)

Thanks mate.

Slider Images not working.

Just checked it and anything works fine at our end, can you tell me more detail about that issue ?

Thank so much.

Got it, fixed ;)

simply but perfect, Good job, GLWS ;)

Thanks mate ! ;)

Elegant work , congrats.

Kind Regards,

Nice theme! Good luck :)

what about retina support?

You will have it in next update :)

Outstanding work guys I particularly love the ‘Case Study’ style portfolio item layout, plenty of headroom for showing off your creations cleverly.

Just a few questions.

1. When adding a portfolio item, is the ‘case study’ style layout an actual option here for the portfolio item, or is it just a tweaked normal page?

2. Will the retina update be coming soon?

3. Does the theme come with XML dummy data for a quick install?

Also, just a pointer, I noticed that on you default homepage layout that the behaviour is a little jittery (about four seconds after all items have loaded it re loads again and jumps about) not sure if anyone else has this issue? I’m using Chrome browser on a 27’ 2013 imac.

Fantastic theme though, and if the case studies are one of the portfolio styles you have a sale!

Thanks for your interested.

1. It’s a builder template, that mean you can create that layout in one click.

2. Next update ( tomorrow or next 2 days)

3. Yes.


Thanks… so is the builder template for the portfolio items yes? So that one the item has been created it would show up as one of the items in the portfolio grid?

Yes, of course.

Hi this is great wp theme one thing I notice was in portfolio when I choose the boxed mod the image does not adjust.

Also do you think thumbnail nail grid will work as an alternative in portfolio layout?Thanks!

Hi there.

1. It’s just for demo, if you use this theme and select boxed, you can config portfolio to display in the boxed gird.

2. Didn’t understand your question, can you try to tell me again about that ?


Beautiful work guys.. good luck!

Nice theme ~ shame Portfolio items aren’t displayed via Ajax… and when closing the portfolio item one is returned back to exactly the last position. Would buy if it did this.

Thanks, will keep it in mind in next update but not sure it will be integrate ;)

Love the work. However, I cannot find the sample data… It is not in the downloaded, or I am blind.

Can you give me a pointer please?

I have seen this. There is no assets/dummy data in the download file.And no PSDs. Please check. Thanks

Please download the folder here on themeforest and you will see. Thanks.

Just reply to you above.

Thanks for your understanding.

Please download the folder here on themeforest and you will see. Thanks.

Very strange, I see it.

I had updated the files and waiting for review, if you want that file now please send us an email I will attach it to you right away.


eMail sent. Thanks.

Sent, Thanks you.

Thanks. That worked. You guys are great. Biggest issue. When I use your visual builder, but then wanna go back to classic editor – there is nothing.

Neither in code nor in visual view. Since your visual builder only supports code view, this makes it really hard for clients to edit content.

Like this, this is not really a viablöe solution.

a) is there a way to disable your visual builder alltogether and use the classic “bakery visual composer” instead? Then use the shortcode options you have in the editor?

b) is there a way to integrate the visual editor in your visual builder (e.g. when inserting text)?

c) please provide a hint where to change the dimensions of the thumnails and feautured images. That would be also really helpful.

Thanks a bunch. U.

I trying to answers your question and sent you an email.


WOW, like it!

just noticed that the homepage slider spills off the edge of the browser window on an ipad. It’s the elements that slide, like the font ect.

Thanks for your notice, seem like it’s layerslider config, will check it out.

Before I buy this, i have some easy questions :D Thx

1. Can we add Behance in social menu at top?

2. Recent Portfolio/work Widget¿ Similar to recent post?

3. What icons web icons are u using? ? ?

4. Can we use google web fonts via admin panel?

5. Any example of Parallax page?

6. Portfolio display via Ajax?

7. Call to action short code?

8. Possible to have a portfolio full full full width? :D

9. the .page-title-wrapper at top of each page can we personalice it? can we not show it?

10. Can we use the Share buttons, like in blog posts, at each portfolio items?

Next update will be here today, no Portfolio ajax.

You can use full screen portfolio via Revolution Full Screen slider that already included in theme ;)

Well, I bought it :D

Thanks and happy creating ;)

I cannot seem to find any sample data in the downloaded files. Any ideas?

Since I seem unable to sign in to your support forum I have a few questions/issues:

1. Custom colours for icons does not seem to be working, it only seems to follow the global colour link settings

2. Text overtop of a parallax background will not change colour, it seems stuck on black.

Thanks for your notice, all of it will be fixed in next update, currenly waiting for reviewer and will be ready for download later today. You will get email notice about that.


Hello! I just bought your theme and love it. Was wondering if you have a psd file of the homepage you can send me?

Thank you.

We are preparing PSDs for Sonec, because it’s a lot of file that make the download file larger. We will update all the PSDs file in next update.


Hi, Is it possible to do multiple language versions of the website? With the ability to switch the language by the viewer?

Yes, the theme is WPML ready ;)

Really nice theme! Can’t wait to get my hands on this.

I usually have to do a lot of coding after purchasing a theme here, but I like the layout/styling a lot. Also, looks like you’re on top of your customers requests which I like.

Congrats on this release – I’m sure it will go far.

Thanks you :)